Modern Inquistion

Sampul Depan
AuthorHouse, 1 Agu 2005 - 340 halaman
Modern Inquisition is a real- life story, told with deep indignation and compassion. It''s a story of the poor uneducated masses during the bloody Spanish Civil War and the years that followed. Caught between the Nationalists and the Loyalists, the poor had no one to turn to except the Catholic Church, which failed them miserably. In Latin countries, where the church has strongholds, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. It provides reasons as to why the Catholic Church is declining worldwide, while smaller religions continue to grow. While the book is filled with a continuum of poverty, starvation, social injustice, and deaths of loved ones, the authoress manages to inject moments of humor and compassion.

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