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(*See fol. 38) be householders, & such as the charge of ye Towne (soe farr as respects watchmen) may be committed to.

3. That the Counstable shall discharge from watchinge in theire owne persons, any that are of notorious euill life & manners & likewise such as would watch two nights togeather, not haueing sufficient sleepe betweene.

4. The number of persons ordinarily shall be eight, beside the Counstable or his deputie, one of wch shall be vpon the watch euery night, to looke after the exact performance of the charge, & the deputy shall be some man of trust.

5. The place where the watch shall make apearance shall bee in the liberty of the Counstable to apoint, and like wise the weapon they serue with.

110.] 6. A charge shall be giuen verballie, or read vnto the watch euery night. The Form of Charge. 1. That they Sllentlie but vigilantlie walke theire seuerall turnes in the seuerall quarters and partes of the Towne, two by two, a youth allwayes joyned with an elder and more sober person, & two be allwayes about the markitt place.

2. If after 10 of ye clocke they see any lights, then to make discreett inquiry, whether there be a warrantable cause, likewise if they heare any noyse or disorderlye carriage in any house wisely to demand a reason of it, & if it apeare a reall disorder, that men are danceing, drinckeing, Singinge vainlie &c, they shall admonish them to cease, but if they diserne the Continnuance of it after moderate admonition, then to acquainte the Counstable of it, or him that hath the care of ye watch for that night, who shall see to the redresse of it & take the names of the persons to acquaint authoritie there with.

3. That they vigilantlye view the water side & motion of vessels about the shoore, & prudentlie take accompt of such as goe out or come in not hinderinge any in theire lawfull affaires, nor (if it be possible) suffering any to practice vnlawfullye, nor keep any disorder in or about theire vessells.

4. To look to the great Gunns & fortifications.

5. If they finde any younge men, Maydes, women or other persons, not of knowen fidellitie, & vpon lawfull occation walkeing after 10 of the clocke at night that they modestly demand the cause of theire being abroad, & if it apeare that they are vpon ille minded imploymo then to watch them narrowlye & to command them to repaire to theire lodginges, & in case they obstinately refuse to giue a rationall accompt of theire busines, ore to repaire home, then to secure them vntill the morninge.

6. For as much as the watch is to see to the regulateinge of other men actions & manners, that theirefore they be exemplary themselues neither vseing any vncleane or corrupt language, nor ynmanerlye or vnbeseming tearmes into any, but that they behalie themselues soc that any person of quallitye, ore strangers y' ar vppon occation abroad late, may acknowledge that of watch neglects not due examination, nor offers any iust cause of proucation.

7. That the Towne house be in a spetiall manner regarded by ye watch to see y' none take tobacco or vse any fire vnder of about the same.

8. That any househoulder being lawfully warned to watch should either himselfe be absent, or not send a sufficient man in his roome ye Counstable may then hire them that are sufficient, & require yo penaltye of the law.

26 : 3 : 62. Att a metting of Capt. James Olliver, Edward Ranceford, Petter Olliver, Hezekiah Usher, Thomas Lake, Joshua Scottow & John Jollife.

Allex: Beck is ordered to see to the execution of ye order about Swine at Muddy ryuer.

16. 3. 62. The Lynne betwix' Linn & Boston was agreed vpon betwixt the Select men of each Towne as apears by Artickles bering date ye 12 May 1662.

[10.] 30: 4:62. Att a metting of M! John Jollife, James Olliver, Edward Ranceford, Petter Olliver, Hezekiah Usher, Tho.


Widdow Thomas fined 56. for permitting fier to be carred forth he' howse in an vnlawfull vessell, not couered, being breach of Towne order apears on the ould record fol. 149 [29: 4:58.] vppon further Testimonye Remitted.

That the Graunt of Cap Breedon wharfe for 21 yeare in the ould booke fol. 157 for 21 yeares, is augmented 10 yeares more for consideration of greater chardge then was first deputed. See

28. 5. 62. Att a meeting of Peter Olliver, James Olliver, Edward Rainsford & Josh. Scottow (blank in original]

25:6: 62. Att a metting of Thomas Lake, Joshua Scottow, Petter Olliver, Capt. Olliver, John Jollife, Edward Ranceford, Hezekiah Usher

Mr John Hayman hath libertye to make vse of the streett from Goodman Read house towerdes the watter side for to accommidate his trade leaueing sufficient way for Carts, duringe the Towne pleasuer.

