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gwer'd my kind expressions with a present of ten fine horses, well harness'd, and I gave him seven hatchets, with a set of glasses.

We left their country, May 29, and advanc'd within a day's journey of the Palaquessons, where we were inform'd that the last colony establish'd by M. de la Salk on the coast of the gulph of Mexico, not having been able to maintain it self in a perfect union, was quite dispers'd; that some were intermixed with the savages, and that others found means to get to the French plantations in other places. Therefore not judging it expedient to seek for 'em where they were no longer to be found, I took a resolution to return the same way I came. In the mean while T endeavour'd to pass to the village of Coroas, but a prodigious inundation happening, by reason of the extraordinary rains, which continu'd for three days successively, we were involv'd in the greatest streight imaginable: for the water every where rose up to the middle leg at least; insomuch, that we were forc'd to sleep, and to make fires on thick trees, and we thought ourselves happy, in being then provided with cassave, beef, and venison: we continu'd three or four days in this forlorn condition, but as good luck would have it, we discover'd a small island, which the waters had not as yet overflow'd, and we retir'd thither for a day and a night: our horses were somewhat recruited there, and the ground being suddenly dry'd by the excessive heat of the season, and of the climate, we got up in a day's journey to the village of Coroas. I cannot sufficiently express the noble entertainment we met with among those people who employ'd several persons every day in fishing and hunting, on pur^ pose to treat us, and supply'd us with abundance of pullets, geese, pigeons, and turkeys. But that which redoubled my joy is, that two of those French men, whom I sought for among the Nouadiches, were luckily found here; and that I had so favourable an opportunity to re-unite 'em to my company.

I took my leave of the Coroas, July 20th, and arriv'd on the 31st, in the territories of the Akancea's, where I was seiz'd with a fever, which oblig'd me to stay there till August 15. After I had a little recover'd my strength, I set forward again in my journey to the country of the Illinois, and arriv'd there in the month of September. Thus the treaty of peace concluded between the Taensa's and the Nachitoches; the pleasure of being most kindly entertain'd by all the savage people; and the satisfaction of bringing back two French men, whom I had given over for lost; were the fruits of my last voyage.

By this relation one may take an estimate of the riches and beauty of all those countries, inhabited by so many people, that are all in a manner already brought under subjection, and who have a perfect idea of the grandeur of our monarch. It cannot be conceiv'd how much that continent abounds, as well in all sorts of grain and fruit, as in variety of cattel. "Tis surrounded on all sides with great seas, the shoars of which are very deep, and seem to present us with natural ports; insomuch, that three or four havens on the gulph of Mexico would undoubtedly secure for us the possession of those territories. The French are generally so well belov'd, that to make themselves masters of 'em, they have nothing to do but to settle there incontinently, and to plant their colonies. What is wanting, may be transported thither by our vessels; as in like manner what is wanting in our country, may be brought us from thence. For 4

from those parts we have our principal stores of skins; we might also get silks, timber for ships, and divers other commodities. If there be a scarcity of corn and wine, 'tis less occasion'd by the defect of the soil, than for want of the improvement of husbandry. Lastly, to procure all the treasures of nature, 'tis only requisite to bestow some pains in seeking for 'em, and to improve 'em when found. Such is the state of affairs in that country: God grant that a happy and lasting peace may soon put us in possession, and secure us ia the enjoyment of these advantages.

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