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139.7 28: 7: 1668. At a meetinge of John Joyliffe, Peter Oliuer, Capt. Tho. Lake, M'. John Richards, Capt. James Olliuer, M'. Edward Raynsford & M'. Hezechiah Usher.

Edward Dauis and Joseph Gridley are chosen for the performance of the Bellmans office to begin at 11 of the clocke & to continue accordinge to direction in folio 11, and that betweene 11 & 12 of the clocke when they goe forth & at 5 when they returne home they ringe the bell neere Goodman Taylor dore.

26 : 8: 68. At a meetinge of M'. Peter Olliuer, M'. John Richards, Cap. James Olliver, M' Edward Raynsford, M'. Hezechiah Usher & John Joyliffe

Richard Taylor is ordrd to haue £5. p an. for his takeinge care of the towne clocke; the yeare to expire the first day of June next.

Dan' Stone is fined 20%. for entertaynment of John Hunt & his wife & to pay 20%. p. weeke as longe as they continue with him.

Vpon the Complaint of the neighbourhood and euidence that George Nowell hath stopt the water cource neere the Conduit, by buildinge his new house Hee is ordered to cleare the streete & passages of the water & to keepe them free from anoyance by the ouerfloweinge thereof within 15 dayes vpon the penaltie of 20%. p. weeke.

17: 9: 68. Libertie is granted to Clement Grosse to keepe a house of publique entertainment for 6 months longer if the Court aproue thereof.

30:9: 68. Att a meetinge of Capt. Thomas Lake, M'. John Richards, Capt. James Olliuer, M". Edwd. Raynsford, M'. Hezekiah Usher, John Joyliffe, M'. Peter Olliuer

W Gilbert shoomaker hath libertie granted to him to open a shop.

21:10: 68. Att a meetinge of all the Selectmen of this Towne

This day A rate for £770. 13. for y®. Countrie and Towne occasions was deliuered to the 4 Constables. and A rate for Rumny Marsh of £34. and for Muddy Riuer £20. 58. deliuered to the Constables of each place, signed by the Selectmen.

28: 10: 68. Giuen Benja Gibbs Constable to be aded to the rate aboue a rate of seuerall persons for £3. 18o.

[40.] 28: 10: 68. At a meetinge of Capt. James Olliuer, M'. Hezechiah Usher, M'. Peter Olliuer, Capt. Thomas Lake, M'. John Richards, M'. John Joyliffe

Wm Whitwell orded to repaire the wharfe neere the mill granted to him y° 28: 11: 1666. fol. 26.

Ordered that ye ord" concerninge Carters made 29. 4th. 1658 in yo old booke folio 145 be againe published & put in execution.

25:11: 68. At a meetinge of M! Edward Rawson, John Joy. liffe, M'. Peter Olliuer, Capt. Tho”. Lake, M'. John Richards & Capt. James Olliuer.

Thomas Rawlins ordered to free the seller of John Skeite from anoyance by his draine within 15 dayes upon the penalty of 20%.

22:12: 68–9. At a meetinge of M'. Hezechiah Usher, M'. Peter Olliuer, Capt. Thomas Lake, M'. John Richards, Cap'.James Olliuer, M". Edward Raynsford & John Joyliffe.

Granted to James Clarke of Muddy Riuer all the wood on an acre of Land or there about which butts vpon the land of John Winchester on the East, the land of Hugh Clarke southwest, Joseph Buckmast' north and Griffin Craft on ye west.

Libertie is granted to Jacob Eliott to wharfe against his owne Land wch butts against Ensigne Henery Phillips land being about 9 Rod in breadth to the high way to be injoyed by him & his heires for euer.

Granted to Ensigne Henery Phillips, in Exchange of the land for the high way leadinge to Roxbury, a parcell of Land adjoyninge to the sea from the Corner post on the north east side of his land to a small wallnut tree, beinge 360 foote & buttinge vpon the maine post of the Windemill as now it stands & from the N. West corner to an old stump of a tree being 96 foote, & from thence vpon a straight line towards the Castle reseruinge alwayes the vse of the old high way through the same.

Whereas there was sometimes since, a parcell of Land granted by the Towne at a general Towne meetinge for a house lott to the widdow Willis now the wife [of] John Man, which is now built vpon and is bounded as followeth vpon the highway N. West, from the S. West corner of James Whetcome wash house on a Line 100 foott. vpon the S. West with ye land of ye Almes house & vpon the S. East with the land of James Whetcome to ye said Corner of his wash housc. [41.] which sa Land was granted for the vse of the sa Willis and her Children hy her former husband & Arthur Mason declares that he built yo dwellinge house there on for them by ye charitable beneuolence of well disposed people.