The select men of the Towne of Boston hath graunted a lease to Joseph Bellnapp for 21 yeares for the peice of ground, exprest in the ould booke of records apeareing in fol. 135 for the summe of 8'. p. Annu as is theare Recorded, in consideration of raising ye stonne wall sufficiently to secuer the hye way.

Petter Olliuer, James Olliuer, Edward Ranceford by the apointm of the rest of the select men layed out the hye-way goeing to the new winde mill att the Sowth end of the Towne, And it is thus bounded, from the corner of William Leatherland Fence alonge pe winde mille Fence; and soe alonge vppon the Beech 14 foott brood.

Att a metting of the Select men, Cap' Tho: Savadge, Cap Thomas Clarke, Cap' James Oliver being apointed to order the way to Center hill as apears by order made ye 20 Aug 1660 : In consideration of the hyeway which should runn through Leut Turner ground one a stright line from M' Haugh house to Centry hill, And one part

of the said high way the said Leut Turners house now stand which is graunted to hime and his beyres for euer.

In consideration whearof, he layes out a high way of the same breedth direct from the Centery hill to the Common betwenn his orchard and Thomas Millers feild, And the hill on which the Beacon stands remaines to the Towne, being 6 Rod square, only the feede of the said 6 Rood square The sd Robert Turner is to haue during the Towne pleasure as allsoe the feed of the above gd highway.

29. 7. 62. Att a metting of Hezekiah Usher, Thomas Lake, Joshua Scottow, Capt. Olliver, John Jollife, Edward Ranceford, Petter Olliver

Nathaniell Milles & Thomas Alline ar each of them fined 5'. a peice for breach of a Towne order in openinge shopps in the Towne before theay weare regularly admitted inhabitants in the said Towne.

And its Further ordered that the above said Nathaniell Mills and Thomas Alline are liable to paye the same finne from time to time for each day theay open shopp befor theay be first orderly admitted inhabitants in the Towne.

Cap' James Oliuer Is heareby ordered to pay out of the Towne Treasurye 25€. for the p'sent releefe of Will. Ockenton.'

[11.] Itt is further Ordered that Joshua Scottow is to treat with Mr Tyīlie for the present releefe of Elizabeth Pickett & to supply her in her p'sent straite and in future.

Vppon complaint of seuerall Inhabitants with reference to a former graunt and liberty graunted to Mr John Hayman to make vse of the high way from Esdras Read corner towerds the watter side.

Yett notwithstandinge wee see cause to continnue the same liberty vntell the next springe, duringe which time he is only to make fishing linnes. if not mett Incourdgm', then to leaue the Towne betwix® this and the last of Aprill next.

23:8: 62. Att a mettinge of the Selectmen Leu Turner & Ensigne Hull are deputed to Joine wth Cambridge and Dedham men to laye out the high way between Dedham and Cambridge.

27. 8. 62. Att a mettinge of Edward Ranceford, Petter Olliver, James Olliver, John Jollife, Thomas Lake, Joshua Scottow, Hezekia, Usher

Orders for the Bellman : You are to walke through and about the Twne from 12 clocke at nighte to 5 in the morning and if you see any extreordnary light or fier in any house of vesselles you are to repaire to the same. And as the danger may be soe giue notis of the same. If you see any light in any Vessell att any of the dockes or Creekes, Command them Oute, And speake to all houses wbeare you see any light to haue a care of them, except you know the occation of theare keping the said lighte.

In case of any disorder in any house vessell of street &c. which yo" iudge dangerious yo" ar to informe the next Counstable of ye 24. 9. 62. Att a metting of Petter Olliver, John Jollife, James Olliver, Tho. Lake, Joshua Scottow, Hezekiah Usher, Edward Ranceford.


This day a raite made for Country, County, and Towne occasions to the sume of £576. 11'. and directed to the Counstables to be forthwith levied.

29: 10: 62. Att a mettinge of John Jollife, James Olliver, Thomas Lake, Joshua Scottow, Hezekiah Usher, Edward Ranceford, Petter Olliver.

Ann Carter complaining of Francis Smith for the shuttinge vpp of the lower roīne of his new building that she hath not the priuiledg of landeing goods according to the libertye of her house. Itt is ordered that the said Francis Smith shall laye it open for the libertye shee claims vnles the sa Ann Carter & Francis Smith compound about the same, that being done the sd Francis Smith is further to agree with the Selectmen for a yearly rent for the Towne vse.

Itt is Ordered that Mathew Coy be allowed £10. out of the Towne Treasuery for his Chryrourgery in the healinge of William Ockington, thighe.

