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At length Ambition urg'd his country's wea!,
Asuming the fair look of public Zeal;
Still in his breast fo generous glow'd the flame,
The vice, when there, a virtue half became. 560
His pitying eye faw millions in distress,
He deem'd it.godlike to have power to blefs :
Thus, when unguarded, treason stain'd him o'er ;
And virtue and content were then no more.

But when to death by rigorous justice doom’d, 565
His genuine fpirit faint-like state resum'd,
Oft from soft penitence diftilld a tear;
Oft hope in heavenly mercy lighten’d fear;
Oft would a drop from struggling nature fall,
And then a smile of patience brighten all. 570

He seeks in heaven a friend, nor seeks in vain.
His guardian angel swift defcends again ;
And resolution thus bespeaks a mind,
Not scorning life, yet all to death refign'd;
-Ye chains, fit only to restrain the will

Of common, delperate veterans in ill,
Though rankling on my limbs ye lie, declare,
Did e'er my rising soul your pressure wear?
No !—free as liberty, and quick as light,
To worlds remote she takes unbounded flight.
Ye dungeon-glooms, that dim corporeal eyes,
Could ye once blot her prospect of the skies?
No !—from her clearer fight ye


away, Like error, pierc'd by truth's resiltless ray. Ye walls, that witness my repentant moan ! 585 Ye echoes, that to midnight forrows groan!



Do I, in wrath, to you of fate complain ?
Or once betray fear's most inglorious pain ?
No! -Hail, twice hail then, ignominious death!
Behold how willing glides my parting breath!

Far greater, better far--ay, far inded!
Like me, have suffer'd, and like me will bleed.
Apostles, patriarchs, prophets, martyrs all,
Like me once fell, nor murmur'd at their fall.
Shall I, whose days, at bes, no ill design'd, 595
Whose virtue shone not, though I lov'd mankind,
Shall I, now guilty wretch, fall I repine ?
Ah, no! to justice let me life resign!
Quick, as a friend, would I embrace my foe !
He taught me patience, who first taught me woe; 600.
But friends are foes, they render woe severe,
For me they wail, from me extort the tear.
Not those, yet absent, missive griefs control ;
These periods weep, those rave, and these condole,
At entrance shrieks a friend, with pale surprize ; 605
Another panting, prostrate, speechless lies;
One gripes my hand, one fobs upon my breast !
Ah, who can bear ?-it hocks, it murders rest!
And is it yours, alas ! my friends to feel ?
And is it mine to comfort, mine to heal ? 610
Is mine the patience, yours the bofom ftrife ?
Ah! would rash love lure back my thoughts to life?
Adieu, dear, dangerous mourners ! swift depart !
Ah, fly me! Ay!-I tear ye from my heart.

Ye saints, whom fears of death could ne'er control, In my last hour compose, support my soul !





See my blood wash repented sin
Receive, receive me to eternal day!

With words like these the destin'd hero dies,
While angels waft his foul to happier skies. 620

Distinction now gives way; yet on we talk, Fuil darkness deepening o’er the formless walk. Night treads not with light Itup the dewy gale, Nor bright-distends her (tar-embroider'd veil ; Her leaden feet, inclement damps distil, Clouds íhut her face, black winds her vesture fill; An earth-born meteor lights the fable skies, Eastward it Moots, and, funk, forgotten dies. So pride, that rose from dust to guilty power, Glares out in vain; fo duft mall pride devour. 630

Fishers, who yonder brink by torches gain, With teethful tridents strike the scaly train. Like snakes in eagles' claws, in vain they strive, When heav'd alcft, and quivering yet alive.

While here, methought, our time in converse pass'd, The moon clouds mufied, and the night wore fast. At prowling wolves was heard the mastiff's bay, And the warn'd master's arms forbad the prey! Thus treason steels, the patriot thus descries, Forth springs the monarch, and the mischief flies. 640

Paleylow-worms glimmer'd through the depth of night, Scattering, like hope through fear, a doubtful light. Lone Philomela tun'd the filent grove, With penfive pleasure listend wakeful Love, Plaf.dreaming Fancy form’d an angel's tongue, 645 - Pain forgot to groan, fo sweet Me sung.




The Night-crone, with the melody alarm’d,
Now pausid, now liften'd, and awhile was charm’d;
But like the man, whose frequent-stubborn will
Resists what kind, seraphic sounds instil,
Her heart the love inspiring voice repellid,
Her breast with agitating mischief swellid;
Which clos'd her ear, and tempted to destroy
The tuneful life, that charms with virtuous joy.

Now fast we measure back the trackless way;
No friendly stars directive beams display.
But lo!-a thousand lights shoot instant

Yon kindling rock reflects the ftartling blaze.
I stand astonish'd--thus the hermit cries :
Fear not, but listen with enlarg'd furprize!

Still must these hours our mutual converse claim,
And cease to echo ftill Olympia's name ;
Grots, rivulets, groves, Olympia's name forget,
Olympia now no fighing winds repeat.
Can I be mortal, and those hours no more,
Those amorous hours, that plaintive echoes bore ?
Am I the fame? Ah no !-Behold a mind,
Unruffled, firm, exalted, and refind!
Late months, that made the vernal season gay,
Saw my health languish off in pale decay. 670
No racking pain yet gave disease a date ;
No sad, presageful thought preluded fate :
Yet number'd were my days-My destin'd end
Near, and more near-Nay, every fear suspend !
I pass'd a weary, lingering, deepless night :
Then rose, to walk in morning's earliest light:



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But few my steps-a faint, and cheerless few!
Refreshment from my flagging spirits flew.
When, low, retir'd beneath a cypress shade,
My limbs upon a flowery bank I laid,

Soon by fuft-creeping, murmuring winds compos’d,
A number press'd my languid eyes-They clos'd :
But clos'd not long-Methought Olympia fpoke;
Thrice loud the callid, and thrice the fluinber broke.
I wak'd. Forth-gliding froin a neighbouring wood, 685
Full in my view the Madowy charmer stood.
Rapturous I started up to clasp the shade ;
But stagger’d, fell, and found my vitals fade :
A mantling chillness o'er my bosom spread,
As if that instant number'd with the dead.

690 Her voice now fent a far, imperfect found, When in a swimming trance my fangs were drownd. Still farther off the call'd~With soft surprize, I turn'd--but void of strength, and aid to rise ; Short, shorter, shorter yet, my breath I drew : Then up my struggling foul unburthen'd flew. Thus from a ftate, where fin and grief abide, Heaven fummond me to mercythus I died.

He faid. Th' asteniment with which I start, Like bolted ice runs fhivering through my heart. 700 Art thou not mortal then? I cried. But lo! His raiment lightens, and his features glow! In fhady ringlets falls a length of hair; Embloom'd his aspect shines, enlarg'd his air. Mild from his eyes enlivening glories beam; 705 on his brow fits majefty fupreme.




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