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Iliac artery, ligature of, remarks on, Dr. | MOORE, E. M., remarks on excision of the
E. M. MOORE, 497, 498.

knee-joint, 328.

[blocks in formation]

Puerperal convulsions, venesection in, | SMITH, H. II., presentations to library, 603.
Dr. COLVIN, 218, 232, 236.

SMITH, J. LEWIS, membranous croup, 430.
invitation to visit Foundling Asylum,

remarks on, Dr. E. M. MOORE, 232.
remarks on, Dr. POMEROY, 234.
remarks on, Dr. Hovey, 235.


SMITH, SAMUEL W., early use of the knife
in angiomatous nævi, 406.

remarks on, Dr. CRONYN, 237.
PURPLE, resolutions on death of Dr. SMITH, STEPHEN, excision of the knee-
joint, etc., 322, 328.

ADAMS, 605.

appointment of, member at large of SQUIBB, E. R., modern progress in mate-
the council, 607.
ria medica and therapeutics, 80.
remarks on extra-uterine pregnancy,

remarks on hydrochlorate of cocaine,


PUTNAM, dislocation of the first phalanx
of the thumb forward, 281.
Pyæmia and death after operation for
strabismus, Dr. J. J. A. BURKE, 130.

Rectum, excision of, Dr. W. W. SEYMOUR,

Refraction, errors of, Dr. MITCHELL, 131.
Registration of Fellows, 558.
Report of the committee of arrangements
for 1884, 15.

Reports of the treasurer, 586, 610, 613.
Resection of the head of the humerus,
Dr. BONTECOU, 306.

Resolution (and preamble) establishing

the association, by Dr. A. FLINT, 515.
REYNOLDS, remarks at convention at Al-
bany, 528.
ROBB, management of criminal abortion,
ROCHESTER, remarks on transfusion, 67.
new procedure in paracentesis thoracis,
193, 198, 199.

remarks at convention at Albany, 510,
521, 531.

remarks on abscess of the liver, 429.
remarks on membranous croup, 469.
Ross, remarks on function of the auricles,

remarks on extra-uterine pregnancy, 273.
rupture of the uterus, 283.
Rupture of the uterus, Dr. Ross, 283.

SABIN, R. II., remarks on criminal abor-
tion, 122.

Stomach, pistol-shot wound of, Dr. HIN-
TON, 482.
Strabismus, pyæmia and death after op-
eration for, Dr. J. J. A. BURKE, 130.
Surgery, address on, Dr. E. M. MOORE, 33.

Seal, committee on, 536, 542, 610.

Sections, division of the association into,

TAYLOR, remarks on tubal pregnancy, 253.
THOMAS, address on obstetrics and gynæ-
cology, 202.

Thumb, dislocation of, Dr. PUTNAM, 281.
TOWNSEND, remarks on transfusion, 52.

remarks at convention at Albany, 525.
Transactions of State societies, receipts
of, 613.

Transfusion, Dr. E. M. MOORE, 33.
remarks on, Dr. TOWNSEND, 52.
remarks on, Dr. ROCHESTER, 67.
remarks on, Dr. DIDAMA, 67.
Treasurer, reports of, 586, 610, 613.
committee to audit accounts of, 586,

TREMAINE, peat as a surgical dressing, 238.
Trustees, 559.

Tubal pregnancy, Dr. ORTON, 250.

remarks on, Dr. TAYLOR, 253.
Tuberculous joint-disease and general tu-

berculosis, Dr. DENNIS, 330.
remarks on, Dr. GROSS, 346.

lead poisoning, 124.

VANDERBILT, W. H., resolutions of thanks
to, 605.

SAYRE, L. A., resolutions with regard to, VAN DE WARKER, remarks on criminal

abortion, 121.

remarks at convention at Albany, 522,
536, 542.

Vermont, delegates from, 612.

599, 613.

SEGUR, intestinal obstruction, 112.
SEYMOUR, W. R., remarks at convention
at Albany, 524.

SEYMOUR, W. W., nephro-lithotomy for Women as midwives, Dr. MANLEY, 370.
calculus-pyelitis, 150.
WOOD, C. S., remarks at convention at
excision of the rectum, 156.
Albany, 534.

WHITE, M. C., remarks on criminal abor-
tion, 122.

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