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36 Resolve making an appropriation for repairs of roads in Indian Township,

Washington County......

37 Resolve in favor of L. W. Look.

38 Resolve in aid of building and repairing the bighway in the plantations of

Dead River, Jerusalem and Highland, in the counties of Somerset and


39 Resolve in favor of Limerick Acaderny..

40 Resolve in favor of Paris Hill Academy.

41 Resolve in favor of Timothy C. Tapley...

42 Resolve in favor of Monson Academy.

43 Resolve in favor of the Maine State College of Agrioulture and the Mechanio


44 Resolve in favor of Hampden Academy

45 Resolve in favor of Limington Academy

46 Resolve in favor of William Poor of Brownfield..

47 Resolve in favor of Charles 0. Randall.

48 Resolve in favor of Somerset Academy..

49 Resolve in favor of Fryeburg Academy.

50 Resolve in favor of Mattanawcook Academy..

51 Resolve in favor of Lipooln Academy...

52 Resolve in favor of an appropriation for repair of Trout Brook Road.

53 Resolve in favor of the Maine Insane Hospital...

54 Resolve in favor of the town of Kenduskeag.

55 Resolve in favor of the town of Ashland....

56 Resolve in favor of Allegash Plantation....

57 Resolve in favor of Oliver Van Meter......

58 Resolve in favor of the Joint Standing Committee on Military Affairs......

69 Resolve in favor of the Bath Military and Naval Orphan Asylum....

60 Resolve for appropriation for the repair of ways in Number one, Range two,

Somerset County......

61 Resolve in favor of the town of Lincoln...

62 Resolve in favor of the Committee on State Reform School....

63 Resolve providing for state pensions for invalid soldiers, soldiers' widows

and orphans, and the dependent children, parents and sisters of soldiers..

64 Resolve appropriating money for repairs of state prison buildings, sewerago,

draining of prison yard, and steam heating

65 Resolve in favor of Corinna Union Academy...

66 Resolve in favor of Rufus K. Merrill....

67 Resolve for the payment of back salaries of Guards at the State Prison....

68 Resolve in favor of Springfield Normal School...

69 Resolve in favor of the town of Passadumkeag.

70 Resolve in favor of William Dow of Tremont..

71 Resolve in favor of the committee on the State College of Agriculture and

the Mechanio Arts......

72 Resolve laying a tax on the Counties of the State for the years eighteon

hundred and ninety-one and eighteen hundred and ninety-two.

73 Resolve authorizing the compilation of the Insuranoe Laws of Maino.....

74 Resolve in relation to the public lots in the Plantation of Highland, Somer-

set County......

75 Resolve in favor of the Plantation of Highland..

76 Resolve in favor of Henry H. Bucklin of Thomaston..

77 Resolve in favor of Drew Plantation....

78 Resolve in favor of Washington Academy...

79 Resolve fixing the number of Bank Examiner's Report to be printed annu-

ally hereafter at the expense of the state....

80 Resolve to reimburse the town of Bingham for money paid out for the sup-

port of persons having no residence in said town.



81 Resolve in favor of the Committee on Agrioulture


82 Resolve in favor of Cary Plantation!...


83 Resolve in favor of certain settlers occupying lands in the Madawaska Terri.

tory affected by the treaty of Washington....


84 Resolve in favor of Jonas Green.....


86 Resolve to amend chapter forty-five of the resolves of eighteen hundred and

fifty-seven, entitled “Resolve in favor of Constant A. MoLaughlin".... 37

86 Resolve in favor of a survey of the Penobscot River......


87 Resolve in favor of Codyville Plantation, Washington county..


88 Resolve in favor of the Maine Industrial School for Girls...


89 Resolve in favor of the committee attending funeral of late Newell A. Traf-

ton of Norway, Maine.....


90 Resolve accepting the provisions of an Act of Congrogs, entitled “An Aot to

credit and pay to the several states and territories and the District of

Columbia, all moneys collected onder the direct tax levied by the act of

Congress approved August fifth, eighteen hundred and sixty-one." AP-

proved Maroh seoond, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, and authorizing

the governor to receive the same ......


91 Resolve in favor of continuing the publication of York Deeds...


92 Resolve in favor of Alonzo Roberts......


93 Resolve in favor of the education of the youth in the township of Parlin

Pond, Somerset County....


94 Resolvo autborizing the state librarian to distribute the Maine Reports, the

Acts and Resolves of eighteen hundred and ninety-one and Coffin's Digest

among the several towns


95 Resolvo appropriating three thousand dollars for the purpose of indoxing

and moving the State Library....


96 Resolve authorizing the state librarian to purchase for the State Library,

reports necessary to complete the sets of law reports of the various states, 41

97 Resolve relating to the use of Automatic Car Couplings and Safety Brakes, 41

98 Resolve to provide for copying of old plans of Maine towns in archives of

Massachusetts ......


99 Resolve in favor of Madawaska Training School.....


100 Resolves concerning an amendment of the constitution, relative to appoint-

ment of Adjutant General ...


101 Resolve in favor of the town of Rock port....


102 Resolve directing the Superintendent of Publio Buildings to hang certain

doors in the State House, so that the same shall swing outward ......

103 Resolve establishing a valuation of the State of Maine.....


104 Resolve to apportion State Senators to the Legislature.


105 Resolve in favor of John W. Dudley...


106 Resolve in favor of Emil S. Winberg


107 Resolve in favor of the Erekine School......


108 Resolve in favor of the State Reform School.


109 Resolves providing for an Educational Qualification of Voters


110 Resolve making an appropriation for furnishing certain rooms assigned to

State Officers


111 Resolve authorizing the State Librarian to enter into contracts for furnishing

the new Library Rooms ...


112 Resolves for the purchase of Fort Kent in the county of Aroostook, and to

repair and preserve the same


113 Resolve making an appropriation for the examination of Pension Claims.... 105

114 Resolve for the expenses of the Committee on Education in visiting Normal my



115 Resolves! providing clerk bire foråthe Bank Examiner ...


116 Resolvos authorizing a temporary loan for the year eighteon hundred and



Civil Government.

Governor's Message....





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