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ny, 539.

nancy, 274.

Iliac artery, ligature of, remarks on, Dr. | MOORE, E. M., remarks on excision of the
E. M. MOORE, 497, 498.

knee-joint, 328.
remarks on, Dr. NANCREDE, 498.

remarks on membranous croup, 470.
Incorporation, articles of, 544.

remarks on ligature of the right primi.
Insanity, a few hints on the prevention tive iliac artery, 497, 498.
of, Dr. GRAY, 313.

remarks on organization of branch
Intestinal catarrh, Dr. Jamison, 102.

associations, 695.
Intestinal obstruction, Dr. Segur, 112. remarks on a library, 603.
Invited guests in attendance in 1884, 14. Moore, J. W., therapeutics of diphtheria,

Jamison, chronic intestinal catarrh, 102.

Nævi, Dr. Samuel W. Smith, 406.
JANEWAY, abscess of the liver, 413.
JEwert, remarks at convention at Alba- NANCREDE, remarks on ligature of the

right primitive iliac artery, 498.

Nebraska State Medical Society, com-
chlorate of potassa, 500.

munication from, 613.
remarks on organization of branch as-
sociations, 593, 596.

Necrology, committee on, 604, 606, 606,

Joint-discase and general tuberculosis,
Dr. DENNIS, 330.

report of death of Drs. PECK, COTES,

ADAMS, and CHURCH, 612.
Knee-joint, excision of, Dr. STEPHEN Nephro - lithotomy for calculus-pyelitis,

Dr. W. W. SEYMOUR, 150.
SMITH, 322, 328.
KNEELAND, common sense versus hypo-

Newman, remarks on cxtra-uterine preg.
thetical medication, 309.

remarks on hydrochlorate of cocaine,

Lead-poisoning, Dr. R. H. Sabin, 124.
Library, report on, 601, 613.

New York County Medical Association,
remarks on, Dr. E. M. MOORE, 603.

report of, 597.
presentations to, 603, 604, 613. Obstetrics and gynæcology, address on,
List of Fellows by district and county, 616. Dr. Thomas, 202.
alphabetical, 634.

Officers and council for 1884, 1.
Liver, abscess of, Dr. Janeway, 413. 1884-'85, 3.
LLOYD, ovarian cystoma, 276.

Original, resolution to add to names of
Lusk, management of brecch-cases, 358. certain Fellows, 611.
LYNDE, double synchronous amputations, Orton, tubal pregnancy, 250.

telegram to convention at Albany, 507.
function of the auricles, 171, 185.

Ovarian cystoma, Dr. LLOYD, 276.
MANLEY, women as midwives, 370. Pancreas, disease of, Dr. C. S. ALLEN, 286.
Materia medica and therapeutics, modern Paracentesis thoracis, Dr. ROCHESTER, 193.

progress in, Dr. E. R. SQUIBB, 80. remarks on, Dr. A. Flint, 196.
Medicine, address on, Dr. A. Flint, 376. remarks on, Dr. E. M. MOORE, 196.
Meeting for 1885, time and place of, 614. Peat as a surgical dressing, Dr. TREMAINE,
Members, sce Fellows.

Mercurial poisoning, Dr. BUCKLEY, 126. Peck, obituary note of, 606.
MITCHELL, errors of refraction, 131. Pennsylvania, delegates from, 686.
remarks on hydrochlorate of cocaine, Perinæum, protection of, Dr. Hartmann,

MOORE, E. M., address on surgery--trans- POMEROY, remarks on venesection in puer-
fusion, 33.

peral convulsions, 234.
remarks on function of the auricles, 183. remarks at convention at Albany, 522.
remarks on aspiration in paracentesis remarks on organization of branch as.
thoracis, 196.

sociations, 596.
remarks on venesection in puerperal Proceedings of the first annual meeting.
convulsions, 232.

first day, 585.
remarks at convention at Albany, 520, second day, 599.

third day, 604.

TON, 482.

