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A list of reliable and enterprising firms who guarantee
to give you the best of anything of each special line.

Acetylene Gas Machines--Suitable for any Advertising Novelties (Celluloid), Signs,

building or group of buildings anywhere - all Buttons, and Campaign Badges. capacities. Search Lights, Burners, etc. Recipi BALDWIN & GLEASONN CO., Ltd., 58 and 60 ents of Gold Medal, Pan-American Exposition, 1901. Reade St., New York. Steel Plate Engraving.

J. B. COLT CO., Dept. W, 21 Barclay St., N.Y. Lithographing. Commercial and Color Printing Accountant,

Aluminum and Leather Artificial Limb

Accountant and Auditor.
Surrogates' accountings a specialty.

1300 Broadway, corner 34th St., New York.

Leather lacing socket always fits the stump. Used 214 Broadway, New York City.

without pain to the wearer.

Artesian Wells.
Rapid Addressing Machine Co.,

Dun Building,

Engineers. Drilled and Driven Wells, Foundation 290 Broadway,

Borings, Drainage, Diamond Drill, Core Work, and New York. Complete Water Works, by contract or franchise.

Bowling Green Building, 11 Broadway, New York.
Advertising Agencies.

Telephone, 1566 Broad.
General Advertising Agency,

66Artificial Human Eyes”-Made to order. 108 Times Building,

Large stock on hand. Supply all eye infirmaries New York City.

of Greater New York and vicinity. Terms reason

able. Write for particulars. Established 1853. Building, New York. Newspaper, Magazine, Pos- Artificial Limbs-C. A. FREES, 853 Broadway,

WM. A. MOLL, Advertising Agency, 104 Times MAGER & GOUGELMANN, 104 E. 12th St., N. Y.
ter, and Car Advertising. Artistic and effective de-
signs preparec and estimates submitted. Lowest Limbs, Extensions for Shortened Limbs, Appli-

N. Y. (cor, 14th St.), manufacturer of Artificial
rates and best service.
mapped out and advice given as to best mediums ances for Deformed and Paralyzed Limbs, Crutches
and methods,

and Elastic Stockings. Catalogues free.

Asbestos Materials-R. M. Gilmour Mfg. Co. All kinds of advertising prepared and placed by Asbestos Materials, Standard Hair Felts and M. DE LEVANTE'S AGENCY, American Tract Mineral Wool, Asbestos and Magnesia, Pipe CoverSociety Bldg., Spruce and Nassau Sts., City.

ings, Cements, Fibres, Board Sheathings, Paper,

Packings, Paints, Roofing, for sale or applied. 84 THOS. DUNNE, Special Representative. John St., New York.

Assayers and Chemists-Ricketts & Banks,

Assays and Analyses of Ores, Minerals, Metals, Waters, and other materials, Examinations of min

eral properties and mines. Tests of ores to deterADVERTISING AGENCY

mine best method of treatment. 104 John St., N. Y. GENERAL &

Astrologer-Trial horoscope 12c, Lucky

Birthstone free. Send date of birth and ADVERTISING

three questions, Full life readings from

cradle to grave, 50c., $1.00. Personal con509 TEMPLE 5-7-9 BEEKMAN

sultation daily. Gonzales, 236 Bergen St. COURT

Brooklyn, N. Y!



Astrology MME. A. 163 CORTLANDT

One true life reader, CITY

For trial Horoscope send 12c, and date of birth. This Agency will furnish LISTS of NEWSPAPERS, Complete life reading in Spanish or English by MAGAZINES and PUBLICATIONS, throughout the U.S. mail. Scientific Palmistry. Personal consultation, and Canadas, and will prepare, free of charge, an es 50c. upward. Full assortment of Occult Books and timate of cost for any desired line of advertising.

Fortune-Telling Cards on hand, Send for prices. ADVERTISEMENTS PREPARED by skilled designers. 63 East 125th St., N. Y.

A successful business experience of 25 years, is at the command of our clients at all times free.

Autographic Registers-Autographic RegisIndorsed by American Publishers Association, and by individual publishers throughout the country, as

ters and Manifolding Devices, Autographic Regreliable and responsible.

ister Co., salesroom and factory, 430 West 14th St., Write us, or call, when you have ADVERTISING un

New York City. Send for catalogues of latest upder consideration. We can save you money.

to-date Loose-Leaf Systems and Filing Devices,

Our experts advise gratis.

