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Elizabeth wife of John Purchase died the 16th of March.
Mr John Norton teacher of the Church of Christ at Boston deceased the 5th

of Aprill.
Hannah of William and Mary Hunter died the 14th of May.
John of Mr. Anthony and Christian Stoddard died the 1st of May.
Mary of Christopher and Ann Holland died the 25th of 2nd month.
Maria a negro servant of John Blower died the 14th of the 3d month.
Sara wife of Orlando Bagly died the 18th of the 3d month.
Jonathan of Mr. William and Ann Alford died the 24th of the 3d month.
Mathew of Mathew and Mary Whiple died the 30th of the 4th month.
Joseph of Mr. Habia and Hannah Savage died June 30th.
Robert Lincoln deceased May 6th.
John Preston died June 6th.
Mary of Thomas and Hannah Wheeler deceased.
Mary of Mr Samuell and Abigail Moore died July.
Joanna wife of John Baker died the 21st of July.
Alice wife of Bartholomew Bernard died the 29th of June.
Phillip of Robert and Sara Mason died the 3d of the 6th month.
Thomas of Thomas and Hannah Hull died August 1.
Mr. David Evans deceased the 27th of July.
Joseph of Leiutenant Richard and Elizabeth Cook died the 2nd of July.
Jane wife of Thomas Edsell deceased the 9th of September.
Sara of William and Sara Hawkinnes died the 11th of the 7th month.
Sara of Deacon John and Millicent Wiswall died the 19th of the 7th month.
Rebecca of Mr. Abraham and Rebecca Brown died the 12th of the 7th month.
Susanna of Bartholomew and Damaris Thredneedles died the 2nd of June.
Thomas of Thomas and Ruth Wyborne died August 28.
Hannah daughter of John Hyland of Scituat died August 16.
Mary of John and Returne Davis died the 12th of the 6th month.
John of James and Martha Robinson died the 13th of the 6th month.
Robert of Jonathan and Mary Balston died the 3d of October.
Rowland of Thomas and Elizabeth Watkinnes died 20th of 7th month.
John Knowles servant to Mr. John Woodmansey died the 21st of the 10th

month. John White servant to Thomas Buttolph senior died the 22nd of the 7th


Elisabeth Hubberd died the 16th day of August.
Mr. Robert Nanny died the 27th day of August.
Samuell of Mr. George and Elizabeth Peirson died the 8th of the 8th month,
Phillippe daughter of John Snell died the 10th of October.
Sara Laurenc servant of Samuel Mattock died 15th October.
Ralph Benning deceased the 14th of November.
Sara & Elisabeth twins of Daniell and Mary Turell died the 22nd of Oc-

tober. Elisabeth of Captain James and Abigail Johnson died the 23rd of 11th month. Ellen wife of Mr. Joseph Hill deceased January 6th. Andrew Cload deceased February the last. Dorothy wife of John Sunderland died the 29th of January. Thomas Leader deceased the 28th of October. - Paine of Canebeck deceased at the house of Captain Thomas Lake

the 15th of February.
Sarah of William and An Cotton died the 22nd of January.
John of Mr. John and Elisabeth Woodmansey died February 1st.
Mary of Nathaniel and Sarah Rainolls died January 8th.
Mary wife of Robert Rainolls deceased January 18.
Rebecca of John and Persis Harrison died July 25th.
Samuell of Nathaniel and Sara Hunn died the 3d of September.
John Meeres deceased the 12th of November

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Aquilla of Sarah & Gibson a Scotchman
John of Anthony Stoddard
Jonathan of Mr. Alford
Mary of John Meriam
John of William Davice
Ann of Sister Keeby
Hezekiah of Will. Read
John of Henry Stevens
Marcy of Francis Smyth's wife
Elizabeth of Christopher Clark's wife
Elizabeth of Deane Winthorp's wife
Ann of Sampson Shore's wife
Nathaniel of sister Baker
Mary of sister Baker
Benjamin of Joseph Rocke
Marcy of Capt. Waldin
James of Janies Dinnis
Sarah of Sarah & Daniel Turant
Elizabeth of Sarah & Daniel Turant
Thomas of Sister Veerin
Mehitabel of Thurston
Susanna of Edmond Jackson
Francis of Benjamin Smyth of Ch. of Deadham
Rebecca of Richard Wayt
Joseph of Jacob Eliot
Arthur of Capt. Savag
Daniel of Peter Oliver