24:12: 68–9. Whereas The freemen of this towne were warned by Goodman Taylor by ye ord" of Anthony Chickley Constable to meete togeather on this present day in the morning beinge Wednesday. for the choyce of Jurymen for the next Court of assistance accordinge to a warrant he receaved from the Record' of ye. Court The Freemen beinge accordinglie assembled, in a competent nomber, but neither Constable apearinge, nor warrant beinge produced for effectinge of the busines intended, the present assemblie voted the sa Anthony Chickley Constable should be fined 20' for the neglect of his duty on that behalfe.

In the record aboue concerninge the Widdowe Willis her grant, it is to be understood that the bounds thereof from the Corner post of the fence at the South west corner of James Whetcome's Wash house runs north, to the north east post of John Mans Cowhouse as now it stands, being about 7 foot 8 inches in length, and thence nor west as is before exprest

8:1: 68–9. At a meetinge of the freemen of this towne upon publique notice Capt Thomas Clarke & M'Anthony Stoddar were chosen Deputies for the generall Court for the whole yeare ensuinge & Cap' Wm Dauis chosen Comissioner for carryinge in the votes for Magestrates and for a Countie Treasurer. Nathan Raynsford hath libertie granted to set his post at the N. East corner of his house 3 foote & to run vp the lane to the end of his ground taperinge as in the margant he paying 2 in mony p. an every first day of March.

[42.] Bostone, March the 15th, 1668-9. Ata publique meetinge of all the inhabitants upon lawfull warninge from house to house were chosen for the yeare ensuinge as followeth

Moderator Capt. Thomas Savage & Selectmen M' Hezechiah Usher, Capt Thomas Lake, M' Edward Rainsford, M'. Peter Olliuer, John Joyliffe, Capt. James Olliuer, Mr John Richards. Constables — Freegrace Bendall, Richard Knight, John Cony, and Richard Callicot for Bostone towne, James Pemberton for Muddy riuer, Thomas Townend for Rumny marsh.

Clarkes of ye Market - Jeremiah Fitch, Sam' Mason. Wm Parsons Survey's Richard Bennet, Isaacke Goose for Bostone Edward Kibby for Muddy Riuer, Sam' Townsend for Rumny marsh.

Sealers of leather -John Cleere, Wm Courser, John Miriam
Water Bayliffs — John Skarlet, John Marshall.
Cull"s of fish — Francis Hudson, Ralph Samways.
Cullrs of staues — Edward Belchard, Edward Blake.
Packers of meate — Wm Densdall, John Densdall.
Measurer of salt - Francis Hudson.
Scauengers. — Samuell Norden, John White.

Ordered that the Constables of Muddy riuer & Rumny Marsh shall be chosen by liftinge vp of hands, and y the next yeare before the day of publique election the selectmen apoynt the inhabitants of Muddy riuer & Rumny marsh to meete togeather & nominate Constables & other officers proper for each place and the present Constables bringe in theire names to the next publique meeting on ye. day of election there to be put to vote. Left to the consideration of the towne against ye. next yeare whether they will haue 6 Constables in Boston.

Capt Thomas Sauage, Capt Thomas Clarke, Capt Edward Huchinson, Mr Anthony Stoddar, Mr Jeremiah Houchin, & Mr John Weswall, were chosen a Comittee to drawe vp instructions for the select men. to attend the yeare ensuinge; And ordrd that in the meanetime the former shall remaine in force & be theire direction. And that the Said Comittee ioyne with the Select men about treatinge and issuenge a legacie giuen by Cap Rob Keayne to the towne. with whome it doth concerne. It is to be understood that any 4 of yo. Comittee aboue may act as aboue

143.7 15:1: 68–9. John Joyliffe is chosen Record', M' John Richards Treasurer. M' Peter Oliuer sealer of waights & measures.

31: 1: 1669. At a meetinge of M'. Hezechiah Usher Capt Thomas Lake, M'. Ed. Raynsford, Peter Olliuer, John Joyliffe, Capt James Olliuer, Mr. John Richards

Edward Dauis is chosen Cow keeper and pownder from the 20th. of Aprill to the 15th. of October and to cleare the streete of any dead dogs, catts or other carion for ye. yeare ensuinge

The order about Swine made An Do. 1662 folio 8 shall stand in force for the yeare ensueinge and Mr Jacob Eliott, Ensigne Henery Phillips, Hugh Drury and Richard Bennet are desired to see the sd order effectually observed in theire seuerall precincts of the towne, and to informe the Select men of any neglect or defect therein.

Capt Edward Huchinson & M' Elias Mauericke p'ambulators to run the line betweene Charlestowne & Bostone the 4th day in the second weeke in April, next & followeth.

