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Dr. J. B. McFarland, Lafayette.

E. W. H. Beck, Delphi.
A. W. REAGAN, Mooresville, Morgan county.
R. M. O'FERRALL, Lafayette.
0. G. Clark, Lafayette.
C. F. Wilstach,
S. W. Taylor, Battle Ground, Tippecanoe county.
G. S. McCLELLAND, Jefferson, Clinton county.
C. ANGELL, Pittsburg, Carroll county.
P. R. Johnson, Lafayette.
J. W. Wilson, Rossville, Clinton county.
E. T. SpotsWOOD, Perrysville, Vermillion county.
W. JENNINGS, Lafayette.
A. HURD, Oxford, Benton county.
J. J. BARRETT, Dayton, Tippecanoe county.
W. T. YEAKEL, Lafayette.
JOSEPH Johnson, Dayton, Tippecanoe county.
T. Isler, Lafayette.
Chas. FishBack, Shelbyville.
D. H. CROUSE, Dayton, Tippecanoe county.
J. G. Heald, West Point,

Isaac Smith, Lafayette.
All of whom were elected members. There were also
present the following members :
Dr. J. H. Brower, Lawrenceburg.

SamL. Reid, Salem.
J. S. Bobbs, Indianapolis.
Chas. Bowman, New Albany.
Saml. Grimes, Delphi.
M. J. Bray, Evansville.
Wm. Lomax, Marion, Grant county.
M. H. HARDING, Lawrenceburg.
J. L. MOTHERSHEAD, Indianapolis.
A. D. Gall,


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DR. GEO. SUTTON, Aurora.

Fry, Crawfordsville.
6 A. M. Hunt, Indianapolis.

INGERSOLL, Tippecanoe county.
G. W. Mears, Indianapolis.
J. PENNINGTON, Milton, Wayne county.

" JOHNSON, Cambridge,

FAHNESTOCK, Carroll county.
Link, Floyd county.

PRESSLEY, Lafayette.
The Executive Committee reported as follows:

The Executive Committee beg leave to present the following as the order of business at the present meeting : 1. Report of Committee on Admissions. 2. Reports of Officers of the Society. 3. Reports of Standing Committees. 4. Reports of Special Committees.

5. That a committee of five be appointed by the President to nominate officers for the Society for the ensuing year; also delegates to the "American Medical Association” för 1854.

6. That a committee of five be appointed to prepare Resolutions for the consideration of the Society.

7. That the committee appointed at the last meeting to report on the Medical History of Cholera in the State of Indiana, be continued.

8. That any paper to be read before the Society, under the appointment of the Executive Committee, be presented at such time as the Society may designate.

9. That any gentleman who may wish to make any communication to the Society, relating to the interests of the profession, have leave to do so.

The President appointed additions to the following committee :

On Finance.--Drs. BoBBS, MCFARLAND, Brown, Reid, and JESSUP.

Standing Committees were then called on for reports, and the Committee on Duration of Pregnancy were, at their own request, discharged; and Dr. Lomax requested to read any papers or facts in his possession to Committee on PublicaCommittee on Puerperal Fever were continued until next session.

Committee on Number, &c., of Medical Practioners in the State of Indiana, were continued till next session.

Dr. J. H. Brower, from Committee on Vital Statistics, read a highly interesting report, which was referred to Committee on Publication ; and on motion, a Committee on Vital Statistics was appointed to report at next session, Dr. Brower, Chairman, with instruction to fill up the committee on his own nomination.

The President appointed the following committee :

On Resolutions.-Drs. Bray, Bowman, LOMAX, Reid, and Bobbs.

On motion of Dr. Grimes, the President was requested to deliver his annual address on this evening at candle-light, and Drs. Wilstach, Jewett, and Chestnut were appointed a committee to procure a room suitable for the occasion.

On motion, the Society adjourned till 14 o'clock, P. M.


WEDNESDAY, 14 o'clock, P. M. Society met. The minutes of the morning were read and approved.

Dr. Hunt presented an able and interesting paper on Medical Chemistry, from Dr. Maclean, of New Albany; which was referred to the Committee on Publication.

Dr. Bobbs, from the Standing Committee on Surgery, made a report; which was referred to the committee on Publication.

The President appointed a committee to nominate officers for the next year, consisting of Drs. Sloan, Fry, Harding, Clark, and Lomax.

The pending amendment to Article 5th, of the Constitution, making the election of officers viva voce on the report of the nominating committee, was then adopted.

On motion of Dr. Mothershead, Rt. Rev. George Upfold,

M D.D. D. Bishop of Indiana, was elected an honorary member.

Dr. Sutton, from committee on Medical Topography in relasion to Milk Sickness, then read an able report, embodying perhaps more facts than have ever before been published, upon which much interesting discussion was had. On motion of Dr. Sutton, Dr. G. S. McClelland was added to the committoe, and the committee continued—the present report was referred to the committee on Publication. The Treasurer made the following report:

INDIANA STATE MEDICAL SOCIETY. May, 1851, Received of late Treasurer,

$1 50 Received from Secretary and members, 75 50

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$77 00 Aug. 6th, 1851, Paid Elder & Harkness, for

printing Proceedings, ..... $50 82 Aug. 29th, 1851, Paid postage on proceedings, 2 89

$53 71 Leaving in Treasurer's hands,

$23 29 J. L. MOTHERSHEAD, Treasurer.

INDIANA STATE MEDICAL SOCIETY. May, 1852, Balance in hands of Treasurer.... $23 29

Received of Secretary and Members, 82 00 Making,

$105 29 Oct. 1852, Paid Anderson & Warren, for printing proceedings,

$75 00 Oct. 1852, Paid postage on proceedings... 3 04 Paid Woodward for Express, 1 50

$79 54 Leaving balance in hands of the Treasurer, May 1st, 1853,

$25 75 J. L. MOTHERSHEAD, Treasurer. Which was referred to the committee on Finance. On motion, the Society adjourned until 8 o'clock, P. M.


WEDNESDAY, 8 o'clock, P. M. Society met; Dr. Kersey, Vice President, in the chair.

Dr. Brower, the President, proceeded to read the annual address, which was listened to with great attention by a large audience.

On motion of Dr. Bobbs, a copy was requested for publication.

On motion, the Society adjourned to meet to-morrow at 9 o'clock.

THURSDAY, 9 o'clock, A. M. Society met. Minutes were read and approved.

On motion, Dr. Brower was requested to furnish to the Publishing Committee, a schedule for Meteorological Observation.

The committtee on Finance made the following report :

The committee on Finance beg leave to report, that they have examined the report of the Treasurer, and find the same correct.

The committee would further report, that there has been received at the present session for admission fees, $46 00 Balance in the Treasury,

25 75

Making the present available means in the treasury, $71 75 It is estimated that there will be necessary for

printing the proceedings the present session, $100 00 Incidental expenses,

25 00

-$125 00

Leaving a deficiency in the treasury of ............ $53 25 which the committee would recommend to be provided by an assessment of one dollar upon each member of the Society. The committee would suggest that the Secretary forward a circular to such members of the society as have neglected to pay their assessments, requesting their attention to the same.


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