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John Skarlet hath libertie to wharfe before the ground he bought of Nathaniell Fryar & is to be 20 foote easterlie from the lowermost corner of Mr Hitts wharfe.

Memorand that Mr Hetts wharfe at the lowermost end easterlie stands into the towne ground 41 foote.

29: 11: 1671. At a meetinge of Capt William Dauis, Capt James Olliuer, M'. John Richards M'. Tho. Brattle, Capt Thomas Lake, John Joyliffe & M'. Hezechiah Usher

Vpon the Motion of Doct Daniell Stone for pay for Chirurgery & phisicke administred to seuerall poore of this towne the select men see cause to abate him his rate this yeare for what is done for the-time past; & doe further now agree with him for 12 moneths next comeinge from the first of March next, to take care of the poore of this towne as to phisicke & Chirurgery, for which he is to haue 20s. out of the towne treasury & to be rate free the next yeare.

Libertie is granted to Capt Samuell Skarlet to wharfe against his land next Francis Hudsons prouided he make & maintaine a high way before it.

Allowed to Mr John Freeke & Capt Samuell Skarlet theire rates for this yeare being £4. 8.8. in consideration of two shops pulled downe in the time of the Fire when M* Andersons house was burnt.

Wm Anderson at John Faireweath's. Tayl and John Hunt & Steephen Millard Butchers, ordered to be returned to the Countie Court, not admited Inhabitants.

Alsoe Wm. Nowell & Thomas Rand Booke binders are to be returned as aboue, alsoe John Tudall.

Mrs. Dorathy Jones the wife of Mr. Morgan Jones & Bartholmew Barnard are aproued of to keepe a house of publique entertainme for sellinge of Coffee & Chucalleto.

20: 12: 1671-72. Att a meetinge of Capt. James Olliuer, M'. John Richards, Mr. Thomas Brattle, Capt. Thomas Lake, John Joyliffe, M'. Hezechialı Usher & Capt. William Dauis

Libertie is granted to John White of Muddy riuer sen’ to cutt 5 oake & 5 Maple trees of the Comon at Muddy riuer prouided he doe what he can to secure the rest from others, or giue notice of any that shall offend in that kinde.

Ordered that Mr John Richards Treasurer pay to Major Generall Leuerett what he can out of the townes stocke towards what is due to him for ye Fortification.

29:12:1671-72. Capt Samuell Skarlet & Mr. John Freeke, haue libertie granted them to wharfe before theire owne land. prouided the south side of theire wharfe come not within 10 foote of ye lower end of the north side of the causey. as it now doth lie & from thence to runn vpon a straight line to ye corner of the said Skarlets & Freekes wharfe as it now doth stand.

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It is Further agreed with Capt Samuell Skarlet & John

Freeke that they or theire assignes shall mainetaine the Causey in good repaire & keepe the slipp or passage & Causey free from all incroachments, incombrances or annoyances whatsoever for the space of 20 yeares. In consideration whereof this towne is to pay them or theire assignes 58 p. ann duringe the sd terme.

Serji Mathew Barnard hath libertie granted him to set vp a portch of 3 foote from the dore of his house.

4: 1: 1671–72. At a meetinge of the freemen upon publique warning from house to house.

Capt Thomas Clarke & Mr Anthony Stoddar were chosen Deputys of the Generall Court for the yeare ensueinge.

M' John Richards is chosen Comissioner to carry the votes of the freemen of this towne to the Countie Comissioners for the nomination of Magistrates and a Countie Treasurer.

11: 1: 1671–72. This towne haueinge had lately many & greiuous complaints of greate suffringes by (and greater hazzard to) seuerall persons elder & young". by swine in this towne, and alsoe consideringe the many inconveniencies by the aboundinge of these creatures, in a towne soe populous as this is in respect of sicknesses & the like; And findinge by longe experience the Invaliditie of all former ordrs to preuent damage by swine as the Lawe requires ; Doe therefore order that all persons whatsoeuer that shall keepe any swine within this necke of Boston shall henceforth keep them up in theire owne land, and all swine which shall after the date hereof be found out of theire Owners land, either in the streetes lanes highwayes Comons or any other place within this necke of Boston shall be forfeited and seazed and disposed of to the uses hereafter mentioned vizt, a partes to the poore of this towne, as the Selectmen shall order and to him that seazeth them and the persons apoynted by the towne or Selectmen from time to time to execute this order are impowred presently upon seasure to - distribute the same accordingelie Exceptinge alwayes and it is to be understood that in case any person or persons be driveinge their swine through the streetes or lighwayes or shall be in persuite of swine escaped (provided the persuer be in sight when the swine shall be seazed by the persons appoynted to execute this order): It shall save the forfeiture above mentioned. And in Case of any just Cause of Complaint of injury done by any officer or officers in the execution of theire office, the partie agreeved aplyinge himselfe to the Selectmen of this towne may expect just releife notwithstandinge the execution aforsaid.

