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person holding a risk in such company, personally, by an agent, or by letter directed to his usual postoffice address, of the amount of such loss, and the sum due from him, as his share thereof, and of the time and to whom such payment is to be made; but such time shall not be less than thirty days, nor more than ninety days, from the date of such notice.

Sec. 14. An action may be brought against any member of such company who shall neglect or refuse to pay any assessment made upon him by the provisions of this act, or other liabilities due the company, and the directors of any company so formed who shall willfully refuse or neglect to perform the duties imposed upon them by law or by the by-laws of the company, shall be liable in their individual capacity to the person sustaining such loss. An action may also be brought and maintained against any such company by members thereof for losses sustained if payment is withheld after the amount of such losses have been determined, and is due by the terms of the policy.

Sec. 15. It shall be the duty of the secretary to prepare an annual statement showing the condition of such company on the thirty-first day of December, and present the same at the annual meeting.

Sec. 16. Any member of such company may withdraw therefrom by surrendering his policy for cancellation at any time while the organization continues the business for which it was organized, by giving notice in writing to the secretary thereof, and paying his share of all claims that may exist against such company; provided, that the company shall have power to cancel or terminate any policy by giving the insured five days' written notice to that effect, and returning to him any excess of premium he may have paid during the term of the policy, over the cost of his insurance, as measured by the rates of standard fire insurance companies doing business in this state.

Sec. 17. It shall be the duty of the president and secretary, within thirty days after the first day of January in each year, to prepare, under their own oath, and transmit to the insurance commissioner, a statement of the condition of the company on the last day of the month next preceding the annual meeting. If, upon examination, the insurance commissioner finds that such company is doing business correctly, in accordance with the

provisions of this act, he shall thereupon furnish the company his certificate, which shall be deemed authority to continue business during the ensuing year, subject, however, to the provisions of this act. For such examination and certificate the company shall pay one dollar. Each company shall pay at the time of organization, five dollars to the insurance commissioner, for all services which he shall render in the matter of organization.

Sec. 18. Any such company may be proceeded against and dissolved in the manner and upon the same conditions as provided in case of other insurance companies incorporated in this state.

Sec. 19. All acts and parts of acts in conflict with this act are hereby repealed.



An act for the better protection of stockholders in corporations

formed under the laws of the state of California, for the purpose of carrying on and conducting the business of mining.

(Approved March 30, 1874; Stats. 1873-74, p. 866. Amended, Stats.

1880, 134; Stats. 1897, p. 38.) $ 1. Books-Keeping open to inspection-Posting monthly balances. § 2. Examination of grounds. § 3. Penalty.

Section 1. It shall be the duty of the secretary of every corporation formed for the purpose of mining, or conducting mines in California, to keep a complete set of books showing all receipts and expenditures of such corporation, the sources of such receipts, and the objects of such expenditures, and also all transfers of stock. All books and papers shall, at all times during business hours, be open to the inspection of any bona fide stockholder; and if any stockholder shall at any time so request, it shall be the duty of the secretary to attend at the office of said company, at least one hour in the day out of regular business hours, and exhibit such books and papers of the company as such stockholder may desire, who shall be entitled to be accompanied by an expert; and he shall also be entitled to make copies or extracts from any such books or papers. Any stockholder, may at reasonable hours, have permission to examine such mining property, and he shall be entitled to be accompanied by an expert to examine such property, to take samples, and to make such other examination as he may deem necessary. It shall be the duty of the directors, on the second Monday of each and every month, to cause to be made an itemized account or balance sheet for the previous month, embracing a full and complete statement of all disbursements and receipts, showing from what sources such receipts were derived, and for what and to whom such disbursements or payments were made, and for what object or purpose the same were made; also all indebtedness or liabilities incurred or existing at the time, and for what the same were incurred, and the balance of money, if any, on hand. Such account or balance sheet shall be verified under oath by the president and secretary, and posted in some conspicuous place in the office of the company. It shall be the duty of the superintendent, on the first Monday of each month, to file with the secretary an itemized account, verified under oath, showing all receipts and disbursements made by him for the previous month, and for what said disbursements were made. Such account shall also contain a verified statement showing the number of men employed under him, and for what purpose, and the rate of wages paid to each one. He shall attach to such account a full and complete report, under oath, of the work done in said mine, the amount of ore extracted, from what part of mine taken, the amount sent to mill for reduction, its assay value, the amount of bullion received, the amount of bullion shipped to the office of the company or elsewhere, and the amount, if any, retained by the superintendent. It shall also be his duty to forward to the office of the company a full report, under oath, of all discoveries of ores or mineralbearing quartz made in said mine, whether by boring, drifting, sinking, or otherwise, together with the assay value thereof. All accounts, reports, and correspondence from the superintendent shall be kept in some conspicuous place in the office of said company, and to be open to the inspection of all stockholders; provided, that this section shall apply only to mining corporations whose stock is listed and offered for sale at public exchange, and shall not apply to mining corporations whose stock is not listed in the public exchange, and is not offered for public sale. [Amended February 26, 1897; Stats. 1897, p. 38.]

