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Page. Article 1. Acknowledgments....

640 II. Agricultural Societies....

640-652 III. Animals.....

..653-655 IV. Arbitration.....

.655-657 V. Banks and Banking..

657-681 VI. Bonds....

.682, 683 VII. Bridges...

683-685 VIII. Building and Loan Associations....

.686-693 IX. Cemetery Associations....

693 X. Chambers of Commerce, Boards of Trade and Mechanic Institutes..

.694-697 XI. Conspiracy..

698 XII. Co-operative Associations...

.698-704 XIII. Corporations Generally

705 XIV. Lunch Hours for Laborers.

706 XV. Cruelty to Animals.

706-714 XVI. Cruelty to Children.

.714-716 XVII. Executors.

.716-723 XVIII. Fire Patrol......

.723-726 XIX. Foreign Corporations......

.726-731 XX. Franchises....

.731-742 XXI. Gas Companies.

.743-747 XXII. Insurance..

.747-759 XXIII. Mining..

759-772 XXIV. Mutual Benefit Societies..

.772-782 XXV. Railroads.....

783-788 XXVI. Railroad Commissioners...

.788-793 XXVII. Street Railroads.....

794-796 XXVIII. Water Companies...



ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. An act to legalize acknowledgments of certificates in writing re

quired by section two of an act entitled "An act to provide for the formation of chambers of commerce, boards of trade, mechanic institutes, and other kindred protective associations," approved March thirty-first, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, heretofore made or taken, and to legalize all certificates heretofore made, signed, and acknowledged, and filed under section two of said act.

[Approved March 10, 1885; Stats. 1885, 55.]

§ 1. Curative section.

Section 1. All acknowledgments heretofore made or taken to the certificate in writing required by section two of an act entitled "An act to provide for the formation of chambers of commerce, boards of trade, mechanic institutes, and other kindred protective associations," approved March thirty-first, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, whether proven by a witness or otherwise, and all certificates in writing heretofore made, signed, and acknowledged, and filed under section two of said act, though said certificates and acknowledgments be defective or irregular, are hereby legalized and made valid.

Sec. 2. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.


AGRICULTURAL SOCIETIES. An act to authorize state agricultural societies under the control of

the state to sell property held by them in fee, or held by trustees for their use, or in which they may have any interest; to prescribe a course of procedure therefor; to indemnify purchasers

at such sale, and to direct how the proceeds shall be applied. [Stat. approved February 25, 1897; Stats. 1897, 30. Amended 1899,

106.) 8 1. Sale of real estate. § 2. Exchange of real estate. § 3. Indemnification of exchanged real estate.

Section 1. Whenever any state agricultural society under state control shall desire to sell the whole or any portion of its real estate held by it in fee, or by a trustee for its use, or in which it may have any title, interest, or claim, it shall be lawful for such society or association to file its complaint in the su. perior court of the county in which such lands are situated, setting forth the nature of the title under which the land to be affected by the decree of the court is held, and what claim such society or association has therein; and that it is the desire of such society or association to sell such real estate, and praying for judgment authorizing it to sell the same. In such action the trustee or trustees holding title in trust for such society or association, or their successors, or the survivor or survivors of them, or such other persons deriving title from the trustees, as the case shall require, shall be made parties defendant; and upon the service of the summons upon such defendants personally or by publication, or upon their appearance, the court shall have full jurisdiction in the premises. Such society or association may include as defendants in such action in addition to such persons or parties as appear of record to have, and other persons or parties who are known to have, some claim in or lien on the lands described in the complaint; also all other persons or parties unknown, claiming any right, interest, or lien in such land, and the plaintiff may describe such defendants in the complaint as follows:

“Also all other persons or parties, unknown, claiming any right, title, estate, lien, or interest in the real estate described in the complaint herein.” Service of the summons may be had upon all such unknown persons or parties defendant by publication, ay provided by law in case of nonresident defendants. All such unknown persons or parties so served shall have the same rights as are provided by law in case of all the other defendants upon whom service is made by publication or personally and the action shall proceed against such unknown persons cr parties in the same manner as against the defendants who are named, upon whom service is made by publication, and with like effect; and any such unknown persons or parties who have or claim any right, estate, lien, or interest in the said property in controversy at the time of the commencement of the action, duly served as aforesaid, shall be bound and concluded by the

Corporation Laws-41

judgment in such action as effectually as if the action was brought against such defendant by his or her name, and personal service of the summons obtained, not withstanding any such unknown person may be under legal disability. The court shall have full power and authority to order the property sold. In case of a sale, the court shall appoint a commissioner to make the sale, and shall direct the manner in which the sale shall be conducted; provided, that when any property is held in trust by any such agricultural society or association, such property held in trust shall be sold separately from any that may be held in fee. The commissioner shall make a report of sale to the court, which, after such notice as it may deem proper, shall proceed to hear the same, and if it finds that the sale was fairly conducted, and the price bid was proportionate to the value of the land sold, it shall make and enter a decree confirming the sale, and directing the commissioner to execute a deed to the purchaser. The deed executed by said commissioner, under and in pursuance of the decree of the court, shall be valid and effectual to convey to the purchaser an absolute title in fee simple to the premises; provided, however, that before the filing of any such complaint in the superior or any other court, it shall be necessary for such agricultural society, or any person or corporation claiming the title to such land, to prepare, sign, and properly acknowledge a good and sufficient deed or deeds sufficient to vest in the state all title, interest, or claim which such society may have in and to any land to be affected by the proceedings hereby authorized to be instituted; such deed or deeds to be conditioned that the title, claim, or interest of such society embraced in such deed or deeds shall be held by the state of California in trust for the benefit of such society; which said deed or deeds shall be deposited with the state treasurer, to be by him held in escrow pending the final conclusion of such proceedings in such court. If the court in which such proceedings are had shall order such land to be sold, as herein provided for, the state treasurer shall forthwith file such deed or deeds with the county recorder of the county, or city and county, in which such land is located. If there be any liens upon or claims against the property, the court shall order them paid out of the proceeds of sale. The residue remaining, after paying the costs and expenses of sale and such liens and claims against the property as the court may order paid, shall be paid into the state

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