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therefore costly, or as magnificent specimens of the bookbinder's art. All this they undoubtedly were, and their rarity and beauty were to be considered as evidences of the value attached to them by Mr. Tower. They had been to him doubtless as the apple of his eye, and we should feel honored that Mrs. Tower had made us the depository of his treasure. But after all the books are priceless to us because of their historical use and value. No one who has studied American history or any other history fails to see the importance of going to the original source for information, for he can be certain of nothing unless such a source is open to him. We have now what must always be a desideratum in the study of our colonial history,-a series of books containing by authority the original statutes. May they long enlighten the student here, and while he works among them his heart will be filled with thankfulness that such persons as Mr. and Mrs. Tower have been raised up to help them.

The resolution of Dr. Stillé was thereupon unanimously adopted.

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IN | ABRIDGEMENT | of the Laws In Force and Use

in | Her Majesty's Plantations; | (Viz.) Of Virginia, : New

England, | Jamaica, : New-York, | Barbadoes, : Carolina, &c. | Maryland, | Digested under proper Heads in the Me- | thod of Mr. Wingate, and Mr. Washington's | Abridgements. | London, | Printed for John Nicholson at the King's-Arms in | Little Britain, R. Parker, and R. Smith, under | the Royal-Exchange, and Benj. Tooke at the Middle- | Temple-Gate in Fleet street, 1704. | 16mo.

1 Collation : Title, 1 leaf; Preface, pp. (2); Laws of Virginia, pp. 1-91; Laws of Jamaica, pp. 93–180; Laws of Barbados, pp. 181–284; Laws of Maryland, pp. 1–71, 87, p. 81 to 87, having been misprinted 65-71; Laws of New England, pp. 1-100 for 104; Appendix, pp. 285–304. The last part consists of a few acts essed in New York, New England, South Carolina, and Bermuda.



CTS | of Assembly, | Passed in the Island of Barbadoes, |

From 1648, to 1718. G R | [Royal Arms.] | London, |

Printed by John Baskett, Printer to the King's most Ex- | cellent Majesty, And by the Assigns of Thomas Newcomb, | and Henry Hills, deceas'd. MDCCXXI. | Folio.

2 Collation: Title, 1 leaf; Index, pp. iii-xxxii; text, pp 1-314.

1764 ACTS, | Passed in the Island of Barbados. | From 1643, to 1762, inclusive; | Carefully revised, innumerable Errors corrected ; and the Whole compared and examined, with the original Acts, | In the Secretary's Office. By the late | Richard Hall, Esquire : | One of the Representatives in the General-Assembly, for the Parish of St. Michael ; and one of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace, for the said

| Island, near Thirty Years ; | And since his Death, continued by his Son, Richard Hall. To which is added, | An Index ; and Abridgment: | With many useful | Notes, References and Observations, never before published. | And also | A list of all the Laws, passed from the Settlement of the Island ; , which are now become Obsolete, Expired, or have had their Effect. | [Royal Arms.] | London: Printed for Richard Hall. | MDCCLXIV. | Folio.

3 Collation : Half title, 1 p. ; Advertisement, 1 p. ; Title, 1 leaf; Dedication, pp. v-vii; 1 p. blank; Preface, pp. ix-xi; 1 p. blank; Subscribers, pp. i-iv; text, pp. 1-526 ; Title to Abridgment; 1 leaf; Abridgment, pp. 1–73, 1 p. blank; Index, pp. 75–84. The half title reads : Acts | PASSED IN THE ISLAND OF | BARBADOS | From 1643, to 1762, INCLUSIVE. | The title to the Abridgment reads: An | ABRIDGMENT OF THE | Acts, | In FORCE, IN THE ISLAND OF | BARBADOS. FROM 1643, to 1762, INCLUSIVE. | DIG ESTED UNDER ALPHABETICAL HEADS. | By RICHARD Hall. | [Royal Arms.] | London : 1 Printed for Richard Hall. | MDCCLXIV. | This copy has added in manuscript four acts passed between 1774 and 1782.


1719 CTS | of Assembly, | Made and Enacted in the Bermuda or

Summer-Islands, From 1690, to 1713–14. G R | [Royal

Arms.] | London, | Printed by John Baskett, Printer to the Kings most Ex- | cellent Majesty, And by the Assigns of Thomas Newcomb, | and Henry Hills, deceas'd. MDCCXIX. | Folio.

4 Collation: Title, 1 leaf; Index, pp i-v; 1 p. blank; text, pp. 1–79. There are separate title-pages to various sessions, at pages 23, 41, and 55, each of which are dated MDCCXVIII. Pages 4, 22, 24, 30, 40, 42, 44, 54, 56, and 58 are blank except a head line on the first.



CTS of | Assembly, | Passed in the Charibbee Leeward

Islands. | From 1690, to 1730. | [Royal Arms.] | London, |

Printed, by Order of the Lords Commissioners of Trade and | Plantations, by John Baskett, Printer to the King's most | Excellent Majesty. 1734. | Folio.

5 Collation: Title, 1 leaf; Table, pp. 3–15; 1 p. blank; text, pp. 1-24; Table (to pp. 24), pp. (4); Laws of Antigua, pp. 25-231; 1 p. blank; Table, pp. (30).

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