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VIOUR, and have by the sacred influence of his spirit been transformed into his likeness. Here we have had the advantages of divine admonitions, and have learned patience and humility to better effect, than by any other lessons in the world. We do well at all times to consider, that by every act of discipline our heavenly Father is studying our eventual profit, not any present comfort. This we are daily looking to, and hence arises the necessity, if I may so speak, of the LORD's interference. May we be teachable as little children!

I hope this will find you better in health and spirits than could be expected, considering what such a day must unavoidably bring to your remembrance.

Miss you know, is still with us; and from appearances is likely to be for some time. Miss — is very poorly again. It is a season of affliction, and Oh that it may be a seed-time of good to her soul! She has

a waiting time indeed, and must see in a peculiar manner her daily dependence on the LORD. : When you see the family remember me to them, and ever believe me to be

Your affectionate

M. C.


Margate, Dec. 4, 1800.


The 5th of December has never, iny dear and much esteemed since that memorable one of 1797, passed without my most particular regard, as it is in a measure sacred to the remembrance of


and though I stand condemned in my own mind, being afraid I have never written to you since this time last year. My dear,

if this has been the case, which I still hope has not, do forgive me. I love you indeed as much as ever, and perhaps more so since I

have experienced such feelings of tender sympathy for your bereaved situation. Oh, how has my heart leaped for joy, when I have heard that you have been enabled, in so christian a manner, to hold up your head after such a loss !-A loss which none but GOD almighty could make up. Blessed be his dear name, that in such a happy measure your mind has been reconciled, and that you have been so evidently enabled to take up the resting place of your affections in the unchanging love of God. Here no circumstance can break the union, because it is indissoluble. All our other connections, however endearing they may be, are not only liable to be interrupted, but it is certain that sooner or later they must be dissolved. A reflection like this often makes me rejoice with trembling, and many lessons have I received to this effect in the illness of my much (perhaps too much) beloved husband and children. At one time, I well re


my dear

member, your mountain of domestick felicity,

stood as strong, and promised to be as long, as most; but when one considers the mournful breach that has been made, Oh how it should lessen our overrating our earthly comforts !

How often have I longed to see your face again, my dear

--! but the pleasure I have sometimes promised myself by such an interview, has always been mingled with such sensations of pain, as I believe would more than counterbalance it, if I were even to be so favoured. Yes, I feel a great love to the memory of one who was deservedly dear to me; and when I think of his death, I do assure you I feel a conflict in my own breast, not very readily submitting to the dispensations of God in that event. But the LORD is righteous in all his ways. This brings to my recollection the following lines to the purpose:

“ With peaceful mind thy path of duty run,
“ God nothing does, nor suffers to be done,
“ But what thou would'st thyself, if thou couldst see

Through all events of things, as well as he.”

Pray let

my most affectionate love be made to all your dear children. How sincerely do I wish that the prayers of their beloved father for them may be answered to their full extent ! How well do I remember his words on this subject !

• Let them be a seed to serve thee!' May they rise up to call thee blessed when our heads are laid low in the dust.” And then he used to appeal to the LORD, if that was not what he wished for them above every thing else.—'Oh LORD I beseech thee fulfil the fervent prayer of thy righteous servant now with thee, in the conversion of those dear pledges left in thine hand in this wilderness, Amen and Amen.'- I know it will give you pleasure, to hear that my dear husband and children are well : the latter

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