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On motion, the appointment of delegates to other associations and societies was referred to the President and Secretaries with power.

A communication from the Secretary of the Nebraska State Medical Society, relative to the appointment of representatives to take cognizance of proceedings of State societies and associations and to act as channels of communication, was received.

It was moved and seconded that the Committee on Registration be empowered to secure such aid as they may need in the discharge of their duties. Carried.

Dr. Gouley then read the report of the Committee on the Formation of Branch Associations. The report was accepted and referred to the Association, with the recommendation that it be adopted. (See Proceedings of the Association, page 586.)

Dr. Gouley offered a resolution that the Association be divided during the afternoon and evening sessions into two sections, one on medicine and one on surgery, provided that a division of the Association be deemed necessary by the Committee of Arrangements.

On motion this question was referred to the Association.

Dr. Gouley reported a plan for the division of the Association into five sections for its scientific work, at subsequent meetings of the Association. It was directed that this plan be reported to the Association at the Wednesday morning session.

The Treasurer reported that, up to the present time, he had received $1,686, and had disbursed $1,002.49, leaving in his hands $683.51. On motion the report was accepted.

Dr. Gouley presented a series of resolutions relating to the formation of a library. On motion, the resolutions were approved by the Council, and referred to the Association, to be presented at the Wednesday morning session.

The Secretary reported the receipt of the following publications :

Transactions of the Indiana State Medical Society, 1884.
Report of the Michigan State Board of Health, 1883.
Laws of Michigan, relating to Public Health, 1883.

Proceedings of a Sanitary Convention held at Iona, Michigan, December 13 and 14, 1883.

Transactions of the Medical Society of West Virginia, 1884. Transactions of the Nebraska State Medical Society, 1884.

Transactions of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin, 1883. Proceedings of the Connecticut Medical Society, 1884. The minutes of the meeting were read and adopted, and the Council adjourned, subject to the call of the President. E. D. FERGUSON,

Secretary of the Council.

The Council met at 10.30 P. M., November 19, 1884. The President, DR. DIDAMA, in the chair.

Present Drs. Crawe, Didama, Ferguson, Flint, Jr., Gouley, Gray, Hinton, Hutchison, Hovey, E. M. Moore, Reynolds, and Sawyer.

The Secretary reported the list of applications for Fellowship received since the last meeting. All the applicants being duly vouched for, they were appointed, and the Secretary was directed to place their names on the roll of Original Fellows.

It was moved and seconded that the President and Vice-Presidents be constituted a Permanent Committee on Necrology, to secure brief biographical notices of deceased Fellows of the Association, in their respective districts, for publication in the Transactions. Carried.

The minutes of the meeting were read and adopted, and the Council adjourned sine die.

E. D. FERGUSON, Secretary.

The Council for 1884-'85 met, on the adjournment of the Association, November 20, 1884, at 6 P. M., with the President, DR. JOHN P. GRAY, in the chair.

Present Drs. Colvin, Ferguson, Flint, Jr., Gillis, Gouley, Gray, Greene, Hinton, McEwen, Purple, Townsend, and Van de Warker.

It was moved and seconded that the next meeting of the Association be held in New York city, beginning on the third Tuesday in November, 1885. Carried.

The members of the Council for the 5th District were appointed a Committee of Arrangements, to select their own Chairman and add to their number as may be deemed by them expedient.

The President appointed the Committee on Publications as

follows: Drs. A. Flint, Jr., J. W. S. Gouley, J. H. Hinton, S. S. Purple, and the two Secretaries of the Association.

The President also appointed Drs. Gouley, Hinton, and Flint, Jr., the Library Committee.

The Secretary was directed to add to the list of Original Fellows the names of those whose applications were already received and who were properly indorsed.

The minutes of the meeting were read and adopted, and the Council adjourned.

E. D. FERGUSON, Secretary.

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Founder. Barton, Lyman. Willsborough.
Original. D'Avignon, Francis J. Au Sable Forks.
Founder. Edgerly, E. F. Moriah Centre.
Original. La Bell, M. J. Lewis.
Original. Pollard, A. Westport.
Original. Rand, Hannibal W. Keene.
Original. Rice, Isaac. Bloomingdale.
Original. Riley, Andrew W. Au Sable Forks.
Original. Robinson, Ezra A. Jay.
Founder. Sawyer, Conant. Au Sable Forks.
Original. Turner, Melvin H. Hammondsville.


Founder. Gillis, William. Fort Covington.

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