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Mr Tho. Lake, Jos. Scottow, Sam Bennitt, & Jno Tuttill for Perambulation betweene Boston & Lynn.

Itt is ordered ye ye Constable of muddy riuer seize ye rayles & payles cleft on yo Comon by Leiu' Remington & to dispose of them to ye Townes Treasurer order.

Whereas ye Pitts by Henry Bridgams were lett to Cap. Johnson for 7 yeares & hee hath this day desired a release of his contract wth ye Towne, ye same being accepted by us, ye fore mentioned Pitts are now lett to Henry Bridgam for 7 yeares, hee paying 15• p. annu" to ye Townes Treasurer.

Wm Whittwell is licensed to draw beere for this yeare, Goodwife Vpsall bath ye. like liberty, Clement Gross hath ye like liberty, as also Wm Pollard.

Itt is Ordered y no person shall fell any timber vpon any of ye Townes Comons upon pænalty of 10' for every tree felled withoutt leaue.

Peter Olliuer & Peter Aspinwall are deputed to joyne wth Cambridg men to lay outt a high way from Muddy-riuer to Cambridg.

Itt is Ordered y yo surveyors of yo high wayes att muddy riuer shall forthwth repayre ye high way to Water towne mill where itt is defectiue.

Edward Cowell & Joseph Gridley are chosen to bee execution's of ye Townes orders respecting swine for this yeare in consideration whereof all fines except forfeitures shall accrue to ye sa ptyes.

8:2:1661. Att a generall Townes-meeting upon publick notice from house to house Vpon ye Petition of Leiu' Rob Turner & Peter Olliuer respecting ye Cedar swamp att Muddy Riner wch, was lett to them by Lease ye ye s4. Lease may bee for euer. Itt is Ordered, ye Propriety of ye gd swamp shall belong to yo. sa p’tyes for euer upon ye. paym' of ye rent mentioned in ye former Lease.

In answer to Mr Scottowes petition Itt is ordered ye ye former Comittee deputed ye 5-9-60 be appointed wth such other of ye ancient select men as Mr Scottow pleases to giue answer on yo Townes behalfe to yo sa petičon.

The Instructions for ye select men signed by ye Committee appointed to draw them vp, being read, were voted ye they should bee in force till new were appointed.

[3.7 29: 2:1661. Att a meeting of Jno. Hull, Joʻ. Scottow. Hez. Usher, Peter Olliver & Wm. Davis Whereas Wm Blantan hath hired some pcells of land for 7 yeares next ensuing beginning ye first month — the dimensions of yo sd land is 8 Rod 6 foote 4 inches in front next ye high way, & in length downe to ye sea, in consideration whereof hee is to pay 14 p. annum to yo Townes Treasurer & all records of form'. contracts are hereby made null

Wm Wardell is allowed to draw beere for ye yeare ensuing. Lieut: Rob Turner hath ye. like liberty granted to him

Thos Blott is chosen Cow keeper for this yeare.

Itt is Ordered ye ye Constables begin their watch ye 1st of ye 3mo. att night according to instructions to former Constables & to continue ye. sd watch till farther order bee taken to yo. contrary

Peter Olliver is chosen sealer of Weights & measures in yo place of Nat. Williams deceased.

Whereas a small pcell of land was some yeares since sold to M' John Newgate lying on yo east side of his land in Sudbury streete & is now fenced in by him; yo ga land is hereby confirmed to M' Jno Newgate for euer.

Itt is Ordered ye two foote of ground bee allowed to M' Symon Lyndes land att ye southeast end of his stone house by yo dock & so to rang along euen wth y® cellar doore att y® east end of his sd house, wch land is allowed him in consideration of his taking in an old ware house into his yard whereby ye high way is enlarged.

