Agricultural Inquiry, Volume 2

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Halaman 275 - To exercise by its board of directors, or duly authorized officers or agents, subject to law, all such incidental powers as shall be necessary to carry on the business of banking...
Halaman 387 - Any member bank may accept drafts or bills of exchange drawn upon it and growing out of transactions involving the importation or exportation of goods having not more than six months...
Halaman 275 - The board of directors shall perform the duties usually appertaining to the office of directors of banking associations and all such duties as are prescribed by law.
Halaman 339 - Federal reserve bank may discount notes, drafts, and bills of exchange arising out of actual commercial transactions; that is, notes, drafts, and bills of exchange issued or drawn for agricultural, industrial, or commercial purposes, or the proceeds of which have been used, or are to be used, for such purposes...
Halaman 448 - Session; and be it further Resolved, That the Chief Clerk of the Assembly is directed to transmit a copy of this resolution to the Chairman of the Citizens
Halaman 272 - Whenever the laws of such State authorize or permit the exercise of any or all of the foregoing powers by State banks, trust companies, or other corporations which compete with national banks, the granting to and the exercise of such powers by national banks shall not be deemed to be in contravention of State or local law within the meaning of this Act.
Halaman 271 - ... to supervise and regulate through the bureau under the charge of the Comptroller of the Currency the issue and retirement of Federal reserve notes, and to prescribe rules and regulations under which such notes may be delivered by the comptroller to the Federal reserve agents applying therefor...
Halaman 271 - ... to permit, or, on the affirmative vote of at least five members of the Reserve Board, to require Federal reserve banks to rediscount the discounted paper of other Federal reserve banks at rates of interest to be fixed by the Federal Reserve Board...
Halaman 275 - Fifth. To appoint by its board of directors, such officers and employees as are not otherwise provided for in this Act, to define their duties, require bonds of them and fix the penalty thereof, and to dismiss at pleasure such officers or employees.
Halaman 277 - ... fairly and impartially and without discrimination in favor of or against any member bank or banks and shall, subject to the provisions of law and the orders of the Federal Reserve Board, extend to each member bank such discounts, advancements and accommodations as may be safely and reasonably made .with due regard for the claims and demands of other member banks.

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