Puerperal convulsions, venesection in, SMITH, H. II., presentations to library, 603.
Dr. Colvin, 218, 232, 236.

Suith, J. Lewis, membranous croup, 430.
remarks on, Dr. E. M. MOORE, 232. invitation to visit Foundling Asylum,
remarks on, Dr. POMEROY, 234.

remarks on, Dr. Ilovey, 235.

Smith, SAMUEL W., early use of the knife
remarks on, Dr. CRONYN, 237.

in angiomatous næri, 406.
PURPLE, resolutions on death of Dr. Smith, STEPHEN, excision of the knee-
ADAMS, 605.

joint, etc., 322, 328.
appointment of, member at large of SpriBB, E. R., modern progress in mate-
the council, 607.

ria medica and therapeutics, 80.
Putnam, dislocation of the first phalanx remarks on extra-uterine pregnancy,
of the thumb forward, 281.

Pyæmia and death after operation for remarks on hydrochlorate of cocaine,
strabismus, Dr. J. J. A. BURKE, 130. 299.

Stomach, pistol-shot wound of, Dr. Hir.
Rectum, excision of, Dr. W. W. SEYMOUR,

Strabismus, pyæmia and death after op-
Refraction, errors of, Dr. MITCHELL, 131. eration for, Dr. J. J. A. BURKE, 130.
Registration of Fellows, 558.

Surgery, address on, Dr. E. M. MOORE, 33.
Report of the committee of arrangements
for 1884, 15.

TAYLOR, remarks on tubal pregnancy, 253.
Reports of the treasurer, 586, 610, 613. Thomas, address on obstetrics and gynæ-
Resection of the head of the humerus, cology, 202.
Dr. BontecOU, 306.

Thumb, dislocation of, Dr. Putxay, 281.
Resolution (and preamble) establishing Townsend, remarks on transfusion, 52.

the association, by Dr. A. Flint, 515. remarks at convention at Albany, 525.
REYNOLDS, remarks at convention at Al. Transactions of State societies, receipts
bany, 528.

of, 613.
Robs, management of criminal abortion, Transfusion, Dr. E. M. MOORE, 33.

remarks on, Dr. TOWNSEND, 52.
ROCHESTER, remarks on transfusion, 67. Dr. HUTCHISON, 53.
new procedure in paracentesis thoracis,

remarks on,

193, 198, 199.

remarks on, Dr. DIDAMA, 67.
remarks at convention at Albany, 510, Treasurer, reports of, 586, 610, 613.
521, 531.

committee to audit accounts of, 586,
remarks on abscess of the liver, 429. 604.

remarks on membranous croup, 469. TREMAINE, peat as a surgical dressing, 238.
Ross, remarks on function of the auricles, Trustees, 559.

Tubal pregnancy, Dr. ORTON, 250.
remarkson extra-uterine pregnancy, 273. remarks on, Dr. Taylor, 253.
rupture of the uterus, 283.

Tuberculous joint-disease and general tu-
Rupture of the uterus, Dr. Ross, 283.

berculosis, Dr. DENNIS, 330.

remarks on, Dr. Gross, 346.
Sabin, R. II., remarks on criminal abor.
tion, 122.

VANDERBILT, W. H., resolutions of thanks
lead poisoning, 124.
SAYRE, L. A., resolutions with regard to, VAN DE Warker, remarks on criminal

abortion, 121.
Seal, committee on, 536, 542, 610.

remarks at convention at Albany, 522,
Sections, division of the association into,

536, 542.
699, 613.

Vermont, delegates from, 612.
Segur, intestinal obstruction, 112.
SEYMOUR, W. R., remarks at convention Wate, M. C., remarks on criminal abor-
at Albany, 524.

tion, 122.
SEYMOUR, W. W., nephro-lithotomy for Women as midwives, Dr. MANLEY, 370.
calculus-pyelitis, 150.

Woon, C. S., remarks at convention at
excision of the rectum, 156.

Albany, 534.

to, 605.

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