Whereas sundry of ye Inhabitants desire to keepe sheepe vpon ye Comon instead of Cowes, Itt is ordered ye all such psons shall pvide a keeper for theire sheepe ; & if any sheepe bee found whoutt a keeper, itt shall be lawfull for any pson to impound such sheepe, for wch ye owners shall pay 24 for euery sheepe so impounded, & shall be lyable to pay all damage done to any by them, in inclosures or otherwise.

Itt is Ordered yt all swine within the Towne shall bee kept vp in their owners ground, & if any swine bee found abroad after ye last day of ye next month, ye owners of such swine so found abroad shall pay 2". 64. for euery such swine so found abroad & Edward Cowell & Joseph Gridly are required to give notice hereof to all yo Inhabitants forthwith from house to house.

Itt is Ordered yM' Vsher & M' Hull demaund & receiue M' Webbs legacy of £100 & to giue a discharge on ye Townes behalfe.

Voted att ye Gen. Townes meeting ye 8. 2. 61. ye whereas Capt James Johnson is to pay his rent ye first of March in euery yeare vpon forfeiture as in his deed bearing date ye 60 is exprest, Itt is now further agreed y' if hee miss paym' ye sa day, ye Treasurer of ye Towne is to demaund ye sa rent, & ye sum of 10'. more (wch hee [4.] is to pay for ye first default of paym') then yo gd Rent, & if hee pay nott ye sd Rent & 10' more by ye 1st of May following, then to pay 40'. more for ye 20 default. And if ye Rent & if ye ga 50'. bee nott pd by ye 15 of June following, then to pay £3 more, y' is in all £5. 10'. besides ye Rent in ye sa deed. And if all ye Rents & ye s £5. 10'. bee nott pa yo gd 1st of June, then ye forfeiture to bee fully exacted, as in yo sa deed is expressed. And yoe full intent of this vote is yi ye forfeitture bee nott exacted till yo Towne Treasurer have made three demaunds of ye gd rent.

27: 3: 61. Att a meeting of M! Tho. Lake, Jn. Hull Peter Olliver, Hez. Usher & Wm Davis, Whereas Alexander Adams hath taken vp an Anchor on ye Flatts, wch hauing beene cried, & no owner appeares Itt is ordered ye ye gd Anchor shall be d’d. to yo Townes Treasurer, & ye ye gd water bayliffes shall haue of ye ga Anchor if nott owned.

This day a Rate for yo Townes occasions was made to yo sum of £265. 7o. 24. & d’d to yo Constables to bee forwth leuied.

24:4: 61. Att a meeting of Jo. Scottow, Peter Olliver, Tho. Lake, Hez. Usher, Jn. Hull & Wm Davis

Itt is Ordered y' Rich: Taylor shall enjoy ye shop ynder ye stayres att ye west end of ye Towne-house during his life & his wiues life, paying ye yearely rent of 30'., ye one halfe in mony, ye other in goods or corne, hee fitting vp yoga shop att his owne charge, & ye sa shop to bee left after their death wth all ye appurtenances to ye Townes vse wthoutt any consideration from yo Towne. And ye reason of taking no more Rent is, because his charge of fitting vp ye ga shop amounts to £10.

Edward Barker is ordered to dig ye new buriall place orderly either beginning att one end or one side & so lay ye Corps orderly to bee buried.

Whereas jie line between Boston & Lyn hath nott beene laid outt hitherto, Itt is now mutually agreed betweene yo select men of both townes y yo sa line shall bee run by L. Fisher & Jno. Gardiner. if to bee had, or some other Artist, as by jo agreem' by yo ga Selectmen mutually subscribed more fully appeares.

29: 5. 61. Att a meeting of Peter Olliver, Tho. Lake, Josh: Scottow, Hez. Usher, Jn. Hull & Wm. Davis Voted vpon ye question by yo Comittee appointed att ye Gen Townes-meeting, whether Jos. Scottow shall couer ye hutts, as they were before, att yo three anglis of ye draw-bridg, nottwthstanding ye. former Act of ye Comittee prouided ye way by y' Hutt next Jno. Batemans bee left so, as to rowle a hbd. in & outt to his yard. Itt was voted in yo affirmatiue.

