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Availability of Records for the
Eleventh Census of the United States, 1890


M407, 3 rolls

Most of the 1890 population schedules were badly damaged by fire in the U.S. Department of Commerce Building in January 1921. The extant schedules are numbered and noted at the end of rolls 1-3 below.

• Roll 1. Alabama, Perry County (Perryville Beat No. 11

and Severe Beat No. 8) (fragments 1-455)

• Roll 2. District of Columbia, Q, 13th, 14th, R, Q, Corco

ran, 15th, S, R, and Riggs Streets, Johnson Avenue, and S Street. (fragments 456-781)

INDEX TO THE ELEVENTH CENSUS OF THE UNITED STATES, 1890 M496. 2 rolls, 16-mm This name index covers the few extant 1890 population schedules. Numbers on the cards match those listed at the end of rolls 1-3 of M407 above. 1. A-J 2. K-Z SPECIAL SCHEDULES OF THE ELEVENTH CENSUS (1890) ENUMERATING UNION VETERANS AND WIDOWS OF UNION VETERANS OF THE CIVIL WAR M123. 118 rolls An act of March 1, 1899, provided that the eleventh census should “cause to be taken on a special schedule of inquiry, according to such form as he may prescribe, the names, organizations, and length of service of those who had served in the Army, Navy, or Marine Corps of the United States in the war of the rebellion, and who are survivors at the time of said inquiry, and the widows of soldiers, sailors, or marines." Each schedule requested the following information: name of the veteran (or if he did not survive, the names of both the widow and her deceased husband): the veteran's rank, company, regiment or vessel, date of enlistment, date of discharge, and length of service in years, months, and days; post office and address of each person listed; disability incurred by the veteran; and remarks necessary to a complete statement of his term of service. Practically all of the schedules for the states Alabama through Kansas and approximately half of those for Kentucky appear to have been destroyed, possibly by fire, before the transfer of the remaining schedules to the National Archives in 1943. The surviving Kentucky records, and the records for the remaining states (Louisiana through Wyoming), and the District of Columbia, are available on 118 reels or microfilm at the National Archives.

• Roll 3. Georgia, Muscogee County (Columbus), Illinois,

McDonough County (Mound Twp.); Minnesota, Wright County (Rockford); New Jersey, Hudson County (Jersey City); New York, Westchester County (Eastchester); and Suffolk County (Brookhaven Twp.); North Carolina, Gaston County (South Point Twp. And River Bend Twp.) and Cleveland County (Twp. No. 2); Ohio, Hamilton County (Cincinnati) and Clinton County (Wayne Twp.); South Dakota, Union County (Jefferson Twp.); Texas, Ellis County (.P. No. 6, Mountain Peak, and Ovilla Precinct), Hood County (Precinct No. 5), Rusk County (No. 6 and J.P. No. 7), Trinity County (Trinity Town and Precinct No. 2) and Kaufman County (Kaufman). (fragments 782-1, 233]

Measuring America

Appendix C C-1


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