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Per annum. I'iling Clerk,

$1,200 Messenger,

1,200 Watchman,

1,080 The Governor is authorized to employ such consultants, experts, accountants, investigators, inpectors, and clerks, as he may deem necessary, and fix their salaries, vages and fees, to inform, advise, and assist him in properly supervising and direct ing the Commonwealth's business and caring for the public welfare.

Secretary of the Commonwealth,
Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth,

8,000 4,500

Executive Bureau.

(hief clerk, who shall also be the Secretary of the Board of Pardons,
Expert stenographer,
Statute clerk,
Minute and index clerk,

4,000 1,500 2,400 1,800 1,200 1,080

Corporation Bureau.
Chief of the Bureau of Corporations,
Assistant Chief of the Bureau of Corporations.
Foreign Corporation clerk,
Index and Control clerk,
Expert stenographer and search clerk,
Engrossing and recording clerk,
Recording clerk, who shall also be the Assistant Secretary of the Board of

Four recording clerks, each,
Two recording clerks, each,

4,000 3,000 2,00 2,000 1,800 1,800

2,000 1,800 1,600

Commission Bureau.
Chief of the Commission and Bond Bureau,
Engrossing clerk,
Recording clerk,
Recording clerk,

3,000 2,200 2,000 1,800

Election and Legislative Bureau.

Chief clerk,

3,000 2,200 1,800

Requisition and Warrant Bureau.
Chief clerk, ...
Two recording cierks, euch,

2,000 1,500

Registration Bureau.

Chief clerk,
Two clerks, each,


Per annum. Attorney-General, ...

$12,000 First Deputy Attorney-General,

7,500 Two Deputy Attorneys-General, each.

6,000 Three Deputy Attorneys-General, each,

5,000 Private secretary, who shall be a skilled stenographer,

3,600 Two law clerks, each,

3,000 Five stenographers, each.

1,500 Messenger,

1,200 The Attorney-General may appoint such additional Deputy Attorneys-General, law clerks and stenographers in said Attorney-General's Department as he may deem necessary, whose compensation sball not exceed, in the aggregate, the sum of twenty thousand ($20,000) per annum.


10,000 Revenue Deputy,

7,500 Disbursing Deputy,

7,500 Assistant Deputy,

6,000 Chief clerk,

8.500 Chief bookkeeper,

2,800 Assistant chief bookkeeper,

2,000 Two bookkeepers, each,

1,800 Eight traveling auditors, each,

1,800 Ten additional clerks, each,

1,600 Three filing and index clerks, each,

1,400 Two stenographers, each,

1,500 One stenographer,

1,400 One messenger,

1,200 One night watchman,

900 Bureau of Corporations. Chief clerk,

5,000 Assistant chief corporation clerk,

4,500 Assistant chief corporation clerk,

4,000 Five clerks, each,

2,400 Six clerks, each,

1,800 Seven clerks, each,

1,600 Burcau of Collections from Public Officers. Chief clerk,

3,000 Escheats Clerk,

1,900 Two clerks, each,

1,800 One clerk,

1.600 Three clerks, each,

1,500 Bureau of Accounts and Expenditures. Chief clerk,

3,000 Assistant chief clerk and warrant clerk,

2.500 Appropriation clerk,

2,000 Five clerks, each,

1,500 Statistician,

2,000 Assistant Statistician,

1,800 The mercantile appraisers in counties having a population of more than 1,000,000, and less than 1,500,000, are appointed by the Auditor-General, and receive an annual salary of not more than $5,000, each.


Per annum.

State Treasurer,
Deputy State Treasurer and Commissioner of Trusts,
Assistant cashier,
Bond clerk,
Corporation clerk,
Assistant corporat:on clerk,
Appropriation clerk,
Two assistant appropriation clerks, each,
Deposit clerk,
Assistant deposit clerk,
Warrant clerk,
Assistant warrant clerk,
Expert bookkeeper,
Corporation bookkeeper,
Assistant corporation bookkeeper,
One clerk,
Five clerks, each,
One stenographer,
One stenographer,
Three watchmen, each,


8,000 5,000 3,600 3,000 4,000 2,500) 3,000 1,800 2,000 1,600 1,800 1,600 2,000 2,200 2,000 1,800 1,500 1,400 1.200 1,000 1,200


Secretary of Internal Affairs,
Deputy Secretary of Internal Affairs, who shall also act as clerk of the

Board of Property,
Chief clerk,
Clerk, who shall also be a stenographer,
Two stenographers, each,

5,000 2,500 2,000 1,500 1,300 1,200 1,000

[blocks in formation]

Bureau of Statistics and Information, The Secretary of Internal Affairs is authorized to appoint a Chief of the Bareau of Statistics and Information, also such officers, Clerks, stenographers and other employees as may be necessary, and fix their salaries.

Bureau of Municipalities. The Secretary of Internal Affairs is authorized to employ a Chief of the Bureau oi Municipalities, also such engineering, accounting clerical, stenographic and other expert service, relating to the gathering of information, its distribution and publication and other duties incident to the purpose of the Bureau. The salaries of the chief and the employes shall be fixed by the Secretary of Internal Affairs.

Bureau of Topographic and Geological Survey. State Geologist, whose compensation is fixed by the Governor and Secretary of Internal Affairs.

The State Geologist, with the approval of the Secretary of Internal Affairs, is authorized to appoint, employ, and fix the compensation of such clerks, stenographers, engineers, draftsmen, and other assistants and help, as the work of the Bureau may require.

The members of the State Board of Education receive no salary.

[blocks in formation]


Five members, each,
Member ex-officio–Superintendent of Public Instruction,
Member ex-officio-Commissioner of Ilealth, ....

The members also receive their necessary traveling expenses.


Mothers' Assistance Fund.

State Supervisor of Mothers' Assistance Fund,
Assistant State Supervisor of Mothers' Assistance Fund,
Clerk to State Supervisor of Mothers' Assistance Fund,

3,000 2,200 1,800 PUBLIC SCHOOL EMPLOYES' RETIREMENT BOARD. The Board consists of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the State Treasurer, one member to be appointed by the Governor, three members of the Public School Employes' Retirement Association, and one member to be elected by the Board. The Board is authorized to elect a chairman, and appoint a secretary, actuary, and such medical, clerical and other employes as may be necessary, and fix their salaries. The members of the Board receive no salary, but shall be reinnbursed from the expense fund for any necessary expenses.


Deputy Adjutant-General,

Per annum.

$7,500 3,600

Bureau of Administration.

Chief clerk, who shall also be secretary to the State Armory Board,
File clerk,
Assistant file clerk,
Stenographer, who shall also be stenographer to the State Armory Board,
Clerk, who shall also act as clerk for the State Armory Board,
Messenger, who shall also act as messenger for the State Armory Board,

3,600 1,700 1,200 2.000 1,700 1,400 1,700 1,400

Bureau of Accounts.


(a) Finance Branch. Bookkeeper, Warrant clerk, who shall also keep the accounts of the State Armory

Board. Stenographer,

2,000 1.200

[blocks in formation]

(a) Administration Branch. Superintendent of State Arsenal, Superintendent of State Military Reservation, Mount Gretnil,

3,600 3,000

(b) Accounting Branch.

Chief clerk,
Voucher clerk.
Telephone Operator,

2.000 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,400 1,200 1,000

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