This order made by the Selectmen was afterwards read and approved of at a generall towne Meetinge ye 11 of March 1671-72.

[65.] March 11 1671–72. At a publique meetinge of the inhabitants of Bostone upon lawfull warninge from house to house were made choyce of for the yeare ensueinge,

Selectmen — M'. Hezechiah Usher, Capt. William Dauis Capt

James Olliuer, M'. John Richards, M'. Thomas Brattle, Capt Thomas Lake and John Joyliffe

Constables, for Bostone - Mr Richard Wharton, Mr John Freeke, John Winge, Thomas Smith, Seth Perry, John Tappinge.

Constable for Muddy Riner — Henery Steephens
Constable for Rumney Marsh – Jeremiah Belchard.
Sealers of Leather. - Robert Earle & John Jepson.

Clarkes of ye Market - Moses Paine, John Cony, Benjamine Negus.

Surveyors, for Bostone — John Blake, Thomas Blith, Mr Joseph Rocke. Surveyor for Muddy Riuer. John White, sen?

For Rumney Marsh - Wm Ireland.
Water Bayliffes - Thomas Peeke, & Nathaniell Greenwood.
Packers of Meate & Fish — Wm Densdall & John Densdall.
Measurer of Salt. Francis Hudson.
Scauengers — Benjamin Smith, Richard Bennet, Isaacke Goose.

Officers about Swine — Samuell Mosely, Wm Kent, Thomas Fitch, Thomas Platt, Thomas Bingley, Josias Belchard, James Pennyman, Joseph Gridley.

Orders for ye Selectmen are refered to a Comittee of Cape Thomas Sauage, Capt Tho. Clarke, Capt Edward Huchinson, Mr Anthony Stoddar. Mr Humphrey Dauie, and Mr. John Hull.

Orders aboute paueinge the streets & Cart Wheeles were respited for another yeare vpon consideration of all the Carths of the towne theire ingagemt each with his teeme or Cart to giue a dayes worke for reparation of the high wayes, as the shall direct.

Eliachin Kuchinson, or his substitute hath Libertie granted him to treate with the select men, about some proposalls of his concerninge the clocke, wlio are to make returne thereof to some publique towne Meetinge.

At a meetinge of all the Selectmen above were chosen - John Joyliffe Recorder — John Richards Treasurer. Thomas Brattle Sealer of waights & Measures.

Cullrs of staues — Samuell Mattocke - James Hill. Cordrs of wood — Gaudy James, Lawrence Willis, Wm Browne, Richard Smith, Wm Parram, Samuell Dauis, Thomas Williams.

14:1:1671–72. At a meetinge of all yo Selectmen at Capt. Dauis house

Libertie is granted to Mr Nicholas Paige to take away the brickes belongeinge to the place intended for a conduit at ye end of the towne house before his dore, prouided he imediately fill the place euen wth the ground about it, for wch he brought a note from the 166.7 Ouerseers of Capt Robert Keaynes Will, & a discharge for his guift expended thereabout, a Coppie where of followeth & ye Originall kept amonge the townes writings.

To the Selectmen of Bostone. Vnderstandinge by Mr Paige that the place builded for a Conduit is prejuditiall to his house & shops and that you are willinge he should remoue and improue it to his own vse, if our consent may be had thereto and beinge informed likewise that Capt Robert Keaynes guift to ye towne of Bostone for ye end hath beene expended vpon that worke, though by the prouidence of God, it hath not proued soe vsefull as was expected and desired, vpon these considerations, Wee the Ouerseers of Cape Keaynes will shall acquiesse in what is done, and not trouble the towne of Bostone any further in relation to that particular. Witness our hands the 7th of 1st mo. 1671.


25: 1: 1672. At a meetinge of M'. Hezechialı Usher, Capt. James Olliuer, Mr. John Richards, Mr. Thomas Brattle, Capt. Thomas Lake & Jno. Joyliffe

Libertie is granted to Capt Daniell Hinksman to erect a porch before his dore 4 foote from his house & 8 foote longe.

At a Meetinge of the Honrd. Gouern": Deputy Gouern" & Edward Ting Esq. with Mr Hezekiah Vsher, Capt James Olliuer, Mr. John Richards, Mr Thomas Brattle, Capt Thomas Lake & John Joyliffe the 22th of March 1671–72.