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A list of reliable and enterprising firms who guarantee
to give you the best of anything of each special line

Auctioneers and Real Estate-Richard V. Boilers and Ovens-MEIER BROS., Successors

Harnett, Henry W. Donald, Edward L. King, to Anton Meier, Bakers' Oven Builders and Edward C, Martin, Menzo Diefendorf. Cable ad- Boiler Setters. Mason work in general. Repairdress, "Harnett," New York. Telephone, 1204 Cort- ing promptly attended to. landt, Richard V. Harnett & Co. (incorporated),

Office, 351 West 39th St., New York. Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, 71 and 73 Liberty Street, New York. Money loaned on bond Bottlery Supplies-Budde & Westermann. Est. and mortgage. Auction sale of stocks and bonds 1872-Bottles, Flasks, Demijohns, Corks, Caps, every Tuesday at 12.30.

Labels, Cases, Straw Covers, Foil, Faucets, etc.;
Bottling Machinery, Bar Glassware, Hotel China,

etc. Awnings.

50 and 52 Vesey St., New York. JOHN SULLIVAN & SON, 356 Hudson St., New York, Manufacturers of Awnings, Tents, and Flags;

Brokers-JACOB BERRY & CO., Nos. 44 and 46

Broadway, N. Y. A commission house working Waterproof Horse, Truck, and Merchandise Covers. Waterproofing for the trade, Bow Covers one of

in the interests of clients. Accept accounts of all

sizes for dealing in Stocks, Grain, and Cotton, Send our specialties. Noiseless Window Covers.

for book describing these markets, daily or weekly

reports, and fluctuation sheets. Tel., 2208 Broad, Bicycles-WILLIS PARK ROW BICYCLE CO.

Bicycles, Bicycle Tires, and Sundries of every de Broom Corn-W, A, Shepard, Broom Corn and scription. Small profit and quick_sales our motto. Broom Makers' Supplies for Home and Export Wholesale and retail. Store: 23 Park Row; retail Trade, Send for Price List. 150 Nassau St., N, Y. store, 110 to 116 Nassau St., near Ann.


150 Nassau St, New York, Billiard, Pool, Bagatelle Tables,

Cameras and Lenses-Kodaks, Premos, Pocos, and Supplies appertaining.

and a number of other makes always on hand at L. DEOKER(Established 1850),

lowest prices. Send stamp for “Bargain list.” 105 East 9th St., New York.

Catalogue Free.

114 Fulton St., New York City, N. Y.

Biographical Sketches,

URANIA, a Chronicle of Events, Astro-Biographical Sketches of Noted People. One of Richard Croker. 10c. silver or 150, stamps. 153 Sixth Ave., New York, U. S. A.

Carpenter and Cabinet Maker-J, H, ADAM

SON, Carpenter and Cabinet Maker and General Woodworker, 57 Ann St., N. Y. Orders received and promptly executed in every branch of the building line. Jobbing attended to and estimates cheerfully given Telephone, 2648 John.

Bookbinders---A. NEHRBAS & SON, Practical Carpet Cleaning--The THOMAS J. STEWART

Bookbinders. Books of engravings and works of CO., Thomas J. Stewart, Pres. The leading Carpet art, libraries, magazines, law books, music, German Cleaners of the World, 1554 Broadway,

cor. 46th st., and Fronch books, etc., bound in neat, substantial New York; Erie and 5th sts., Jersey City; Storage styles at reasonable rates. 184-186 William st., nears Warehouses. Padded vans for removing furniture Spruco st., New York.

anywhere. Most complete and largest works in

existence. Bookbinding. Plain and Artistic,

F, ACKERMAN, 133 West 32d St., N, Y. In all Varieties of Leather.

Steam carpet cleaning, altering, and relaying HENRY BLACKWELL,

mattresses. Bedding renovated and made over, University Place, cor. 10th St., N. Y. City.

Telephone, 312 Mad,
The Truth Seeker Co., 28 Lafayette Place, New

CAREFUL CARPET CLEANING CO., York, supplies books by Ingersoll, Paine, Voltaire, 419, 421 and 423 East 48th St., 1558 Broadway. and all other infidel writers. Catalogue and copy Oarpets cleaned by steam, by hand, or on the floor, of Truth Seeker free. Send for them.

Coe & Brandt, Proprietors. Telephone, 132-28. Books and Stationery-Books sent to all parts of the world by mail. Delivery guaranteed.

J. & W. WILLIAMS, Send for free monthly balletin. Writing Papers,

353 West 54th St.

Established 1875. Engravings, Periodicals, French and German books. Brentano's, Union Sq., New York, Chicago, Wash- Telephone, 366 Columbus.

Send for prices. ington, and Paris.

Altering and Relaying.