[5.] 26: 6:01. Att a meeting of Hezekiah Usher, John Hull, Thomas Lake, Peter Olliver & Wm. Davis

Itt is Ordered yt pe Townes Treasurer shall forthwith agree wth Henry Messenger or some other workman to secure ye foundation of ye Towne house from damage as also any other pt of y© house.

Itt is Ordered ye ye Treasurer shall allow for yo keeping of Elizabeth Habell in ye time of her sickness, outt of ye Townes stock.

Mr Anthony Stodard was chosen Comissioner this day by yo Towne meeting to joyne wh yo select men for making yo Country Rate.

27: 8: 61. Att a meeting of Wm. Davis, Hezekiah Usher, Jno. · Hull. Peter Olliver & Tho. Lake

Itt is Agreed with Wm Ireland & Aron Way to make and keepe in sufficient repayre all ye country high way from yo foote of powder horne hill to Mr Newgates lott for yo space of 10 yeares next ensuing, & to leaue ye same in yo like sufficient repayre att ye end of ye tearme aforesa. In consideration whereof ye Towne is to allow to ye aforesd Wm Ireland & Aron Way 25'. p. anu. during yega tearme. (Wm. Ireland's signature is here in original. W.H.W]

Widow Thomas is allowed to draw beere till Aprill next according to ye former grant to her late husband.

Francis Smith is fined 20'. for erecting a building vpon ye head of ye dock withoutt license.

5:9: 61. Att a meeting of Wm. Davis, Tho. Lake, Jno. Hull, Hez. Usher & Peter Olliver

Whereas M' Tho: Deane hath employed a Negro in yo manufacture of a Coop. contrary to ye orders of ye Towne Itt is therefore ordered y yo sa M' Tho: Deane shall nott employ ye ga Negro in ye sd manufacture as a Coop. or any other manufacture or science after ye 14th day of this month on yo penalty of 20'. for euery day y' yo sa Negro shall continue in such employment.

Jn° Pemberton & Jno Moulton are allowed to keepe a publick house of intertainmen' att Winisimett till April court next.

25. 9. 61. Att a meeting of Jno. Hull, Tho. Lake, Jo'. Scottow, Hezekiah Usher, Peter Olliver & Wm Davis There is liberty granted to Rich Gridley & Henry Allin to erect a windmill att ye point before Abell Porters house & to enjoy ye land vpon pre sea side N. E. 120 foote & as much to yo N. west before William Leatherlands land alwayes leauing outt a highway, & nott to build any housing vpon ye ga land : This liberty they shall enjoy during theire maintaining a seruiceable windmill they paying yearely euery first of March to ye Townes Treasurer 2 bushells of wheate, ye first paymt beginning in March 64/65.

[6.] 30. 10. 1661. Att a meeting of Tho. Lake, Jno. Hull, Peter Olliver, Hez. Usher & Wm. Davis

The legacy of £60 giuen by Cap' Rob Keayne in his will, wth ye rent due, of £4. p. anu" was this day demaunded of M' Ed. Lane.

27. 11. 61. Att a meeting of Jo'. Scottow, Tho. Lake, Hez. Usher, Peter Olliver & Wm. Davis,

Ens. Scottow is chosen Treasurer till a new bee chosen, M' Hull, yo former Treasurer being on a voyage to Eng!.

The repayring of ye high wayes betweene Boston & Roxbury is lett to Jacob Eliott & Obadiah Swift for 10 yeares from yo 1st of Octob' last as p. a Contract between us may more at large appeare for wch ye town is to pay £20. p. ann.

24. 12. 61. Att a meeting of Hez. Ushier, Peter Oliver, Tho. Lake & Josh. Scottow

It is Ordered y' Tho: Stocker Constable of Rumny Marsh shall be allowed 40'. for p'sent supply of one good Favour Inhabitant of Rumny Marsh besides what he hath disbursed for him.