It was ordered that notice be giuen to the seuerall psons vnder-written that they within one moneth aster the date hereof dispose of theire seuerall Children (herein nominated or mentioned abroad for seruants, to serue by Indentures for some terme of yeares, accordinge to theire ages and capacities; wch if they refuse or neglect to doe The Majestrates and Select men will take theire said Children from them, and place them with such Masters as they shall prouide accorlinge as the lawe directs. And that they that doe accordinge to this ord' dispose of theire Children doe make returne of the names of Mast's & Children soe put out to seruice, with theire Indentures to the Selectmen at theire next monethly Meetinge beinge the last Monday in Aprill next.

Jolin Glouers daught about 12 yrs of age.

Bryan Morphews Daught in law Martha Dorman about 12 yrs. John Bohamans Daught Mary about 14 yrs.

Robert Peggs Daught Alice aboue 12 yrs.
John Griffens Daught about 10 yrs.
Wm Spowells Daughtr about 20 yrs.

Wm Brownes Daught about 15 yrs vnlesse she can excuse the seruice of a Nurse' attendinge vpon her weake Mother.

[67.] Widdowe Crocums three daught's.

m Hambeltons Daught about 12 yrs.
Edward Golds sonn about 20 yrs.
John Dawes his sonn about 17 yrs.
Thomas Williams his sonn Charles about 8 yrs.

29 : 2: 1672. At a meetinge of Capt. William Dauis, Capt. James Olliuer, Mr. John Richards, Mr. Thomas Brattle, Capt. Thomas Lake, John Joyliffe, M'. Hezekiah Usher

Anthony Harker is made choyce for a Corder of wood for the yeare ensueinge. Persons returned to ye County Court — It is ordered that Wm Trotter Taylf. John Pascoe weauer haueinge a wife in England, & Peter Bragg who hath alsoe a wife in England, & noe good report here, & [blank] Poyntinge the wife of Phillip Poyntinge.

Capt William Hudson & John Vyall aproued of to sell wine & keepe a house of publicke entertainm' & John Turner provided to sell beere

Capt William Wright William Pollard, William Courcer, Widdow Upshall Clement Grosse, Widdow Wardall Francis Hudson, William Salter Robert Cox Samuell Norden Nathaniell Bishop are all aproued of to keepe houses of publique entertainement onely William Salt'. desires to sell 2d. beere & nothinge else.

William Kent, John Keane, Rebecca Winsor ye wife of Robe Winsor aproued to keepe Cookes shops.

Mrs Abigall Johnson ye wife of Cap James Johnson aproued of to sell Coffee & Chuculatto.

L* Richard Way to sell stronge watr but not lesse then a pinte at once.

Ordered that the Constables watch shall begin the 1°. day of May & that ye. instructions folio 10 with the addition folio 38 be giuen them by the Record".

At a meetinge of all the inhabitants concerned in ye. Comons and wast lands accordinge to ye. ordrs. of the towne ye. 4th. 1mo. 1641–42 & the 18th, of ye. 34. mo. 1646 returned by a Comittee apoynted to consider who are the propriets. thereof the 7th, of 6th. 1671 which meetinge was the 15th of yo. 24., mo 1672

It was agreed by a generall vote that Major Generall John Leuerett Deputie Gou' be joyned with yo aforesaid Comittee to order the whole affaires of the Comons for the yeare ensuinge

It was ordered that if any haue any just clayme to make to any Comonage & haue beene hitherto omitted they may haue libertie to make theire right apeare to yo. Comittee upon the 29th instant.

29: 2: 1672 The Comittee about yo. Comons &. mett & after some debates adjurned to the 6th of May.

6th. 34. 1672 At a meetinge of Major Generall John Leueret Deputie Gouern". Eld. Edward Raynsford, Capt Thomas Sauage, Cap'. Edward Huchinson, Capt William Dauis, Cap'. James Olliver, M. John Richards, Capt Thomas Lake, John Joyliffe and M'. Hezekiah Usher Comittee for ye Comons and wast lands.

[68.] The question beinge put who are the propriets of the Comonage on the necke of Bostone, It was resolued

That all the Inhabitants resident in the towne vpon ye 18th of ye 3d mo. 1646 theire heires and successors, hauo equall right in the said Comonage accordinge to the towne order before recited in the old booke of Records fol. 79.

The question beinge put who are the proprietors of the wast lands at Braintrie, Rumny Marsh or Muddie riuer according to the order of towne 4:1:1641-42. old book of Records fol. 59.

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