A list of reliable and enterprising firms who guarantge
to give you the best of anything of each special lan

Caterer-A. CARDANI, Caterer and Confec- | Coal and Wood. tioner, 937 Sixth Ave., 765 Lexington Ave., N, Y.

JAMES H. PETTENGILL, Wedding Dinners, Receptions, etc., furnished with

Successor to Carpenter & Pettengill, every requisite. Cooks and waiters supplied.

408 West 14th Street, Telephone call, 205 Col. Branch Tel., 1253-79. Telephone, 962 18th St, Cemeteries,


R. G, DUN & CO.,

Dun Building,
Woodlawn Station

290 Broadway, New York and Harlem Railroad, 24th Ward.

New York. City Office, 20 East 23d St., New York.

Dancing-Miss McCabe, Dancing Academy, 21 Chandeliers.

E, 17th St., between 5th Ave, and Broadway. CONSOLIDATED CHANDELIER CO.,

Classes every afternoon and evening. Six private Manufacturers of Gas and Electric Fixtures,

lessons, any hour, $5; 4 lessons, $1 ; quarter, 24 lesBrass-Turned Fittings and Novelties,

sons, $5. Lady and gentleman assistants. Circulars. 409 to 415 E. 107th St., New York.



JULIA M, CARMAN, D.D.S. cal and Consulting Chemist. Analyses and As

United Bank Building, says Food Stuffs, Waters, Minerals, and other Established 1884.

Broadway and Wall St, materials. Large experience along practical organic lines, to which special attention is given. 22 to 24

Detective Agency. Morcis St., Jersey City, N. J.

The Mooney & Boland Detective Agency, John

Boland, President. Founded 1870; incorporated Chinese Restaurant:

1890. Robert J. Ferns, Vice-President, 130 Broadway, New York; telephone, 5414 Cortlandt. W. J.

Sutherland, Vice-President, Stock Exchange BuildChinese Delmonico, 24 Pell Street, New York ing, Chicago; telephone, 4440 Main, Long-distance City. Special arrangements will be made with

connection, private parties for dinner in parlor room, Mon Lay Won & Co.


Soyer's detectives are the best; unimpeachable Chinese and Japanese Goods.

references. Guarantee secrecy. Evidence secured in civil and criminal affairs. 106 West 42d St. Tele

phone, 434 38th Capt. W.L. SOYER. F V, SOYER. Sun Kim Lung & Co., Exporters and Importers of Fine Teas, China Ware, Fancy Silk and Dry Goods,

Diamonds and Jewelry, Silk Shawls, Silk Handkerchiefs, all kinds of China WILLIAM REIMAN, Hoffman House, Ware and Japanese Goods, No. 21 Pell Street, New

Fine Diamonds and Watches, York City, N. Y,

Broadway and 25th Street.

Telephone, 103 Madison Square. Cigars.

Dog and Cat Hospital. A, SCHULTE, Imported, Key West, and Domes. Divided in Wards, with exercising grounds. All tic Cigars, N, Y. Times Building. 39 Park Row, modern improvements. Thoroughly up to date. Stores: N. Y. World Building, Postal Telegraph NEW YORK CANINE INFIRMARY, Building, 11 Wall St. Telephone, 3707 Cortlandt. Tel., 851 Col.

118 West 53d Street.

Electrica, Engineers-THE GEO, A, WILLClay-Working Macbinery.

IAMS CO., Electrical Engineers and Contractors, THE O. W. RAYMOND CO.,


Electrical Machinery and Supplies 39 and 41 Cortlandt St., New York, Brick Pottery and Refining Machinery, Dry and Wet Pans, and

Steam Clamps, Columbus Radiators and Filters. all kinds of Clay-Working Machinery.

Power plants designed and installed. Electric railways built and equipped, Telephone lines and ex

changes constructed. 53 Montgomery St., Jersey Cleaning and Dyeing Metropolitan Dye City, N. J.

Works, West Farms Offices: 140 East 49th St., 1500 Third Ave., 9 Chrystie St., 362 Columbus Ave., Electric Fans-The “Comfort OSCILLATING 2645 Broadway, 45 East 125th St. Cleaning and Fan” reaches every part of the room. For parDyeing of Ladies' and Gentlemen's Wearing Ap-ticulars, address parel, Theatrical Dresses a specialty at shortest THE SHEDD ELECTRIC AND MANUFACTURING Co., notice and professional rates. Telephones.

Tel., 3871 Cortlandt, 136 Liberty St., New York,



A list of reliable and enterprising firms who guarantes
to give you the best of anything of each special line.

