The Works of the English Poets: With Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, Volume 46

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Samuel Johnson
C. Bathurst, 1779
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Halaman 78 - Griev'd I forgive, and am grown cool too late; Young and unthoughtful then, who knows one day What ripening virtues might have made their way!
Halaman 78 - He might have fav'd fome worth, now doom'd to fall ; And I, perchance, in him, have murder'd all. O fate of late Repentance ! always vain : Thy remedies but lull undying pain. Where...
Halaman 92 - Two Fathers join'd to rob my Claim of one ! My Mother too thought fit to have no Son ! The Senate next...
Halaman 39 - Can its foot sharpen, like the vulture's claw? Can the fond goat, or tender fleecy dam, Howl, like the wolf, to tear the kid, or lamb? Yes, there are mothers...
Halaman 76 - tis to you My thanks for such distinguish'd claims are due ; You, unenslav'd to Nature's narrow laws, Warm championess for freedom's sacred cause, From all the dry devoirs of blood and line, . From ties maternal, moral and divine, Discharg'd my grasping soul ; push'd me from shore, And launch'd me into life without an oar.
Halaman 80 - Her fmile more cheerful than a vernal morn, All life ! all bloom ! of Youth and Fancy born. Touch'd into joy, what hearts to her fubmit ! She looks her Sire, and fpeaks her Mother's wit. O'er the gay world the fweet infpirer reigns . Spleen flies, and Elegance her pomp fuftains.
Halaman 49 - Whence, beam'd from sapphires, living azure plays; The liquid floor, in-wrought with pearls divine, Where all his labours in...
Halaman 182 - Boast petty courts, whence rules new rigour draw, Unknown to Nature's and to statute-law ; Quirks that explain all saving rights away, To give th' attorney and the catchpoll prey.
Halaman 16 - Induftry is all with Beauty crown'd ! He, He alone, explores the Mine for Gain, Hues the hard Rock, or harrows up the Plain ; He forms the Sword to...
Halaman 66 - He deem'd it godlike to have power to blefs : Thus, when unguarded, treafon ftain'd him o'er; And virtue and content were then no more. But when to death by rigorous...

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