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William of John & Eliza. Aldin born Mar. 16.
Remembrance son of John & Martha Amey born Mar. 18.
James of John & Hannah Andrewes born Dec. 1.
Peter of Peter & Remember Aspinwall of Muddy River born June 14.
Martha of Hope & Rachel Allen born Mar. 30.
Eleazer of Edward & Martha Allen born Apr. 25.
William of Angola & Eliza. (negroes) born May 13.
Thomas of Matthew & Hannah Armestrong born June 3.
John of William & Mehetable Avis born Sept. 10.
Elizabeth of John & Desire ye Truth Akors born May 18.
Sarah of David & Sarah Adams born Mar. 7.
Nathaniel of Matthew & Esther Bunn born Mar. 23.
John of Thomas & Grace Berry born Mar. 3.
Patrick of John & Mary Bowhoman born Feb. 14.
John of John & Thankful Baker born Feb. 26.
Katharine of Mr Thomas & Elizabeth Brattle born Sept. 26.
James of Henry & Eliza. Bridgham born May 12.
Anna of Benja. & Sarah Brisco born Jan. 31.
Mary of James & Lydia Burgesse born June 9.
Sarah of William & Hannah Ballantine born Sept. 18.
Isaac of Steplien & Jane Butler born May 29.
Hannah of John & Eliza. Brookin born June 16.
Abigail of William & Lydia Browne born July 6.
Elizabeth of Mr Abraham & Rebecca Browne born Nov. 17.
Mary of Samuel & Mary Browne born Sept. 2.
Persis of William & Persis Browne born Aug. 16.
Thomas of Thomas & Abigail Bill born Dec. 24.
Lydia of Capt. Thomas & Mary Bredon born Aug. 8.

-daut of Henry & Frances Bowen born Feb. 17. Mary of Thomas & Mary Buttolph born Jan. 21. Abigail of Abraham & Abigail Busby born Sept. 16.

Hannah of Jeremiah & Anna Bumsteed born Nov. 21.
Elizabeth of Phillip & Judith Bullis born Nov. 19.
Elizabeth of John & Susanna Cole born Mar. 4.
Samuel of Richard & Mary Collins born Mar. 7.
Ebenezer of David & Lydia Chaffinne born Apr. 6.
Thomas of Thomas & Abigail Clarke born July 7.
Elizabeth of John & Eliza. Conney born Apr. 2.
Jonathan of David & Obedience Copp born Feb. 23.
John of Anthony & Hannah Checkley born Dec. 30.
John of John & Elizabeth Combes born July 20.
Joseph of Joseph & Susanna Cocke born Aug. 24.
Elizabeth of Edward & Mary Cowell born Nov. 10.
Rowland of Umphri & Mary Davy born Mar. 23.
Joseph of Edward & Hannah Davis born Aug. 20.
Elizabeth of Samuel & Sarah Davis born Oct. 6.
Joseph of Joseph & Eliza. Davis born June 5.
Samuel of John & Mary Dawes born Sept. 18.
Mary of Ambrose & Mary Dawes born Sept. 24.
John of John & Dorothy Downes born Aug. 14.
Joseph of Ambrose & Esther Due born Feb. 7.
Elizabeth of Obadiah & Alice Emons born Jan. 12.
Samuel of Samuel & Mary Emõns born Nov. 9.
John of Robert & Hannah Earle born Nov. 19.
Elizabeth of Thomas & Martha Fitch born Aug. 2.
Mehetable of Theoph: & Hannah Frarye born Jan. 23.
Sarah of Daniel & Sarah Fairfield born Feb. 19.
Elizabeth of Jasper & Eliza. Frost born Feb. 24.
John of John & Sarah Frankes born May 26.
Susanna of John & Susanna Griffinne born Nov. 13.
Thomas of John & Mary Gilbert born Oct. 4.
Benjamin of Nathaniell & Margaret Gallopp born Jan. 3.
Abigail of Samuel & Mary Gallop born June 27.
Elizabeth of William & Eliza. Greenow born Nov. 30.
Benoni of Believe & Anne Gridley born Sept. 5.
Nathaniel of Nathaniell & Mary Green born Jan. 20.
James of James & Rebecca Green born Dec. 15.
Hezekiah of Henry & Joane Gidley born Feb. 14.
Abigail of Henry & Marah Gibbs born Apr. 12.
Purchase son of William & Sarah Gibson born Apr. 30.
John of John & Hannah Grover horn June 23.
Hannah of Thomas & Hannah Hull born Mar. 1.
Ephraim of Thomas & Rebecca Hawkinnes born Apr. 5.
Isaac of John & Persis Harrison born June 18.
Samuel of Nathaniell & Sarah Hunn born Oct. 12.
George of George & Eliza. Hunniborne born Feb. 4.
George of George & Sarah Hollard born Jan. 12.
Hannah of James & Hannah Hill born Mar. 21.
Isaac of Edward & Elizabeth Jones born June 20.
John of John & Jane Johnson born Apr. 11. "
Isaac of Edward & Elizabeth Jones born Dec. 1.
William of Arthur & Jane Kinde born Feb. 26.
Mary of Richard & Julian Knight born June 3.
Mary of Joseph & Mary Knight born Jan. 2.
Edward of Edward & Elizabeth Kelley born Nov. 4.
Joseph of Mr Simon & Hannah Lynde born Feb. 12.
Bezalell of Mr Hudson & Sarah Leveret born Sept. 1.
Rebecca of Major General John & Sarah Leveret born Dec.
Benoni of John & Alice Lewes born Jan. 25.
Simeon of Richard & Sarah Mason born Mar. 23.
John of John & Ruth Marshall born Oct. 2.
Christopher of John & Sarah Marshall born Aug. 18.
Joseph of John & Martha Mellowes born Dec. 6.
Rachel of Thomas & Sarah Moore born May 25.
Joanna of Arthur & Joanna Mason born Mar. 26.

