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Out into Life-A Law Student, Married-Settled in Indianapolis

Early Struggles-Crier in the Federal Court—His First Trial-
Success-An Extempore Speaker-At Housekeeping— Partner-
ships-A Tilt with Mr. Hendricks—Growing Reputation—Su-
preme Court Reporter— The War-Off to the Front-Ousted
from the Reportership—Triumphantly Re-elected--Back from the

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Political Parties Born of Popular Liberty-Birth of the Republican
Party-Its First Nominating Convention-Its Second Convention

Popular Sovereignty”-Election of Abraham Lincoln—The
War-Reconstruction-Existing Issues-Harrison's Political Be.
ginnings—In the Fremont Campaign-Subsequent Presidential
Campaigns-His Gubernatorial Canvass – Declination - Com.
pelled to Accept the Nomination-On the Stump-Pen Sketch of
his Opponent—Uncle Jimmy Williams-Defeated, but Honored-
Services for his Party-Esteemed by President Garfield-Chosen

United States Senator-Resuming his Law Practice.
REPUBLICAN CONVENTION of 1888.- Place of Meeting-Organiza-

tion-Balloting-Choice-Vice-Presidential Nominee-Visit of

the Committee to Inform him-General Harrison's Reply.
OPINIONS ON LIVE ISSUES.—Civil Service Reform—Civil Rights

Surplus in the Treasury-A Stable Currency—The Financial Ques-
tiou—Fiat Heresy—The Tariff—The Labor Question- Pensions-
Foreign Policy-Restoration of the American Navy-Miscellane-
ous Politics—Crimes Against the Ballot-Suppression of the Re-
publican Vote-Control by the Majority-Public Lands—Trusts
and “Combines "'--Anarchists-Prohibition and the Third Party-
The Soldier's Friend-American Steamships—Ireland and Irish-
men-Sisters of Charity-Labor Strikes of 1877—Governor's
Proclamation-Governor Williams and Captain Harrison-Peace-
able Settlement, Intercession for Strikers-Memorials from
Knights of Labor—The Outlook-The Chinese Question-Anson
Burlingame - The Banquet at the Lick House-The Chinese
Treaty-The Restriction Law of 1882—The word “ Laborers ".

The Restriction Law Passed.


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was an

THE 'HE critical reader will discover in this biography

many crudities in the way of unstudied sentences and inapposite paragraphing, not to speak of words badly chosen. It is thought, however, that the reminder of, the one month given in which to prepare it for the press will be sufficient to win him to the side of mercy. Dictation is undoubtedly a conveniency where one is under whip and spur, but as a method its tendencies are all to slovenliness and inexactitude. Here only resort.

Apropos of the prefatory, the political world is served with special notice that while General Harrison was very kind in furnishing the writer with information when it was requested of him, he is in no degree responsible for anything in the work, except it appears in the form of a copy or extract from his own reported utterances. He neither read nor heard read one line of the text; neither was he consulted as to the topics treated nor the arrangement adopted; in short, his sole

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