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You have brought the State Society into disrepute with our medical brethren throughout the Union and throughout all English-speaking countries.

To the extent of your power, you have disfranchised us in a great National Association to which we are strongly attached. To the extent of your ability, you have cut us off from affiliation with our medical brethren throughout the world.

By persistence in a course, which we of the majority regard as unfriendly, unfair, and anti-republican, you have broken many a tie of friendship and have brought this Society to the very verge of a permanent rupture.

And what great compensation have you gained for all the evil your course has wrought?

You have stricken from the National Code the truthful statement that we do not regard certain irregular practitioners as fit persons to meet us in consultation; while you are ready to admit, one and all of you, that you hold the principles and the practice of these very irregulars in the utmost contempt. This, and this only, is your exceeding great reward.

And now, in closing, I make a final appeal to the justice and magnanimity of this Society.

I call upon the minority to consent to a restoration of the status existing prior to the meeting of 1882.

Then, if we choose, we can have a fair and friendly discussion of the subject on its merits.

Then we can carry our grievances, if we have any, to the American Medical Association and seek redress there. Let us bury the hatchet for ever. Let the fires of friendship be rekindled. Let us rejoin hands in our efforts to uphold and advance the one only science of medicine-a science with which the interests of humanity are indissolubly connected.

The answer to these appeals for harmony and fair play was made by DR. D. B. ST. JOHN ROOSA, the spokesman of the opposition. It was characteristic. It had no one word indicating a desire for union or an intention to relinquish a control surreptitiously obtained. It was appropriately followed by a solid vote of the combined "New Code" and no code factions not to recede from their course of unwisdom and injustice.

Thus the last spark of hope for redress was extinguished in the breasts of the National-Code party, and they went forward to complete their organization.

THE NEW YORK STATE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION met in adjourned session, at 9 A. M., Wednesday, February 6, 1884.

DR. WARD, the Secretary, being absent, DR. E. D. FERGUSON was appointed to act as Secretary.

The minutes of the first meeting were read and approved, after Dr. Hyde had been allowed to make a correction in the resolution offered by him, relating to the membership of the Association.

DR. GOULEY moved that the Council, when elected, be authorized to prepare the minutes for publication and for circulation among the loyal physicians of the State. Carried.

The members from the five districts then met in separate portions of the room, and, after consultation, presented the following list of names as the Nominating Committee, Dr. Flint, Sr., being appointed at large by the Chair:

1st District-Dr. Ira H. Abell, Antwerp, Jefferson County; Dr. L. C. Dodge, Rouse's Point, Clinton County.

2d District-Dr. T. B. Reynolds, Saratoga Springs, Saratoga County; Dr. Thomas Wilson, Claverack, Columbia County.

3d District-Dr. A. D. Head, Syracuse, Onondaga County; Dr. Caleb Green, Homer, Cortland County.

4th District-Dr. Darwin Colvin, Clyde, Wayne County; Dr. Thomas F. Rochester, Buffalo, Erie County.

5th District-Dr. D. Guernsey, Amenia, Dutchess County; Dr. J. W. S. Gouley, New York City and County.

The Nominating Committee then retired into another room. DR. H. O. JEWETT asked for information concerning the relation of this Association to the county societies.

The subject was informally discussed, and no action at present was favored, although it was considered desirable that county organizations in affiliation with this Association be formed, and that, at a proper time, such measures should be taken as might be


DR. FLINT, Jr., tendered the hospitalities of New York city for the next meeting of the Association.

DR. C. S. WOOD offered a resolution that the invitation of Dr. Flint be accepted. Carried.

An informal expression of opinion was then requested as to the

proper time for the next meeting of the Association; and finally a poll was taken of those who had preferences as to the time of such meeting, which resulted in twenty-two favoring the third Tuesday in November, nine, the first Tuesday in February, and one, some time just before the next meeting of the American Medical Association.

Upon motion of DR. FLINT, Jr., the third Tuesday in November, 1884, was appointed as the time for the next meeting of the Association.

The report of the Nominating Committee, now in order, was read.


The Nominating Committee organized by electing Dr. Thomas F. Rochester, of Erie County, Chairman, and Dr. Caleb Green, of Cortland County, Secretary. The Committee then proceeded to the nomination of the following officers:

For President-Dr. H. D. Didama, Onondaga County, 3d Dis


For Vice-President-Dr. J. M. Crawe, Jefferson County, 1st District.

For Vice-President-Dr. Tabor B. Reynolds, Saratoga County, 2d District.

For Vice-President-Dr. B. L. Hovey, Monroe County, 4th District.

For Vice-President-Dr. N. C. Husted, Westchester County, 5th District.

For Recording Secretary-Dr. Caleb Green, Cortland County. For Corresponding Secretary-Dr. E. D. Ferguson, Rensselaer County.

For Treasurer-Dr. John H. Hinton, New York County.

For Councilors-1st District-Dr. John P. Gray, Oneida County; Dr. Conant Sawyer, Essex County.

2d District-Dr. J. W. Moore, Albany County; Dr. Thomas Wilson, Columbia County.

3d District-Dr. Frederick Hyde, Cortland County; Dr. Ely Van de Warker, Onondaga County.

4th District-Dr. E. M. Moore, Monroe County; Dr. M. W. Townsend, Genesee County.

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5th District-Dr. E. R. Squibb, Kings County; Dr. A. Flint, Jr., New York County.

On motion of DR. E. M. MOORE, the report of the Nominating Committee was accepted, and it was then adopted unanimously.

DR. DIDAMA, after thanking the Association for the honor conferred upon him, appointed Dr. J. W. S. Gouley member of the Council at large.

DR. A. D. HEAD moved that a committee be appointed by the Chair to prepare a proper form of certificate of fellowship and an appropriate seal for the Association. Carried.

DR. FERGUSON moved that the Council be authorized to receive new members. Carried.

Dr. Van de WARKER moved that a Committee of three be appointed to secure the co-operation of a medical journal in sympathy with the wishes and interests of this Association. Carried, and referred to the Council for the appointment of such committee.

DR. H. B. ALLEN moved that the Corresponding Secretary be directed to provide blank applications for fellowship. Carried.

A meeting of the Council was directed to be called immediately after the adjournment of the Association.

The Association then adjourned to meet in New York city, on the third Tuesday in November, 1884.

E. D. FERGUSON, Acting Secretary.

The following was presented by the Secretary for the signature of the members present; and authority was given to add the names of absent members, delegates, and others, who may wish to join as founders of the Association :

The undersigned agree to unite in the foundation of the New York State Medical Association, in accordance with resolutions which were adopted on Monday the 4th, and Wednesday the 6th of February, 1884.



W. N. Coit, Champlain.

L. C. Dodge, Rouse's Point.

E. M. Lyon, Plattsburg.


Lyman Barton, Willsborough. Conant Sawyer, Au Sable E. F. Edgerly, Moriah Centre.



William Gillis, Fort Covington.

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