12:2: 69. L* John Smith of Winesemet is ordra to ioyne with Capt Edward Hutchinson, & M' Elias Mauericke in ye pambulation next aboue, & underwritten is a Coppy of the bounds that are upon record, of ye line they are to run, a Coppie also thereof is given them.

At ye generall Court held at Newtowne May 6th 1635. The bounds betweene Bostone and Charlestowne are from the Creeke, alonge in the Creeke vpward in the same till we come to a little necke of land yt comes from the east side of the same necke, there the first stake stands, a little on the east side of it and from thence to a marked tree at the foote of the marsh, agreed vpon of all sides, and from that tree to another that lies right oposite ouer a hill, & from thence to a high tall pine that stands vpon a poynt of a rocke on the side of the high way to misticke, other side of Rumny marsh & from out side to out side by a straight line.

p JOHN HOLGRAUE. Vera Copia Attest


At a Generall Court held at Bostone 7th May 1657.

In answere to a petition from the Inhabitans of Bostone for. layinye out the bounds betweene Bostone and Lin It is ordered, that L Joshua Fisher of Dedham, or whome elce they should appoynt shall be and is hereby apoynted to lay out the sa bounds, & to run a Nor. N. West line into the Countrie from the midle of bridesbooke, neere to the foote path to be rum by a Maridian Compasse, The proprietie 144.7 of any lands Laid out to the Inhabitants of Lin being not disturbed accordinge to agreement. That this is a true Coppie taken out of yo. Courts booke of Records.

Attest EDWARD RAWSON Records

Coppie of an agreemt of ye bounds of Bostone, Charlestowne and Lin.

Wee whose name are vnderwritten beinge appoynted by the Court to settle the bounds betweene Bostone and Lin haue agreed to run a nor. northwest Line into ye Countrie from a tree marked, standinge close to Brides brooke. neere to the foote path, to be run by a Meridian Compasse, the propriety of any lands laid out to the inhabitants of Linn beinge not disturbed.

An. 1639. subscribed by Abraham Palmer. Tymoth. Tomlins, John Olliuer.

This is a Coppie taken out of ye towne booke of Records of Linn.

[45.] 26 : 2: 69. At a publique meetinge of the inhabitants of this towne vpon lawfull warninge from house to house

The Instructions drawne vp by the Comittee apoynted the 15th. of 1mo. 166; for regulatinge the Select men were referd to another meeting to be considered of. And whereas the Said Comitte with the Selectmen baue made an agreemt with Lt Richard Cooke, Deacon Weswall, & Niclo Page about a legacie giuen by Cap Rob'. Keayne to the towne in pte. whereof ye sa Cooke & Weswall are to assigne & convey the one halfe of Capt Keaynes new house to the select men for the vse of the towne, wch Nicholas Page hath made an agreemt with ye Comittee for. It is Ordered that the Selectmen giue Nicholas Page a legall deed of sale or assignment of the sd halfe of ye house to be receaued of Lt Cooke & Deacon Weswall, accordinge to ye conditions made & agreed wth him

In answere to a petition of Samuell Davis It is Ordered that the select men assigne a place for a house lot for him out of the towne wast ground, prouided it be noe place of ye Comon or traininge place.

The seuerall psons to be put to vote in the Election of Magestrates for the yeare ensueinge were read to the Freemen.

Ordered by the freemen that the Selectmen draw up instructions for the deputies of this towne to present to the next Generall Court what may be of concernt. for good of the towne.

(45.) 26: 2:69. At a meetinge of Capt Thomas Lake, M'. Edward Raynsford, Peter Olliuer, John Joyliffe, Capt James Olliuer, M". John Richards & M'. Hezechiah Usher

Capt William Hudson, John Vyall John Turner aproued of to sell beere and wine for the yeare ensueinge & Keepe houses of publique entertainement.

Thomas Hawkins William Pollard, William Corcer, William Wardall, Widdow Snowe, Widdow Upshall approued of to sell beere & keepe houses of publique entertainmt.

Edward Blake likewise at ye south end of the towne
William Kent to keepe a Cookes shopp
Robert Cox to sell beere & ale

Ordered that the Constables watch shall begin the first day of May & that the instructions in folio 10 with addition in folio 38 be given them by ye. Record".

31th. 34. 1669. Att a meetinge of M'. Edward Raynsford, M*. Peter Olliuer, John Joyliffe, M'. John Richards, M". Hezechiah Usher and Capt Thomas Lake.

Robert Cox hath libertie to set up two posts under his porch payinge 29 in mony p an begininge the first of Aprill last.

28. 4. 1669 At a Meetinge M'. Edward Raynsford, M*. Pet". Olliuer M". John Richards & M'. Hezechiah Usher.

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