Sec. 2. Any bona fide stockholder of a corporation formed under the laws of this state for the purpose of mining, shall be entitled to visit, accompanied by his expert, and examine the mine or mines owned by such corporation, and every part thereof, at any time he may see fit to make such visit and examination; and when such stockholder shall make application to the president of such corporation, he shall immediately cause the secretary thereof to issue and deliver to such applicant an order, under the seal of the corporation, directed to the superintendent, commanding him to show and exhibit such parts of said mine or mines as the party named in said order may desire to visit and examine. It shall be the duty of the superintendent, on receiving such order, to furnish such stockholder every facility for making a full and complete inspection of said mine or mines, and of the workings therein; it shall be his duty also to accompany said stockholder, either in person or to furnish some person familiar with said mine or mines to accompany him in his visit to and through such mine or mines, and every part thereof. In case of the failure or refusal of the superintendent to obey such order, such stockholder shall be entitled to recover in any court of coinpetent jurisdiction, against said corporation, the sum of one thousand dollars and traveling expenses to and from said mine as liquidated damages, together with costs of suit. In case of such refusal, it shall be the duty of the directors of such corporation forthwith to remove the officer so refusing, and thereafter he shall not be employed, directly or indirectly, by such corporation, and no salary shall be paid to him. [Amendment approved April 23, 1880; Amendments 1880, 135 (Ban. ed. 400). Took effect from passage; repealed conflicting acts.]

Sec. 3. In case of the refusal or neglect of the president to cause to be issued by the secretary the order in the second section of this act mentioned, such stockholder shall be entitled to recover against said president the sum of one thousand dollars and costs, as provided in the last section. In case of the failure of the directors to have the reports and accounts current made and posted as in the first section of this act provided, they shall be liable, either severally or jointly, to an action by any stockholder in any court of competent jurisdiction complaining thereof, and on proof of such refusal or failure, such complaining stockholder shall recover judgment for actual damages sustained by him, with costs of suit. And each of such defaulting directors shali also be liable to removal for such neglect. (Amended February 26, 1897; Stats. 1897, p. 40.]

Sec. 4. All acts in conflict with the provisions of this act are hereby repealed.

Act Cited.

Miles v. Woodward, 115 Cal. 310, 46 Pac. 1076; Ball v. Tolman, 119 Cal. 363, 51 Pac. 546; Johnson v. California Lustral Co., 127 Cal. 287, 59 Pac. 595; Johnson v. Tautphaus, 127 Cal. 606, 60 Pac. 172.

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An act for the further protection of stockholders in mining companies. [Approved April 23, 1880; Stats. 1880, 131 (Ban, ed. 398). Amended

1897; Stats. 1897, p. 96.] § 1. Sale or mortgage of property. § 2. Stock to be in name of real owner. § 3. Books, when to close-Stock, how voted.

Section 1. It shall not be lawful for the directors of any mining corporation to sell, lease, mortgage, or otherwise dispose of the whole or any part of the mining ground owned or held by such corporation, nor to purchase or obtain in any way, (except by location) any additional mining ground, unless such act be ratified by the holders of at least two-thirds of the stock of such corporation then outstanding. Such ratification may be made either in writing, signed, and acknowledged by such stockholders, or by resolution, duly passed at a regularly called stockholders' meeting. The certificate of the secretary of any mining corporation reciting such ratification at a stockholders' meeting, or the names of stockholders with the amount of stock held by each, and the total stock outstanding, signed and acknowledged by him in the manner provided for acknowledgment to conveyanæs of real property, may be attached to or indorsed upon any deed, mortgage, conveyance, or other instrument, made under this act and recorded with such deed, conveyance, or other instrument, and the recitals contained in such certificate, or the duly recorded copy thereof, are made prima facie evidence of their truthfulness for all purposes whatsoever; provided, that no one except a stockholder in any such corporation, shall be permitted to urge

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