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hand of the LORD; and I think I can answer that my continued prayers shall not be wanting for your welfare, both spiritual and temporal. I hope you will write to us without any kind of reserve. That the LORD may

and him to whom he has united you, with the best and choicest of his blessings, is the unfeigned wish and desire of Your sincere friend,

M. B.

bless you

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Margate, Aug. 29, 1795.
I sincerely hope this may


and all your family well. Should it happily be so, I trust you feel a grateful heart. Health is a blessing we know not the value of until we are deprived of it, and this will hold good as it respects most, if not all, our other enjoy

ments. May we always learn obedience by the things which we suffer, and may we too, always learn gratitude by the things which we enjoy! To have a contented mind is a continual feast.--Outward circumstances will never make us happy; therefore it is truly said, that the happiness of a man's life doth not consist in the abundance of the things that he possesseth ; and if the scripture had never said it, we might fairly have drawn such an inference, from our daily observation. We see many starving in the midst of plenty, as it respects enjoyment of the mind. Prosperity is vain and delusive; godliness alone hath the promise of this life, as well as of that which is to come. : What an unspeakable mercy is it, if you then, (amidst the happy few) are made to choose that good, that better part, which shall never be taken from you! You can never be sufficiently thankful for such a distinguishing mercy. Consider, if this is the

case, what great things the Lord hath done for you! for it is he alone who hath inade you to differ Live then up to your privileges : being a child of light, be very earnest at a throne of grace, that your light may shine before others—that you: may be kept in the strait and narrow way, and be wholly preserved from being deceived by the snares of the world, the stratagems of Satan, and the sinfulness of your own heart. The last is your greatest enemy, and a very deceitful one too. This at present you may not have learnt. much of, but time teacheth many things.

I will not impose it upon you as a task, to favour me with a letter ; but should


find a willing mind, I can only say I shall be happy to hear from you, and with kind love to your valuable mother, your sisters, &c. I remain truly,

Your affectionate,

M. C.


Margate, Dec. 9, 1797.

Your letter, my dear

bas filled me again with the mostpexquisitely painful feelings I almost ever endured; my heart bleeds for them, for you all. Oh, who but a God of infinite willingness and ability can make up such a loss !-I speak the truth indeed, I loved him to my very soul : in him I found what I have now lost, a dear, a faithful friend. Such a kind part he always acted by me, especially when I was privileged to be under his hospitable roof. In him we have seen united, the most affectionate husband, the tender and prudent father, the best of masters, the faithful, the attentive friend ; and what is brightest of all, a shining, a consistent christian. Reflecting on the former part of his character, makes his loss in relative life the more severe, because the places, the persons

who once knew him shall know him no more for ever ; but the other is a source of continual consolation. Of him truly may it be said "he walked with God." Now he is not, for the LORD has taken him far from this world of trial and strife:

He's present with the Lord
The labours of his mortal life

End in a large reward.

Oh, who can conceive the felicity of which he is made partaker ! Not for ten thousand worlds would he relinquish his bright abode. He'sgone to be for ever and for ever with the LORD. Oh! that our dear afflicted

may be enabled to think on these things to her soul's comfort and consolation! What sorrow is she passing through! but our God has promised that it shall not overwhelm her. His everlasting arms of love and support shall be underneath her, to carry her through the fire: it shall not kindle upon her to her destruction, but she shall come forth as gold

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