Records Relating to the Early History of Boston, Volume 7-9

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Rockwell and Churchill, city printers, 1881

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Halaman 54 - At a meeting of the Free-holders and other inhabitants of the Town of Boston, duly qualified and Warned according to Law, being convened at the Town-House the 12th day of March 1710-11. .... A memorial offered to the Town at the meeting of the Selectmen being as followeth vizt.
Halaman 57 - Schollars, and to Inquire of their Proficiency, and be present at the performance of Some of their Exercises, the Master being before notified of their comeing, And with him to Consult and Advise of further Methods for ye Advancement of Learning and the good Government of the Schools.
Halaman 31 - Name requiring them forthwith to warn all the the Free holders and other Inhabitants of the Town of Boston duly qualified and...
Halaman 70 - Sake & benefitt of others, who usually are the greater number by far in Such Schools, — Whether it might not be adviseable that Some more easie and delightful) methodes be there attended and put in practice.
Halaman 1 - ... 2. If after 10 of y* clocke they see any lights, then to make discreett inquiry, whether there be a warrantable cause, likewise if they heare any noyse or disorderlye carriage in any house wisely to demand a reason of it, & if it apeare a reall disorder, that men are danceing, drinckeing...
Halaman 226 - ... in case any person or persons shall neglect theire duty required by the said lawe more then one month after any birth, death, or marriage, the clarke of 'the writts shall demand the same, with twelve pence a name for his care and paynes ; and in case any shall refuse to sattisfy him, he shall then retourne the names of such person or persons to the next magistrate or...
Halaman 57 - That the Town Agreeably to the Usage in England, and (as we understand) in Some time past practiced here, Do Nominate and Appoint a Certain number of Gentlemen of Liberal Education, Together with some of y1' Revd Ministers of the Town, to be Inspectors of the S'1 Schools under That name Title, or denomination, to Visit y...
Halaman 226 - That there bee records kept of all wills, administrations, & inventories', as also of the dayes of every marriage, birth, & death of every person within this jurisdiction.
Halaman 47 - ... or officers empowered for that purpose, the law having put the execution of town orders into the hands of the Justices only, who are not town, but county officers...
Halaman 70 - Whereas according to the Information of Some of the Learned, who have made Observation of the easie & pleasant Rules and Methods used in Some Schools in Europe, where Scollars, p'haps within the compass of one year, have attained to a Competent Proficiency So as to be able to read, and discourse in Lattin, and of themselves capable to make Considerable progress therein : and that according to the methodes used here Very many hundreds of boyes in this Town, who by their Parents were never designed...

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