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For instance, if a Fellow should give ten dollars, five dollars of it would go to the library and five dollars would be deposited in a trust-company as part of a sinking-fund for a building. It might be ten or more years before the Association would possess the building; but the younger men would live to enjoy it, even if the older men did not; while all would obtain immediate advantages from a library.

DR. E. M. MOORE, of Monroe County, seconded the resolutions, and said that, inasmuch as they had talked this matter over somewhat in the Council, he had not intended to speak, but wished to hear the opinions of others. The desirability of such a plan, he thought, would be plain to all. There was no question but that this would be an extremely pleasant and valuable plan if it could be carried out; a plan which would have the effect of strengthening the warm feeling of brotherhood which existed among the loyal members of the medical profession. The frequency with which Fellows of the Association visited New York increased as years went by; and the advantage of having a place where they could come together was self-evident. The only doubt in his mind was with regard to the success of the undertaking, from a pecuniary point of view. It looked to him as if it would give them a large amount of work to do; and yet, with the assurances which they already had, they could make a beginning, although, in the present condition of the Association, it could not be expected at once to raise a large sum of money from its Fellows, for this purpose. If a beginning could be made without a large sum of money, it would be well to begin now.

The resolutions were carried unanimously.

The President announced that DR. H. H. SMITH, of Philadelphia, in behalf of the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania, presented to the Library of the New York State Medical Association, an original copy of the National Code of Ethics, published within the first year of its adoption. The gift was accepted and ordered to be placed in the Library.

The acting SECRETARY, in behalf of DR. ALFRED L. CARROLL, of Richmond County, who was absent, offered the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted:

Resolved: That the initials F. S. M. A. be adopted as indicating Fellowship in this Association, and that Fellows be advised

to append these initials to their signatures in scientific publications.

The acting SECRETARY announced that DR. WILLIAM GILLIS, of Franklin County, would present to the Library, forty or fifty bound volumes of either the "London Medical Journal" or the "Edinburgh Medical Journal," as might be chosen by the Library Committee.

The minutes of the meeting were read and adopted, and the Association adjourned to meet at 2 P. M.

The afternoon and evening sessions were devoted to the reading of papers and their discussion.


The Society was called to order at 9.45 A. M., by the President.

The acting SECRETARY announced the additional number of Fellows registered from each district.

The report of the Council, recommending the appointment of a Committee on Necrology, was adopted. (See page 614.)

DR. S. S. PURPLE, of New York County, Chairman of the Auditing Committee, presented the following report:

NEW YORK, November 19, 1884. To the New York State Medical Association:

The Committee appointed to audit the accounts of the Treasurer beg leave to report that they have examined the accounts and vouchers and find the same correct:


Balance in Treasury....


$1,686.00 1,002.49



The report of the Auditing Committee was accepted and


Announcements were made by the Committee of Arrangements, with regard to the supper for the evening and the excursion on Friday.

DR. AUSTIN FLINT offered the following preamble and resolutions, which were adopted unanimously:

Whereas: The New York State Medical Association has heard with great gratification of the recent gift, by Mr. Andrew Carnegie, of fifty thousand dollars, for the erection of a building to be devoted to physiological and pathological laboratories, and of the subsequent gift, by Mr. William H. Vanderbilt, of half a million of dollars, for the promotion of scientific research and instruction in medicine, it is

Resolved: That this Association tenders to Mr. Carnegie and to Mr. Vanderbilt congratulations and thanks on behalf of the interests of medical science and of humanity.

Resolved: That the Corresponding Secretary of the Association be instructed to transmit the foregoing resolution to Mr. Carnegie' and to Mr. Vanderbilt.

DR. S. S. PURPLE, on behalf of the Committee on Necrology, presented the following:

Whereas: An all-wise and inscrutable Providence has removed by death our late distinguished Fellow-associate, DR. JOHN G. ADAMS, one of the earliest Founders of this Association :

Resolved: That we recognize, in the services which Dr. Adams rendered in the formation of this Association, the work of an honorable, earnest, courteous, and indefatigable friend of truth and justice.

1 The following has been received by the Corresponding Secretary:

WINDSOR HOTEL, December 15, 1884. MY DEAR SIR: Absence has delayed acknowledgment of the very kind resolutions which your Association has been pleased to pass.

