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On motion of Dr. Mothershead, the Secretary was directed to furnish a full list of all the members of the Society, to be published with the proceedings of this session.

The Executive Committee reported the following committees to be appointed for the next year :

In addition to the report of yesterday, the Executive Committee would beg leave to recommend to the society, the appointment of committes to report on the following subjects :

1. On the Causes, Pathology, and Treatment of Schirrus— Drs. Bray, McClelland, and Moffat;

2. On the Causes, Pathology, and Treatment of non-malignant Tumours-Drs. Sloan, W. Davidson, and Reid;

3. Diseases and Displacements of the Uterus-Drs. Walker, Lomax, and Jewett;

4. Neuralgia-Drs. Grimes, Link, and Jessup ;
5. Scarlatina-Drs. Kersey, Pennington, and Bullard ;

6. Typhoid Diseases—Drs. Mothershead, McFarland, and M. Sexton ;

7. On the Progress of Medicine-Drs. Brower, Clark, and Coleman ;

8. On the Progress of SurgeryDrs. Yeakle, Bobbs, and B. F. Mullen ;

9. On the Progress of ChemistryDrs. Maclean, Brown, and Newcomer;

10, Obstetrics and Puerperal Fever-Drs. Davidson, Bullard, and Mitchell ;

11. On Medical Education-Drs. Mears, Bray, and Deming ;

12. On Medical LiteratureDrs. A, Clapp, Byford, and Reagan ;

13. Practice of Medicine in Indiana-Drs.N. Johnson, Dunlap, and Cornett;

14. Diseases peculiar to EmigrantsDrs. Gall, Harding, and Chestnut ;

15. Pathological indications of the Urine-Drs. Brown, Mayo, and Spotswood ;

16, On Erysipelas-Drs. Sutton, Wilson, and Ritter ; 17. Diseases of the Eye-Drs. Fry, Parry, and Everts. Which was adopted, and the committees filled as above.

Dr. Sutton, chairman of the committee on the Medical History of Cholera, made an able and interesting report ; which was laid on the table and made the order of the day for 2 o'clock P. M.

On motion, the Society adjourned until 2 o'clock, P. M.



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THURSDAY, 2 o'clock, P. M. Society met.

Dr. Sloan, from the Nominating Committee, made the following report:

The Committee on Nominations, would beg leave to make the following report:

For President,
E. DEMING, M. D., Lafayette.

Vice Presidents,
DR. N. Johnson, Cambridge City ;

James McCLELLAND, Jefferson, Clinton County ;
M. H. HARDING, Lawrenceburgh ;

Dr. Charles Bowman, New Albany.

Assistant Secretary,
DR. R. B. JESSUP, Rising Sun.

Corresponding Secretary,
DR. T. BULLARD, Indianapolis.

DR. J. L. MOTHERSHEAD, Indianapolis.


Dr. H. Link, Greenville.
Delegates to American Medical Association,

DR. C. F. WILSTACH, Lafayette;
- Wm. H. BYFORD, Evansville ;
• T. W. Fry, Crawfordsville ;
6 WM. COOPER, New Albany;
6 M. H. HARDING, Lawrenceburgh ;
* J. S. Bobbs, Indianapolis ;
+ MARSHALL Sexton, Rushville ;
- E. W. H. Beck, Delphi ;
" A. M. Huns, Indianapoils ;
66 SAMUEL REID, Salem ;
4 A. W. REAGAN, Mooresville ;
66 J, H. BROWER, Lawrenceburgh.


Contingent Delegates,
Dr. John Sloan, New Albany ;

“ M. J. Bray, Evansville ;
" LUTHER JEWETT, Lafayette;
“ J. PENNINGTON, Milton;
66 C. ANGELL, Pittsburgh ;
5 J. W. Wilson, Rossville ;
· West, Jackson County ;
" MOFFATT, Rushville ;

Yeakle, Lafayette;
“ Brown, Crawfordsville.

Committee on Admissions,
Dr. PENNINGTON, Milton ;
+ CASSELBERRY, Evansville

- P. S. Shields, New Albany ;

McFarland, Lafayette ;
4 Lomax, Marion, Grant County.

JOHN SLOAN, Chairman. All of whom were elected as reported.

The President then appointed the following standing committees for the next year:

Executive Committee.-Drs. Byford, Morgan, Florer, Walker, and Angell.

Committee on Publication.—Drs. Bobbs, Bowman, Hunt, Woodburn, and O'Farrel.

On Ethics.Drs. Reid, Town, Casselberry, Wilstach, and Beck.

On Finance.—Drs. Bullard, W. A. Clapp, B. K, Davidson, Johnson, and Link.

The amendment to the By-Laws, proposed at the last meeting, locating the society at Indianapolis, was taken up and indefinitely postponed.

The Society then determined to accept the invitation of the Evansville Medical Society, to hold their next session in that city:

Dr. Mears offered the following resolution, which was adopted :

Resolved, That the thanks of this Association are due, and

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LAFAYETTE, Wednesday, May 18, 1853. THE INDIANA STATE MEDICAL SOCIETY met in the Court Room, at 9 o'clock, A. M. On motion of Dr. Bobbs, Drs. Grimes and Bray were appointed to conduct the President to the chair; and after being seated, and calling the Society to order, Dr. J. H. Brower, the President, made a few appropriate remarks. Dr. C. C. Everts, the Assistant Secretary, being absent, on motion of Dr. Bobbs, Dr. Chas. Bowman, of New Albany, was appointed Assistant Secretary for the present session.

The Committee on Admissions then reported the following names as suitable persons to become members of this Society: Dr. R. B. JESSUP, Rising Sun, Ohio county.

R. W. SHERROD, Millport, Washington county. " J. G. McMechan, Crawfordsville.


John MOFFETT, Rushville.
46 S. RITTER, Pleasant Garden, Putnam county.

Thos. CHESTNUT, Lafayette.


JUL 1916

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