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The present as well as the first volume of Transactions is the outcome of a desire to give to the medical profession in general a summary of the status of many topics which have claimed especial study both abroad and at home. The aim has been to make the subjects practically valuable, without an assumption of undue dogmatism or an attempt to arbitrarily settle disputed claims. The papers as published reflect, of course, the convictions of the authors, and as such carry with themselves their own influence as well as their individuality. They are the work of a modest, industrious, yet withal authoritative element in the profession, which for divers reasons has been silent and heretofore content to leave no legacy to posterity. A proof has at length been given that the busy practitioner can spare a moiety of his time in the cause of mutual enlightenment, and the zeal for the common good that has been displayed encourages the hope that the present volume will constitute one of a very long series. It is not too much to say that the papers read at the first annual meeting, excellent as they were, have now been paralleled both in interest and in importance.

In order that the time of the reader may be economized, pains have been taken to make the index as full as possible, even to the extent of pointing out mere items of intelligence and bringing them under their proper classification. A ready plan is thus afforded to those who can not consecutively read the papers presented, and in some respects may supply the place of an epitome on the more recent topics of the hour. The names of authorities are also mentioned in the scheme as thus prepared, with their views duly and succinctly credited.

A reference to the obituary page is solicited, as being a simple record of the worth of those whose names will recall many pleasant memories, mingled with the regret that their voices are no longer to be heard in work and counsel. Some of these have been “nipped by an untimely frost,” while others have been garnered, ripe with years and honors. Some have fallen with a mere promise of what they might have been, others have left a fame which has gone beyond our seas. All were averse to ostentatious display, and all deserve the tribute of a tear in secret.


*** The Third Annual Meeting of the Association will be held in New York city, November 16, 17, and 18, 1886.


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Officers and Council for 1885–86


Officers of the Branch Associations .


List of Fellows in Attendance at Second Annual Meeting


Delegates from other Associations and Invited Guests in Attendance


Address of Welcome and Report of the Committee of Arrangements. Dr. JOAN
W. S. GOULEY, of New York County


President's Annual Address.-Relations of the State to Medical Science. Dr.

John P. GRAY, of Oneida County


An Address on State Medicine. Dr. A. L. Carrozl, of Richmond County 42

Tubercular Consumption.-Is it ever inherited ? Dr. H. D. DIDAMA, of Onon-
daga County

Psoitis and Peripsoitis—Their Pathology and Differential Diagnosis. Dr. S. T.
Clark, of Niagara County


Shock; or the Effects of Injuries to the Nervous System. Dr. Charles W.

Brown, of Chemung County


Report of a Case of Insanity following Gunshot Injury to the Head; Cerebral

Cyst; Aspiration; Recovery. Dr. C. F. MacDONALD, of Cayuga County 104

Rupture of the Vagina through Douglas's cul-de-sac, at the First Coitus. Dr. R.
H. SABIN, of Albany County

Medico-Legal Bearing of Pelvic Injuries in Women. Dr. ELY VAN DE WAR-
KER, of Onondaga County


DISCUSSION ON PNEUMONIA : Questions relating to Acute Lobar Pneumonia.

Dr. Austin Flint, of New York County.


Question 1. Is acute lobar pneumonia a primary local inflammatory disease,

or is it an essential fever, the pulmonary affection being secondary thereto

and constituting its anatomical characteristic ? Dr. HENRY D. Didama, of
Onondaga County; Dr. F. W. Ross, of Chemung County .


Question 2. What facts and rational grounds, with our present knowledge,

can be cited in support of the doctrine that acute lobar pneumonia depends

on the presence of a specific micro-organism ? Dr. E. G. JANEWAY, of

New York County


Question 3. What conditions or circumstances incident to acute lobar pneu-

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monia tend to render the disease fatal? Dr. W. H. ROBB, of Montgomery

County ; Dr. H. M. Biggs, of New York County


Question 4. Are there known remedies or therapeutic measures capable of

arresting this disease, or of exerting a curative influence by either short-

ening its duration or conducing in any way to a favorable termination ?

Dr. Thomas F. ROCHESTER, of Erie County; Dr. ELY VAN DE WARKER, of

Onondaga County


Question 5. Is blood-letting ever indicated in this discase, and, if so, what

are the circumstances indicating and contraindicating this measure of

treatment? Dr. Simeon T. Clark, of Niagara County ; Dr. CHARLES S.

Wood, of New York County


Question 6. Is alcohol useful in the treatment of cases of acute lobar pneu-

monia, and, if so, what are the indications for its use, and how is its use

to be regulated as regards the quantity given, etc. ? Dr. John Shrady, of

New York County; Dr. E. D. FERGUSON, of Rensselaer County


Question 7. To what extent is it safe and useful to employ antipyretic

measures of treatment in cases of acute lobar pneumonia, inclusive of the

cold bath, sponging the body, or the wet sheet ? Dr. Gaspar GRISWOLD,

of New York County; Dr. Charles G. Stockton, of Erie County; Dr. WM.

S. FULLER, of Monroe County .


Question 8. Do relapses of acute lobar pneumonia ever occur during or

shortly after convalescence, and does this disease involve any special lia-

bility to other diseases or sequels ? Dr. John G. Orton, of Broome County. 210

Address on some of the Relations of Physiology to the Practice of Medicine.

Dr. Austin Flint, JR., of New York County


Recto-labial and Vulvar Fistulæ. Dr. Isaac E. TAYLOR, of New York County. 240

Recurring Luxations. Dr. E. D. Moore, of Monroe County


The Significance of certain Symptoms in Hernial Strangulations, and Rules for

Treatment. Dr. FREDERICK IIYDE, of Cortland County


Medicinal and Dietetic Therapeutics of the Common Forms of Chronic Intesti-

nal Catarrh. Dr. John S. JAMISON, of Steuben County


A Cursory Review of the Epidemic and Endemic Diseases of Sullivan County

during the last Thirty-four Years. Dr. Isaac Purdy, of Sullivan County. 296

Removal of an Enterolith.—Presentation of the Specimen. Dr. W. B. Sabin,

of Albany County


Commercial Prescriptions. Dr. HENRY Van Zandt, of Schenectady County 307

Prophylaxis. Dr. Isaac DE ZOUCHE, of Fulton County


Address on Pathology. Dr. EDWARD G. JANEWAY, of New York County 321

A Case of Poisoning by Two Grains of Strychnia. — Treatment, Chloral Hydrate

and Coffee. Dr. WILLIAM FITCH, of Tompkins County


A Case of Gall-stones, Patent and Concealed.-Exploratory Laparotomy with

Autopsy Ten Weeks later. Dr. WilLIAM WOTKYNS SEYmour, of Rensse-

laer County


The Therapy of the Chlorides.--Antiseptics a Prominent and Important Factor

in their Medicinal Action. Dr. Nelson L. North, of Kings County . 342

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