Electric Signs.

Fixtures and Tools. Transparencies, illuminated by gas or electric light, all styles and sizes. EMPIRE ELECTRIC

For Butchers' Fixtures and Tools of all kinds up SIGN CO., 107 West 29th St., N. Y. Long-Distance to date, call on Telephone, 889 Madison Square,


326 W, 41st St., N. Y. City. Tel. Call, 192 38th St. Elevators. OTIS ELEVATOR COMPANY,

Flags-ANNIN & CO., 99-101 Fulton St. Estab

lished over half a century. Manufacturers of tlags, 71 Broadway,

banners, and high-grade bunting. Yacht flags, colNew York,

lege colors, and society banners of every description

in silk and bunting, Poles, brackets, decorations, Enamelled Advertising Signs and Letters (Wholesale and Retail),

Foot Tonic - Cogswell's Foot Tonic, which CÆSAR BROS.,

cures chilblains, cools, soothes, rests hot, tired, 112 Fulton St., New York,

aching feet. Applied with brush. Sent postpaid Advertising Contractors, Tel., 2181 John St.

for $1 anywhere in the U. S. Sample bottle sent

postpaid for 25c. E. N. Cogswell, Surgeon ChiropoEngineers' Supplies -JAMES REILLY RE- dist, St. James Building, 1135 Broadway, New York,

PAIR AND SUPPLY CO., 229 and 230 West St.,
New York. Established 1867, Incorporated 1892.
Engineering Specialties, Ship Chandlery and Ship Foreign Freight and Express Forwarders.
Stores, Feed-Water Heaters and Filters, Pneumatic PITT & SCOTT, 39 Broadway, N. Y.; 121 Water
Despatch Tubes, Evaporators and Condensers, Mill St., Boston, Mass. Express packages and large
and Railroad Supplies, Steamship Repairs, Boiler freight shipinents forwarded to all parts of the
Makers and Machinists, Sheet-Iron Workers,

world; a lso offices at London, Liverpool, Paris, and Steam Fitters, Brass Founders, Coppersmiths. Hamburg. Tariff of rates mailed free. Engraver-Wood and Photo. Send photograph, Foreign Money,

stating whether wood cut or halftone is wanted. Rough sketches furnished.

Letters of Credit.
Send good photo to change on all parts of the world,

Buy and sell Bills of Es

Interest allowed insure good work. Send for samples. CHAS BUTT, 112 Fulton St., New York.

on deposits. WALSH & CO,,

5 and 7 Wall St., New York. Engraver and Printer-Wedding Invitations,

Gas Stoves. Announcement, Visiting and Calling Cards engraved and printed in the latest styles and correct The Montauk Table Gas Stove. Best for all home forins. Send for samples and prices.

uses. Sent on receipt of one dollar. HENRY W. SOLFLEISCH, 143 Fulton St., N. Y.


71 Gold St., New York. Felt. AMERICAN FELT COMPANY,

Golf Supplies. Manufacturers of Every Description of Felt,

Maker of high-grade hand-made Caddy Bags, 110 and 112 East 13th St., New York. Telephone, 1970 18th.

:) Golf Clubs, Golf Balls. Everything for Golf.

THOMAS WELLS, 173 Greenwich St., New York.

Agent for B. G. I, Golf Goods. Fire Extinguisher--"KILFYRE” Dry Powder

Fire Extinguisher, Highest Award Pan-Ameri- Hosiery-The Only Exclusive Retail Hosiery Shop can Exposition, Buffalo, 1901. Will keep in any

in America. Extreme Novelties in Fine Hosiery climate, Can be used by a lady or a child. Monarch Fire Appliance Co., 27 William St., New York City, Special Designs in all Colors. Specialties in Gauze,

of all descriptions. Hand Embroidered to Order. Circulars on application, Telephone, 2878 Broad. Lisle, Silk, or Cashmere for Men, Women, or Chil

dren. PECK & PECK, 230 Fifth Ave., near 27th St, Fireworks.

THE PAIN MANUFACTURING CO., Manufacturers of Pain's Manhattan Beach Fireworks. THE WINONA MILLS, J. A, Simonds, Treasurer Public and Private Displays. Fireworks at whole- 1955 Park Ave., New York, Manufacturers Fine sale and retail, No. 12 Park Place, New York. Seamless Hosiery. Product sold direct to consumer

through our local salesmen. Send for catalogue. Fish (Smoked and Salt)-Meierdiercks & Co., | Agents wanted.