Itt is Ordered that Doctor Stonne be allowed £3. 14°. out of the Towne Treasurye for ministring phissick and Chirurgery to Goodman Fauor att Rumny Marsh.

Wm Cotton, John Bumstead, Zachery Philips, each man fined 5'. a pes for thear Chymnyes fyringe, to be payed to the Towne Treasuerer.

Vppon the Complaint of some of the neighbours of the defect and insufficiency of the Chymny that belong to Goodwife Haile house belonging to M' Symond Lynde, Itt is ordered that M'Linde forthwith see that the said Chymny be repayred and made sufficient by the 20 day of Jan, next, one the forfitur [11.] of 20'. a week weekly.

26. 11. 62. Att a metting of Capt. James Olliver, Joshua Scottow, Thomas Lake, Hez. Usher, Petter Olliver, Edward Ranceford, John Jollife, Itt is Ordered that Mr Catherne

shall be allowed 40'. for the payme of her rent out of the Towne Treasurye.

Widdow Beamsely makeing a motion to the selectment for stilling strong watters & retailing of the same, considering it hath ben a former Imploym* & necessitye of her famely releafe call for it doe conceiue it mett to graunt her request, and humbly leaue it to the Hond Court to confirme the same.

Capt Thomas Sauadge, Cap' Wm Dauis, Edward Ranceford, ar appointed to meett att John White house att Muddy Ryuer one the 16 day of Feb. next. who haue pouer to treat & conclude accordinge to lawe with such parsons whome the Towne of Cambridge shall theathe send, about the Common high wayes hetwix Boston and Cambridg & make returne of ye same.

Wm Parks, John Pearepoint, Thomas Weld are made choice of

by the Select men of Boston, to meett at the same place, and time to ioyne with the persons aboue mentioned for the concluding & determing the high wayes betwixt Boston and Cambridge.

16:12: 62. Accordinge to Towne order Capt Thomas Sauadge, Cape Wm Dauis and Mr Edward Ranceford met at John White house, with M' Stedman, Mr Oke, Thomas Fox and Edward Shephard ; oweninge themselues a Committie sent by the Towne of Cambridge, who declarcing all former propositions or conclusions about the way in question null, After view of the seuerall wayes by them selues and allso by theare Frends of Roxsberry and debate of the matter, The Committees for the Towne of Boston and Cambridge not agreing, the Committee for the Towne of Boston, according to law referred its determination to Wm Parks, John Pearpoint, Thomas Weld theay being chosen for the next Towne of Roxberry.

16:12: 62. Wee Wm Parke, John Peirpoint and Thomas Weld being chosen to determine the highway leading from Cambridge thorough Boston bounds the Committees between the two Townes not agreeing, doe conclude that the sd way sball goe without the common feild by Goodman Deuotions and Goodman Steeuens houses and soe to Cambridge bounds as the ould way now runneth, where ynto the Committie of Boston concurred haueing left the same vnto vs in wittnes whereof the Committie subscribed theare handes, as apeares by the Originall:

23: 12: 62. Att a mettinge of Joshua Scottow, Capt. James Olliver, John Jollife, Edward Ranceford, Petter Olliver', Hezekiah Usher, Thomas Lake

The Couenant betwixt Christopher Parkus & Wm Hudshon bearing date the 11 Nov. 1655. was committed by M' Joshua Scottow vpon the request of Elizabeth Parkus his wife to the Selectmen of tiie Towne of Boston to be kept amongst the Towne records.

This day is lett out to Joseph Gridly one Acker of Ground att the end of M' Collbourne fence for the tearme of 21 yeare to make brickes, for which hee is to allow 30%. yearely, to be payed att or befor the last of March to the Treasurer of the Towne of Boston And to raise and maintaine a sufficient Fence, about the saide Land for the p'uenting of any dammadge either of man or beast during the tearme of 21 yeares, and att the end of the saide terme to be deliuered into the Townes hand with wtt building is theare one erected and sufficiently Fenced to the Towne acceptance for which deeds are to be made

[12.] Cape Thomas Sauadge hath graunted ynto hime and his heires for ever the parsell of land leased vnto Wm Blantine for 7 yeares, as apeares the 29. 2mo. 1661. in this Book of Records foli 3.

The dementions of the said land is 8 Rodd 6 foot 4 inches in front next the highway and in lenght downe to the sea so farr as other lotts thereabout bounded, hee the said Thomas Sauadge is to receiue the 14' rent the sd. Wm. Blanton is to pay after March next

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