Descendants of Henry Travers of London, England and Newbury, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

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N.H. Daniels, 1903 - 147 halaman

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Halaman 48 - Bounty Coat," or its equivalent in money, due for eight months
Halaman 19 - Alkigeance to pass for New England in the Mary dr* John of London Robert Sayres Master, 24th Mar.
Halaman 25 - ... by Jacob Davies and Isaack Steevens: "I macke my dafter Ann my tru and laful aire: and Soule Exsectetrecks and by this presenc do giue unto her my housses and lands and al my Right appearing in the Same towne and County a boue Saide: or whear so Euer Elce. And unto Rich goding : do I giue the Sowrd and belt that he traineth with and also one pound ten Shillings to be paid out of the Estat. And to Antany Bennet my Suninlaw do I giue one grat bibel which was his father's with al my working towls...
Halaman 26 - ... my Dafter ann do dy without an Aire : borne of her one body and lawfully begotten then do I giue her pour to mack an air whomme she will or to dispose of it to houm she pleseth. And I do apoynt william hasskel senior and James Steuens and Jacob Daues of gloster to be her ouerseers : and do giue them ful pour to ordar and dispos of her as if I my Self wear present : and to bring hir up in the fear of god : and also do giue them ful pour to ordor and dispos of the Estat to her best aduantage.
Halaman 23 - That whereas Henry Travers, my husband, went away to England from mee seaven years agone, and left mee two children ; my Daughter was of the age of ten years, and my son not full three years of age. He...
Halaman 23 - Marsh, and all the household stuff we had, only he gave me a bed and a Coverlet which was very meane, and also I and my children was very mean in apparell, and this was the whole estate of my husband. I had not so much as an house to dwell in, and left me also five pounds in debt. And since he went I have not heard of him but once, which is five years since.
Halaman 15 - Devon, which he held until his death in 1620. He married, on July 25, 1580, Alice, daughter of John Hooker of Exeter, and sister to Richard Hooker, Master of the Temple. This fact explains a sentence in Walter Travers's Supplication to the Lords of the Council (Hooker's Works, iii.
Halaman 22 - ... is owing to me and all my other goods which is not dispose of which in all I Judg will be as good a porcion as on of the Children and mor and my debts being paid. Likewis my will is that my wife shall have the Increase and Incom of my Estate of both the Children untill they be twelve yere ould...
Halaman 2 - In the time of the Conqueror, Robert de Travers or d'Estrivers, Baron of Burgh-upon-Sands, married the daughter of...

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