Jolin of Michael & Susanna Martyn born May 1.
Hannah of John & Elizabeth Morse born Feb. 28.
Mariah of Mr Increase & Mariah Matber born Mar. 17.
John of John & Mary Matson born Jan. 26.
Prudence of Christopher & Prudence Mosse born Feb. 6.
Mary of Richard & Ann Mortimore born May 28.
Edmund of Edmund & Eliza. Mumford born July 11.
Elizabeth of Thomas & Ann Michel born Oct. 19.
Elizabeth of Richard & Experience Miles born Dec. 22.
David of William & Susanna Norton born May 31.
Grace of Andrew & Grace Newcomb born Oct. 20.
Nathaniel of George & Eliza. Orris born Apr. 27.
William of Mr John & Sarah Payne born Mar. 15.
Zechariah of Zechariah & Eliza. Phillips born Oct. 22.
Ann of William & Ann Pollard born Oct. 18.
Richard of Richard & Grace Price born Apr. 9.
Thomas of Thomas & Hannah Paine born July 2.
John of Timothy & Deborah Pratt born Aug. 9.
Sarah of John & Kesia Perkinnes born Oct. 8.
William of John & Mary Pell born Apr. 1.
Elizabeth of Samuel & Deborah Pell born Dec. 5.
Mary of George & Eliza. Peirson born Nov. 19.
Ann of Robert & Rose Pegge born May 4.
Abigail of Richard & Abigail Patteshal born Sept. 29.
Abigail of Samuel & Margaret Ruck born June 5.
Joshua of Joshua & Bathsheba Rice born May 3.
John of John & Alice Ratcliffe born Nov. 16.
Elizabeth of Joseph & Eliza. Soper born Mar. 13.
Thomas of Mr John & Martha Saffinne born Mar. 18.
John of John & Sarah Snelling born Mar. 17.
Temperance of Thomas & Temperance Smith born Aug. 28.
Robert of Robert & Elizabeth Smith born June 1.
Nathaniel of Nathaniel & Mary Stone born Mar. 25.
Benjamin of Thomas & Mary Saxton born May 18.
Bridget of Bartho. & Elizabeth Stretton born Jan. 28.
Mary of Robert & Eliza. Sanford born Sept. 22.
Ann of Richard & Joice Staines born Jan. 29.
Ephraim of John & Sarah Scate born Nov. 18.
Samuel of Samuel & Naomi Sherman born Apr. 24.

Experience of William & Eliza. Sumner born Sept. 22. te Ebenezer of Mr Anthony & Christian Stoddard born July 1.

