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again ask the kindness of another letter ; if I shall not intrude, as I shall be anxious to hear of the welfare of our dear and family, all of whom I do sincerely love ; and particularly how it is with her through the Sunday, when she means to attend the sermon you mention. Her own prudence will suggest how far her attending is advisable ; for my own part, I should think it would be too much for her ; it will open the wound afresh, and in order to do justice to the memory of the dear deceased, many circumstances must be related; which will be almost heart-breaking for her to hear : but I would not dictate, I only fear for her, and shall, as I mentioned before, be greatly obliged by your informing me how she is, and indeed how all of you are supported through the day.-Sunday last was a solemn day indeed to us: it was remembered by us with some feeling in our waiting on the LORD in his house of prayer.

Our good friend Mr.

P was apprized of the affliction the family were under, particularly as being the day of the interment of our dear , and was excellently drawn forth in prayer for all the bereaved : very affectionately indeed, did he intreat for the widow and fatherless, and I verily believe many of the congregation also greatly felt, and united in his fervent petitions ; at least if one might judge by appearances. The hymn was · God moves in a mysterious way, &c. ;' and the text, 'Oh! the depths, &c. ;' which he observed was brought to his mind on hearing of the death of his very dear and valuable friend Mr. He has written by this opportunity to my aunt; I cannot find by your letter that our dear was sensible in his dying moments. I therefore take it for granted that he was not, or at least was not enabled to say any thing that he was. It was a great mercy indeed, that he died composed ; if you find your mind at liberty to go on and inform me of any more particulars, it will oblige me; and if you will say what place it is that Mr. T— is to preach the sermon in, as I do not at all know it by the name of chapel. Pray remember us most affectionately to my dear — and — , also to your dear and honoured mother, &c. &c. I am sure, indeed, that she must also severely feel the stroke: but I trust, the Lord will support and carry her through, in answer to the prayers of her affectionate children. My

- is again but poorly with her old disorder, and less able to bear every attack. For want of room and time I conclude.

Yours truly,



Margate, 10th Jan. 1798. Your kind favour, my dear — , demanded a much speedier reply, had I not been pre

vented by unforeseen and irremediable affliction. The Lord's hand, has indeed, for a time laid with considerable weight upon his unworthy servants. By a very singular providence, I was suddenly brought almost to the gates of death; in consequence of which, my whole frame has been so much weakened, that the first time I got o’t of bed I could not stand any better than an infant. So soon, my dear --, can the LORD bring low! and, blessed be his name, the hand that wounds can as speedily heal; for I am a wonder to myself and others, that after such a shock, I sliould be so far recovered as to be permitted to take my seat in the family, almost as usual. I have not been out yet, but I hope to go on the approaching sabbath. It is three weeks on Saturday next, since the LORD, in his infinite wisdom, was pleased to afflict me; during that period, my dear , do not conceive that my own sorrows have drowned the concern I have had for others. No

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my waking and sleeping thoughts have been much at — ; with my own case, I have, in a feeble, broken, and imperfect manner, made known their's also. I feel for those I love, but cannot help. I hope our dear continues to experience' a great measure of divine support and consolation, under the truly to be lamented bereavement. I confess myself, I have felt it unlike many circumstances which I have met with of a similar nature, which have seemed to wear off by time; but this affliction, the more I think of it, the more do I deplore the loss of so truly valuable a character. I can scarcely reconcile myself to the thought, that I shall never meet him more in the flesh. I do feel for, I do indeed sympathize with, you all : I was not favoured to have an opportunity of seeing, much less of conversing with , but you have been very kind in transmitting me so full an account. I can only say I feel myself much indebted to you for it, and shall

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