Journals of the House of Commons of the Dominion of Canada

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Halaman 1 - The Right Honourable Sir Gilbert John Elliot, Earl of Minto and Viscount Melgund of Melgund, County of Forfar, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom; Baron Minto of Minto, County of Roxburgh, in the Peerage of Great Britain; Baronet of Nova Scotia; Knight Grand Cross of Our Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George; etc., etc., Governor General of Canada.
Halaman 297 - First meetbeen subscribed, and ten per cent of the amount subscribed ho?ders.ebare has been paid into some chartered bank in Canada, the provisional directors shall call a meeting of the shareholders of the company at the place where the head office is...
Halaman 471 - Bach section of the railway of not less than ten miles, proportionate to the value of the portion so completed in comparison with that of the whole work undertaken, to be established by the report of the said Minister...
Halaman 471 - ... the Governor in Council shall have absolute control, at all times, over the rates and tolls to be levied and taken by any of the companies, or upon any of the railways hereby subsidized.
Halaman 29 - Benjamin, be appointed to assist Mr. Speaker in the direction of the Library of Parliament, so far as the interests of this House are concerned, and to act as Members of a Joint Committee of both.
Halaman 477 - No person shall throw or deposit or cause or permit to be thrown or deposited any stone, gravel, earth, cinders, ashes or other material or rubbish liable to sink to the bottom in any navigable non-tidal waters of Canada where there are not at all times at least eight fathoms of water. " (c). Every person who violates the provisions of either of the two next preceding paragraphs shall, on summary conviction, be liable to a penalty not exceeding three hundred dollars and not less than twenty dollars,...
Halaman 18 - The Order of the Day being read, for resuming the adjourned Debate on the...

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