John of John & Tamasin Scarlet born Apr. 16.
Samuel / of John & Tamasin Scarlet born Apr. 16.
Thomas of Abia & Hannah Savage born Oct. 19.
Dorothy of John & Mary Sunderland born Apr. 7.
John of John & Martha Starr born Dec. 7.
Thomas of Thomas & Hannah Shearer born Jan. 23.
John of John & Catharine Searle born Nov. 19.
Daniel of Daniel & Esther Trevis born Nov. 4.
Martha of Richard & Martha Tuell born Jan. 24.
Jonathan of John & Mary Tuttell born Aug. 25.
Gideon of William & Rebecca Thurrell born July 16.
Elizabeth of Capt. Richard & Martha Thurston born Sept. 29
Eleazer of Benja. & Elishal Thurston born Mar. 2.
James of James & Martha Talbott born Aug. 23.
James of John & Mary Tappin born July 4.
Joshua of William & Sarah Ustis born July 11.
James of John & Elizabeth Vyall born June 5.
Dorcas of Isaac & Dorcas Woodee born Aug. 10.
Joseph of Edward & Eliza. Wanton born May 9.
Sarah of John & Mary Williams born Aug. 4.
Thomas of Thomas & Anne Williams born Apr. 9.
Samuel of Robert & Rebecca Windsor born Sept. 18.
John of James & Mary Webster born Aug. 5.

Richard of Richard & Bethiah Wharton born Feb. 1.
Sarah of John & Joshabeth Wing born May 13.
Peter of Mr James & Rebecca Whetcombe born Mar. 1.
Thomas of Thomas & Hannah Wheeler born Dec. 9.
Richard of Mr John & Eliza. Winslow born Apr. 18.
Deliverance son of John & Deliverance Wakefield born Sept. 8.

Temperance of Thomas and Temperance Smith died the 10th of the 1st month.
Mary of John Barrell late of Boston and Mary died the 10th of the 1st month.
Mr. Samuell Maverick died March 10.
Henry Bishop deceased the 11th of May.
Thomas Emons deceased the 11th of May.
John of John and Thomasin Scarlet died May 7th.
Nathaniell Tucker seaman living in Old England servant to Captain Andrew

Ashford died at Boston in New England May 19.
Lydia Balston widow deceased Aprili 25.
Ruth of John and Elisabeth Mosse died June 2nd.
Sarah of John and Josabeth Wing died June 15.
Joshua of Joshua and Bathsheba Rice died May 16.
Elisabeth of John and Katherine Searle died June 8.
Nathaniel of Nathaniel and Mary Sherman died June 1.
Alice wife of Deacon Thomas Marshall died May 20.
Sarah of John and Tabitha Blower died June 22d.
Elisabeth of Mr. Jeremiah and Elisabeth Eginton died June 25th.
William of John and Mary Pell died June 12th.
Rowland of Mr. Humphry and Mary Davy died June 17.
Samuell of John and Thomasin Scarlett died June 13th.
Thomas Munt deceased July 27.
William of William and Elisabeth Auldinne died the 7th of June.
Abigail of Josua and Mary Atwater died July 7.
Thomasin wife of Stephen Barrett died the 8th of July.
Anna of Samson and Abigail Shore died June 26.
Elisabeth of John and Elisabeth Conny died June 16.
Elisabeth of Mr. Robert and Katherin Nanny died July 1.
Jacob of John and Isabell Pearce died June 20.
William Feild a stranger died at John Sweet's in Boston July 11.
Steven of Steven and Hannah Tolbye died July 1st.
William Rogers died July 13.
Rebecca of Marshall and Rebeca Rayt.

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Hannah of Henry Powning
Ann of Tho: Hall's wife
Edward of Ed. Elice's wife
Rowland of Humphry Davy
Edward of Edward Allen
Sarah of Edward Allen
Ebenezer of David Chapin of Ch. of Sprinkfield
Martha of William Hesye's wife
Sarah of Mr. Firniser of Duxberie
Purchass son of Sarah Gibson
Josias of Josias Belcher
John of Josias Belcher
Jonathan of Josias Belcher
Elizabeth of Josias Belcher
James of Henry Bridgham
Sarah of Sarah & James Balston
John of Sarah & James Balston
James of Sarah & James Balston
Abigail of Sarah & James Balston
James of John Vial

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1 The rest is worn away, being last line of page in MS. -- W.8. A.

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