Curers, Packers, and Importers of Smoked and
Preserved Fish. Importers of the J. A. M. Crown Housesmith-JOHN ELLIOTT, 51 Ann St., N. Y.
Brand Scotch Herring, J. A. M. Anchovies, 0, K. Jobbing and repairs a specialty. Iron railing,
Russian Sardines and Sardellen, Smoked Salmon, doors and shutters, vault lights and skylights, ele-
Sturgeon, Eels, etc., etc. 515 East 19th St., New vator gates, doors and gratings, fire-escapes, and
York. Telephone, 2431 18th.

stairs. 18 years in the employ of J. B. & J. M. Cornell.





A list of reliable and enterprising firms who guarantee
to give you the best of anything of each special line.

Iron Work for Buildings.

Medical Batteries.

For home use and for the use of physicians.
All kinds of Iron Work for Buildings,

Wholesale and retail. See advertisement page 570. 128 West 33d St., New York.

PERCY G. WILLIAMS, Manufacturer, Telephone, 1780 Madison Square.

Office and Salesrooms, 6 Barclay Street. N.Y. Lawyer.

Meerschaum Pipes.

JOSEPH LEHKKINDER, Manufacturer of EDWARD DEVOE, 116 Nassau St., New York.

Meerschaum and Brier Pipes, Cigar and Cigarette

Injuries to person or property and other legal rights; bankruptcy and Holders, expert in pipe repairing, boiling, and Surrogate's practice .correspondents in all cities.

mounting. 85 Nassau St., New York,

Mercantile Agencies. JOSEPH B. BRAMAN, Main Day Offices, Equit

R. G. DUN & CO., able Building, 120 Broadway, New York. Tele

Dun Building, phone, 3285 Cortlandt. Branch-Evening-Night

290 Broadway, Holiday Offices, 1274 Broadway (between 32d and

New York, 33d Sts.). Telephone, 202 Madison Sq. All American, foreign, and extradition law matters. Nota- Mineral Waters. ries public and commissioners of deeds for all CARL H. SCHULTZ, 430-444 1st Ave., New States, Territories, Canadas, and abroad. Passport York, N. Y. Telephone call, 142 Madison Square, and naturalization agents. Notarial certificates The only pure and correct Artificial Mineral filed in all the sixty-one counties of New York, no Waters sold in New York City to-day, county clerk's certificate required.

Money Advanced in any amount, on any good

security. Rents, Salaries,' Chattels, and InWHIPPLE Q. SAYLES,

comes a specialty Attorney and Counselor,

JOHN MULHOLLAND, Room 1818, 150 Nassau St., New York. P. O. Box

7 East 42d St. and 38 Park Row (Potter Building). 1717. Member of the bars of New York, New Jersey, and United States Courts.

Monuments (Granite).

Artistic Monuments, Mausoleums, and Statuary Letters of Credit

erected in any cemetery direct from quarries For Travellers and

Original designs upon application. Telephone, 3681 Importers.

Cortlandt. JAMES H. WALLING, 926-927 Park BROWN BROTHERS & CO.,

Row Building, New York. 59 Wall St., New York.


Cemetery Memorials in Granite, Monuments, MauE B. MOORE,

soleums, Statuary. 10 West 23d St., cor Fifth Ave.,

New York
158 Broadway,

New York.
Loans on undivided interests.

Oil Stocks.


Dealer in stocks of dividend-paying oil com-
Loan Office of HENRY M'ALEENAN, 469 Fulton panies.
St., Brooklyn, N, Y. Private entrance Lawrence
St Telephone, 3122 Main, Established 1844. Oid Gold and Silver.
Branch Offices: 194 Eighth Ave. and 1330 Broad-

Worn-out Gold and Silver bought by way, New York, Special attention to messengers,

R. LONGMAN'S SONS, Goods shipped to all parts of the United States.

Gold and Silver Refiners,

8 John St., New York. Loan Office.

Established 1827
R, SIMPSON & CO., 143 W. 42d St.

Old Metals.
Loans to any amount on Diamonds, Jewelry, etc.

Safe Deposit Vaults. Private Offices. Cash Buyer of all kinds of Rubber, Metals, and
Telephone, 3464 38th St.

New and Second-hand Bags,

32-34 Ferry St., New York,

Machines for Ladies' Dress Trimmings,

Optical Goods. For Pleating, Pinking, Fluting, and Crimping.

0. P. GOERZ OPTICAL WORKS. Manufacturers of Printing Presses (hand and foot). 52 East Union Square Manufacturers of the NEW CHAMPION PRESS CO.,

famous Double Anastiginat Lenses and Trieder 176 Grand St., New York,


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