Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems

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Elsevier Health Sciences, 29 Jan 2015 - 1896 halaman
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Undergraduate Nursing Students Postgraduate Specialist Nursing Pathways (Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing) TAFE Bachelor of Nursing Program

Lewis s Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems, 4th Edition is the most comprehensive go-to reference for essential information about all aspects of professional nursing care of patients.

Using the nursing process as a framework for practice, the fourth edition has been extensively revised to reflect the rapid changing nature of nursing practice and the increasing focus on key nursing care priorities.

Building on the strengths of the third Australian and New Zealand edition and incorporating relevant global nursing research and practice from the prominent US title Medical-Surgical Nursing, 9th Edition, Lewis s Medical-Surgical Nursing, 4th Edition is an essential resource for students seeking to understand the role of the professional nurse in the contemporary health environment.

49 expert contributors from Australia and New Zealand Current research data and Australian and New Zealand statistics Focus on evidence-based practice Review questions and clinical reasoning exercises Evolve Resources for instructor and student, including quick quiz s, test banks, review questions, image gallery and videos. Chapter on current national patient safety and clinical reasoning Over 80 new and revised case studies Chapter on rural and remote area nursing Fully revised chapter on chronic illness and complex care Chapter on patient safety and clinical reasoning Greater emphasis on contemporary health issues, such as obesity and emergency and disaster nursing Australia and New Zealand sociocultural focus.

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Concepts in nursing practice
Pathophysiological mechanisms of disease
Perioperative care
Problems related to altered sensory input
Problems of oxygenation Ventilation
Problems of oxygenation Transport
Problems of oxygenation Perfusion
Problems of ingestion digestion absorption and elimination
Problems related to regulatory and reproductive mechanisms
Section 11 Problems related to movement and coordination
Section 12 Nursing care inspecialised settings
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and basic life support
Nursing diagnoses
Answer key to review questions
Image and text credits

Section 9 Problems of urinary function

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