Vpon the complaint of Rich: Taylour of the greatnes of his charge vpon the shop at the foot of the Towne house staires, it is agreed that there shall bee an abatement of 10'. anually vpon the rent formerly agreed the 24 (4) last past.

Hez Vsher & Pet' Oliver appointed to stake out the land granted vnto Rich. Gridley & Hen: Allen for a windmill upon the 25 (9) 1661.

3: 1: 1661/62. Att a meeting of the freemen upon publique notice Cap. Savage & M' Edw: Tyng are chosen Deputies for the yeare next ensuing both in ordinary and extraordinary courts.

Mr Hez Vsher is chosen Commissioner to carry in the votes for Magistrates & County Treasurer.

It is Voted that Eld. Pen, Cap. Clarke, Cap: Hutchison, M' Tho. Brattle & Deac. Wiswall with the select men draw vp Instructions for the Deputies of the Gen: Court & to p'sent them to the next meeting of freemen for their concurrence.

10. 1. At a publique Towne meeting of all the inhabitants upon lawfull warning from house to house were Chosen for the yeare ensuing.

Moderatour - Capne Tho. Savage. – Select men - Mr Tho: Lake. Corn Pet. Oliver, Josh Scottow, C. Oliver, M' Vsher, Mr Rainsford, Mr Joyliff. - Constables. Hen. Way, Hen: Phillips, John Lake, Sam: Sendall. Aaron Way at Rumny Marsh. John Stedman sen. att Muddy river. — Clarkes of Market. John Button, Edw. Cowell, Theoph: Frary. Sealers of leather. Tho: Emans Sen". Wm Courser. Water Bailiffs John Swit. Tho. Peek. [7.] Surveyors of highwayes — Jaacob Elliot, John Audlin, Rich: Bennet, Chr. Gibson. Wm Hazy, for Rum. Marsh. Peter Aspinwall for Muddy river.

Packer of meat & fish & Gager of Cask - Wm Dinsdall.

Vpon the proposičon of M' Alcock vnto the Towne about sale or exchange of a parcell of salt marsh belonging to the Towne for a parcell of land belonging to the said Alcock vpon the neck of land, it being voted it was carryed on the affirmative that it should be left ynto the Townesmens discretion to exchange the sd land.

Capne Cullicks petičon for the land before his two houses as far as they Jet over the street to be granted ynto him & bis Heires being voted, it was carryed on the Negative.

Capne Savages petičon for the laying out of a garden plot granted unto him by the Towne & appearing in the Records fol: 31. being voted was carryed on the negative. but afterwards further liberty granted by the Towne to enquire of Eld: Colburne & the ancient Townesmen soe as the matter might be further considered of. Mr Hez: Vshier is chosen Recorder. Capne Oliver is chosen Treasurer. Corñ Pet Oliver is chosen Sealer of weights & measure. Goody Vpshall is allowed to draw beere for the yeare ensueing.

17. 1. . Att a meeting of Hez. Usher, Petter Olliver, Tho. Lake, Joshu. Scottow, James Olliver, Edward Ranceford, John Jollife. this 17th of March 1 a raite for the Country to the summ of £96. 9'. and noe pence payeable in wheat or barly att 4'. 64. p. bushell, and peas att 3*. 64. p. bushell, or if in monny rebateing the fift part thearof.

A raite allsoe then made for Rumny Marsh to the summe of £6. 34. 34. And Alsoe for Muddy River to the summe of £4. 1o. 64. to be leued as aboue sd. yo aboue mentioned raites Committed to the severall respectiue Constables.

20. 1. 1. Att a meeting of Hezekiah Usher, Petter Olliver, Tho. Lake, Jos Scottow, James Olliver, Edward Ranceford, John Jollife

Christopher Pickett with the Consent of ye Selectmen, put forth

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