Farm Population of the United States

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The Bureau, 1987
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Halaman 25 - March of 1970, 1975, 1980, and 1985 from the Current Population Survey (CPS) conducted by the Bureau of the Census and from supplementary questions to the CPS.
Halaman 20 - A household includes the related family members and all the unrelated persons, if any, such as lodgers, foster children, wards, or employees who A-2 share the housing unit. A person living alone in a housing unit or a group of unrelated persons sharing a housing unit as partners is also counted as a household.
Halaman 22 - Data on consumer income collected in the CPS by the Bureau of the Census cover money income received (exclusive of certain money receipts such as capital gains) before payments for personal income taxes, Social Security, union dues, Medicare deductions, etc. Therefore, money income does not reflect the fact that some families receive part of their income in the form of noncash benefits such as food stamps, health benefits...
Halaman 20 - South: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.
Halaman 25 - ... weighted sample results to independent estimates of the civilian noninstitutional population of the United States by age, race, and sex. These independent estimates were based on statistics from the 1960 Census of Population; statistics of births, deaths, immigration and emigration; and statistics on the strength of the Armed Forces.
Halaman 25 - Data reliability The data in this bulletin are estimates from a scientifically selected probability sample. There are two types of errors possible in an estimate based on a sample survey, sampling and nonsampling. Sampling errors occur because observations come only from a sample and not from an entire population. The sample used for this survey is one of a number of possible samples of the same size that could have been selected using the sample design. Estimates derived from the different samples...
Halaman 22 - Money received from the sale of property, such as stocks, bonds, a house, or a car (unless the person was engaged in the business of selling such property, in which case the net proceeds would be counted as income from self -employ ment); (2) withdrawals of bank deposits; (3) money borrowed; (4) tax refunds; (5) gifts; and (6) lump-sum inheritances or insurance payments.
Halaman 23 - The poverty index is based solely on money income and does not reflect the fact that many low-income persons receive noncash benefits such as food stamps, medicaid, and public housing.
Halaman 20 - The general concept of a metropolitan area is one of a large population nucleus, together with adjacent communities which have a high degree of economic and social integration with that nucleus.
Halaman 25 - Nonsampling variability. Nonsampling errors can be attributed to many sources, eg, inability to obtain information about all cases in the sample, definitional difficulties, differences in the interpretation of questions, inability or unwillingness...

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