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Reprinted by Order of the Society for bettering

the Condition of the Poor,
By W.' Bulmer and Co. Russell-Court, Cleveland-Row, St. James's,

And sold by J. Hatchard, 173, Piccadilly;
Also by Becket, Pall-Mall; Robson, Bond Street; Payne, Mews.

Gate; Rivington, St. Paul's Church-Yard; Egerton, Whitehall;

Cadell and Davies, Strand; and Vernor and Hood, Poultry.
Also by Todd, York; Hazard, Bath ; Akenhead and Sons, New-

castle ; Browne, Hull; Easton, Salisbury; Trewnian, Exeter ;
Clarke, Manchester; Hough, Gloucester; and Lee, at Lewes.


THIS Number of the Reports is larger than succeeding Numbers are likely to be ; but it was thought that no time should be lost in endeavouring to excite the attention of the public to the beneficial effects of Friendly Societies and Charitable Loans; and that this object would be more effectually attained by making the report and remarks upon these subjects (see Appendix, No. I. and VI.) a part of the first number, than by publishing them in a separate tract. Since the



this number had gone to press, we have learned that a Society for promoting the Comforts of the Poor, and also a Friendly Society, have been established at Carriek-on-Suir. Of the intention of establishing these institutions, we had very early intelligence; but the account of their actual formation arrived too late to enable us to lay it before the public.




The Lord Chancellor Lord Bishop of Ferns
Earl of Altamont

Right Hon. John Foster
Lord Viscount Kenmare Right Hon. D. Latouche.

Blany T, Balfour, Esq. Rev. Arthur M'Gwire
Mr. John Barrington Ross Mahon, Esq.
Mr. Samuel Bewley George Maquay, Esq.
Rev. Richard Bourne Rev. Dr. Moody
Rt. Hon. Denis Brown Rev. Dr. O'Connor
Dr. Bryanton

Dr. Perceval
Dr. Colles

Geo. Renny, Esq. John Creighton, Esq. Rev. Michael Sandys Morgan Crofton, Esq. Henry Stewart, Esq. Wm. Disney, Esq. Secretary Dr. Stokes, F. T. Č. Rev. Dr. Elrington, F. T.Č. Rev. Joseph Stopford, F.T.C. Rev. George Graydon Ponsonby Tottenham, Esq. Rev. Dr. Guinness

Rt. Hon. Lord Tullamore Rr. Hon. Sackville Hamilton Rev. Mr. Vicars Rt. Hon. Theo. Jones Rev. John Walker, F. T. C. Bishop of Killaloe

Luke White, Esq. Bishop of Kilmore

Rev. Richard Wynne.


William Morton Pitt, Esq. Rt. Hon. T. Pelham

Count Rumford,

Register and Receiver of Subscriptions,
MR. CHARLES MILLS, No. 6, Suffolk-Streets

The following Sub - Committees of Enquiry

have been appointed :

I. For inquiring into the State of the Labouring Classes, whether manufacturers or others, in the city of Dublin.

II. To inquire into the State of the Labouring Classes, and the state of Charitable Institutions in the country parts of Ireland.

III. To inquire into the actual State of Existing Charitable Institutions in the city of Dublin, and the neighbourhood thereof.

IV. To inquire into the actual State of Education among the Poor, and the means of improving it.

y. To collect from the best sources, Regulations for insuring the Permanence of Friendly Societies, particularly with respect to the quantum of Relief, or the amount of Annuities that can be afforded in proportion to the sums subscribed.

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