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The Record Commissioners herewith submit the seventh volume of the publications issued under the authority and at the expense of the City of Boston. It is a continuation of the Town Records from the point at which their second printed volume closed, and includes all the records from March 11th, 1660–1, to March 10th, 1700-1. Up to this latter date the records of town meetings were kept with those of meetings of the Selectmen; from this date they are in separate books. It seemed best to close this report at the point of division, in order that hereafter the Town Records may be printed in one series, and the Selectmen's Records in another. It is unnecessary to point out the value of the volume here presented to the public, but attention may be called to the careful "Index of Places and Subjects,” prepared by Mr. John T. Priest, assistant City Clerk, by which reference to the valuable records is so greatly facilitated.

The Commissioners have the material prepared for a volume of the earliest records of births, deaths, and marriages, contained in the records of the Town Clerk and of the First Church, which will be sent to press forthwith. It is also their intention to continue the publication of the Town Records, believing that no more important duty can be found. As this volume has been stereotyped, it wiN be always possible to supply copies to all persons having any reasonable claim.


Record Commissioners.
City Hall, Boston, December, 1881.


Boston March 11th 1660/61. Att a Publick meeting of all ye Inhabitants vpon lawfull warning from house to house, were chosen for yo yeare ensuing.

Moderatour - Capt Thomas Savage. —

Selectmen — Mr Tho: Lake, Jn° Hull, Hezekiah Vsher, Nathaniell Williams, Peter Olliuer, Jos. Scottow, Wm Davis.

Constables — Wm Bartholmew, Jno Payne, Ed: Lane, Jn° Wiswall. Tho: Stocker att Rumny Marsh. Rob'. Harris att Muddy Riuer.

Clerks of ye markett — Arthur Mason, Jno Loell.

Surveyors of highwayes — Jacob Eliot, Wm Pollard, Richard Bennett, Jn. Cunny, Sam. Davis. R. Marsh. Jn° White. Muddy riuer.

Sealers of Leather. – Edmund Jackson, Wm Courser.
Water-bailyffes — Alexander Adams, Richard Gridley.
Packer of meate & fish - Wm Dinsdale.

Mary Willis, widow, hath a grant of a peice of land to erect a dwelling house vpon for yo benefitt of herselfe and her children to whom itt is to bee secured, wch ground is to bee laid out by ye Select men in some convenient place.

Itt is Ordered ye ye former Instructions giuen to ye select men shall continue till new instructions bee p'pared to wch end a comittee was nominated.

Capt Tho: Savage, Capt Tho: Clarke, Capt James Olliuer, Capt Ed. Hutchinson, Ed: Rainsford, M' Edw: Tynge & Tho: Buttolph were chosen a Comittee to draw Instructions for you select men wch are first to bee presented to ye consideration of ye Towne for acceptance & confirmation.

Vpon ye motion of Rich. Gridley & yo rest of ye brick makers in ye Towne for to rent some pe of ye Townes land in ye Comon to make brickes; Itt is ordered yt ye select men shall accomodate them wth whatt land may bee fitt for their vse in ye most convenient place.

[2.] 25: 1. 1661. At a meeting of Wm Davis, Peter Olliver, John Hull, Tho. Lake, Hezekiah Usher, & Nat Williams, Wm Davis is chosen Recorder - Nath' Williams chosen sealer of weights and measures. — Sargt Tho. Clarke, Theodore Atkinson, Henry Steuens, Ed. Devotion, John Odlin & Ed. Cowell are chosen for perambulation betweene muddy riuer & Cambridg & betweene muddy river & Roxbury.

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