Believe me that the thanks of no profession could give me so much genuine satisfaction as those of yours-the noblest profession of them all.

Our popular heroes have hitherto been those who most successfully butchered their fellows; this is the type of barbarism.

The young physician, who in London recently gave his life that his patient might not die, is the type of the true hero of civilization.

Please take the first fitting opportunity to express my grateful acknowledgments to your Association, and believe me,

TO DR. E. D. FERGUSON, Corresponding Secretary, etc.

Truly yours,


Resolved: That, while we mourn the loss of our distinguished associate, we bow with submission to the will of that Providence which holds truth the same, yesterday, to-day, and forever.

Resolved: That we shall cherish his memory as that of one who labored to promote the best interests of the medical profession of the whole country.

Resolved: That we deeply sympathize with the relatives of the deceased in this, their great bereavement.

Resolved: That a copy of the foregoing preamble and resolutions be entered upon the minutes of this Association, and that a copy of the same be transmitted to the relatives of our lamented associate. SAMUEL S. PURPLE.

The resolutions were adopted unanimously.

The acting SECRETARY then presented the following:

MARVIN RUSSELL PECK, M. D., was born at Sand Lake, Rensselaer County, N. Y., June 16, 1822. He attended lectures at the Albany Medical College, from 1848 to 1851, when he graduated. He settled in Glens Falls, Warren County, where he had been connected with his uncle in the drug-business. In 1853, he married Marcia L., daughter of Thomas H. Bemiss, of New York City. His life was a busy one, and he early won the confidence of the community in which he lived. As health-officer, his activity and good judgment proved of great service. He died suddenly in the street, from valvular disease of the heart, on April 4, 1884, leaving a widow and four children.


The Nominating Committee then submitted the following report, which was adopted unanimously:

NEW YORK, November 20, 1884.

The Nominating Committee of the New York State Medical Association present the following nominations for officers of the Association for the ensuing year :

President.-Dr. JOHN P. GRAY, Oneida County, 1st District. Vice-Presidents.-Dr. WILLIAM. H. Rовв, Montgomery County, 2d District; Dr. J. G. ORTON, Broome County, 3d District; Dr. JOSEPH C. GREENE, Erie County, 4th District; Dr. J. C. HUTCHISON, Kings County, 5th District.

Members of the Council.-1st District, Dr. WILLIAM GILLIS, Franklin County; 2d District, Dr. R. C. McEwEN, Saratoga County; 3d District, Dr. FREDERICK HYDE, Cortland County; 4th District, Dr. DARWIN COLVIN, Wayne County; 5th District, Dr. J. W. S. GOULEY, New York County.

All of which is respectfully submitted.

C. C. F. GAY, Chairman.
R. C. MCEWEN, Secretary.

After sundry announcements by the acting SECRETARY, the Association took a recess of five minutes, during which time the members of the several districts met and appointed an Executive Committee for each of their respective Branch Associations. (See list of officers of the Branch Associations, page 5.)

The Chairman of the Committee of Arrangements then announced that it had become necessary to make a change in the programme for the following day. DR. LEWIS A. SAYRE being ill, his hour would be occupied with the exhibition of bacilli, at Bellevue Hospital, by DR. E. G. JANEWAY. From ten to eleven o'clock, there would be an exhibition of surgical cases at Bellevue Hospital, by DR. F. S. DENNIS. In the afternoon, there would be an excursion to the public hospitals and institutions on the islands.

DR. AUSTIN FLINT then offered the following:

Resolved: That we tender to DR. SAYRE our regret that we are prevented by his illness from observing illustrations of the application of his surgical dressings, and that we tender, also, our sympathy and our hope that he may soon be restored to health. Resolved: That the SECRETARY transmit these resolutions to DR. SAYRE.

The resolutions were unanimously adopted.

Further announcements were made by the acting SECRETARY, including the appointment by the President-elect, of DR. S. S. PURPLE, of New York County, member at large of the Council.

The acting SECRETARY then offered the following resolution of thanks, which was unanimously adopted:

Resolved: That this Association extends to DR. J. W. S. GOULEY its thanks, and assures him that his indefatigable efforts in the interests of the profession of the State, and the valuable services

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