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Second Hague Pe

Right of Capt
Rights and 1
Declaration I
Final Act...

Signatures a1
Central America

General Tre

Central Am

Future Cer

Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded in Time of War....

Additional Articles.....
Adoption by United States of Additional Articles as a Modus Viver

During War with Spain....
International Bureau of Weights and Measures.
International Protection of Industrial Property, 1883.

Supplementary, 1891

Additional Act, 1900...
Protection of Submarine Cables.

Declaration Concerning..

Final Protocol
Exchange of Official Documents, Scientific and Literary Publications...
Immediate Exchange of Official Journals, Parliamentary Annals, and Doci

General Act for the Repression of the African Slave Trade.......
Adhesion of the United States to the Convention of 1899 for the Regulation (

the Importation of Spirituous Liquors into Africa ....
Formation of an International Union for the Publication of Customs Tariffs.
Final Protocol at the Conclusion of the So-called Boxer Troubles in China i


New Agreement for the Whang Pu Conservancy.
First Hague Peace Conference Treaties:

Pacific Settlement of International Disputes...
Launching of Projectiles...
Adaptation to Maritime Warfare of the Principles of the Geneva Conven-

tion ...

Law and Customs of War on Land.
Convention with Central and South American States Concerning Literary and

Artistic Copyrights
Arbitration of Pecuniary Claims...
International Sanitary Convention (Paris)...
Trade in White Women.
Exemption of Hospital Ships from Payment of Dues.
International Institute of Agriculture...
International Sanitary Convention
General Act of the International Conference at Algeciras....
International Red Cross Convention for the Amelioration of the Wounded

in War.....
Convention Concerning Importation of Spirituous Liquors into Africa..
Unification of the Pharmacopoeial Formulas for Potent Drugs...
Arrangement for the Establishment of an International Office of Public

Second Hague Peace Conference Treaties:

Pacific Settlement of International Disputes....
Limitation of the Employment of Force for the Recovery of Contract Debts.
Relative to the Opening of Hostilities ....
Laws and Customs of War on Land....
Rights and Duties of Neutral Powers and Persons in War on Land..
Automatic Submarine Contact Mines ....
Bombardment by Naval Forces in Time of War
Adaption to Naval War of the Principles of the Geneva Convention

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