Public Documents of Massachusetts, Volume 1

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Secretary of the Commonwealth, 1895

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Halaman 81 - A contract of insurance is an agreement by which one party for a consideration promises to pay money or its equivalent or to do some act of value to the assured upon the destruction or injury of something in which the other party has an interest...
Halaman 63 - Commonwealth. It shall make sanitary investigations and inquiries in respect to the causes of disease, and especially of epidemics and the sources of mortality and the effects of localities, employments, conditions, and circumstances, on the public health ; and shall gather such information in respect to those matters as it may deem proper for diffusion among the people.
Halaman 7 - AND every person chosen to either of the places or offices aforesaid, as also any person appointed or commissioned to any judicial, executive, military, or other office under the government, shall, before he enters on the discharge of the business of his place or office, take and subscribe the following declaration, and oaths or affirmations, viz.
Halaman 56 - corporation " is but a collective name for the corporators or members who compose an incorporated association ; and where it is said that a corporation is itself a person, or being, or creature, this must be understood in a figurative sense only.
Halaman 42 - Territory to which such person has fled, and produces a copy of an indictment found, or an affidavit made before a magistrate of any State or Territory, charging the person demanded with having committed treason, felony, or other crime, certified as authentic by the Governor or Chief Magistrate of the State or Territory from whence the person so charged has fled, it shall be the duty of the Executive authority of the State or Territory to which such person has fled to cause him to be arrested and...
Halaman 156 - Upon the renewal of an application (for example: on the ground that the fugitive has fled to another state, not having been found in the state on which the first was granted), new or certified copies of papers in conformity with the above rules must be furnished.
Halaman 155 - ... 1. In all cases of fraud, false pretences, embezzlement or forgery, when made a crime by the common law, or any penal code or statute, the affidavit of the principal complaining witness or informant that the application is made in good faith, for the sole purpose of punishing the accused, and that he does not desire or expect to use...
Halaman 54 - Hampshire. Identity of name, powers and purposes does not create an identity of origin or existence, any more than any other statutes, alike in language, passed by different legislative bodies, can properly be said to owe their existence to both. To each statute and to the Corporation created by it there can be but one legislative paternity.
Halaman 68 - Commonwealth with a pledge as collateral, shares of the capital stock of any railroad company incorporated under the authority of any of the New England states and whose road is located wholly or in part...
Halaman 156 - ... the affidavit of the principal complaining witness or informant, that the application is made in good faith, for the sole purpose of punishing the accused, and that he does not desire or expect to use the prosecution for the purpose of collecting a debt, or for any private purpose, and will not directly or indirectly use the same for any of said purposes, shall be required, or a sufficient reason given for the absence of such affidavit.

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