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to God it were uniformly so! His presence, and patience !—What can I want more? I have reason to be thankful that upon the whole I am much favoured in this respect. Continue to bear me on your mind : the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much ; and who can tell how much I have been indebted to kind friends for their affectionate remembrance of me at such trying periods ? I am sure I cannot estimate how much. With kindest love to all yours, ever believe ine my dear , Your obliged and truly affectionate.

M. C.


Margate, Sept. 16, 1801.

Your kind present and kinder letter, I only received this afternoon! Suppose it must have been delayed, as the letter was dated the 3d of the month. I mention this that


my dear , may not think me ungrateful in not acknowledging its receipt before. Your pretty present, is simple, neat and acceptable; and when I reflect for a moment that it was your own doing, and must have been the work of considerable time, believe me it greatly enhances its value. Accept my best thanks for this additional mark of your long proved love and affection, to one who feels herself unworthy of the very least proof of your friendship.

The perusal of your letter did me good : it was very appropriate to my feelings. Ah! if I could but follow that excellent word of advice — Do not look at the pangs, but at the promised support.' God almighty grant I may! At all events I say sometimes, let me but have his presence and patience, and then let him call me forth to what he will. This is I think upon the whole, the grand object of my wishes, that I may patiently “ endure as seeing him who is invisi

ble." I know that the foe, with whom I must shortly combat, is mighty, but my God is Almighty. I need not ask your prayers, I am sure I shall have them.

Through mercy my husband and dear children are well. Accept their love, and make mine to all, my dear –– Always believing me, my much esteemedand beloved, Your obliged and affectionate, &c. &c.

M. C.


Margate, October 16, 1801. Do not my dear — , think me the most ungrateful being that ever existed; I acknowledge I ought to have written to you before this, but suppose you already know the particular engagements I have been under the last week, in reference to the ordination. These I hope will be a sufficient apology. If you have not yet been made acquainted with the subject, you will have a circum

stantial account of that interesting event from my , who were present on the occasion, I shall not enter into these particulars; but content myself with giving you my opinion as an individual, and I might say my experience. To me the day was all solemn and important, not gloomy, but animating and delightful : my soul was, I trust, feasted with the presence of the LORD ; this made it a good day. Many besides myself found it so. The services were admirably calculated for the occasion, all truly excellent, affectionate, and uniting. Oh that we may never forget what some of us experienced at that season! The sabbath after, was also pleasant, and so we found it on Tuesday last, when dear Mrs. ~ , with Miss — were baptized before a large but very attentive congregation, and addressed by Dr. R— from these words of Mrs. —'s choice, “ If ye love me, keep my “ commandments.” I have abundant reason


to be thankful that I have been comfortably carried through the extra services of the last week. I have experienced strength just equal to my day, and I feel myself quite as well as I have any right to expect, in present circumstances; and permit me to offer you my congratulations on the favourable appearances of Peace.—Peace! Oh, what a blessing. Your most affectionate,

M. C.


Margate, December 4, 1801. Does my memory serve me right when it tells me, that my dear --- will have been bereaved four years on the day she receives this? I think it does; and knowing that your wound was so deep that it must still bleed, may I be permitted to aim at consolation ? You know how tenderly I loved him for whom you weep, and that his memory will ever be dear in my estimation : and I am

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