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June 22.

The name of the Lord be praised! How kindly has he hitherto supported his unworthy servant! Glory be to his holy name, that I have felt, in dependence on him, very, very happy. The LORD has been my strength, and has comforted me in my new habitation: and will he not continue to me all I need to fit me for every day's service? I doubt not but he will; having, in this fresh instance, been better, abundantly better to me, than all my many fears. Oh for love and gratitude, and dependence entirely on him! My beloved husband, my dear children and self are well, and we have had good accounts from our friends. Blessed be God for all he

has done for us and ours !

July 7.

The LORD be praised for all his mercies to the most unworthy! Oh how forgetful am I

in my returns of love and gratitude ! I am surprised at his mercies to me, when I reflect on my sinful self. Here I am surrounded with every worldly thing that heart could wish. How much better hath the LORD been to me than all my fears! I am a wonder to myself. Oh for more love--for more alacrity in the very best of all services ! I love the LORD, but Oh how imperfectly! He is good to me in his mercies to my dear children, the best of husbands, and the vilest of the vile, my wicked self !




No. I.

Fearful, my dear, you might think me unkind in leaving M-- without calling on you, I could by no means reconcile myself to your going from us, without first informing you of

my only reasons for this seeming negligence. The subject of your grief was so much impressed on my mind, that the very idea of seeing you seemed not a little painful to me; and, as I was well convinced of my own inability to console you on the death of your dear sister, and assured of your having a far better Comforter than any earthly friend; I was induced, though not without some re

gret, to leave you in the very abrupt manner I did.

I doubt not but the LORD will give you strength equal to your day. Well indeed might the Psalmist say, Many are the af“ flictions of the righteous.” You, alas ! have experienced this; but let us, for a mo ment, take a view of them, and then can we not join with him in saying,

" It hath been good for us that we have been afflicted ?" Oh, could we but learn the sentiments of her who is gone, surely she would not scruple to say, “Verily it has, for he has chosen me in the furnace of affliction.' She is now in the full possession of that eternal weight of glory she so longed for. But this is a subject, on which neither time nor my abilities will permit me to enlarge. It is my earnest prayer to the LORD, that you may be supported through the trying season much to your advantage and his glory. But I forget myself—I am writing to one much older

your family.

your loss.

than I am. Pardon the liberty I have taken in making myself so familiar, and addressing you in the very imperfect manner I have done. I can only say, I sincerely wish every blessing to attend you and

My mamma desires her love. I can truly say, we have all sympathised with you in the affliction, and earnestly lament

Shall I, before I conclude, intreat the favour of a line, informing me of your safe arrival in London, how you are in health, and if your spiritual concerns are in a flourishing state? Our united respects to your family, with love to all friends. I remain, my dear friend,

Your affectionate

M. B.


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