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Order of the Sons of temperance.

NATIONAL DIVISION OF NORTH AMERICA. M.W. Patriarch-A. G.Lawson, D. D., Camden,N.J. M. W. Conductor-Mrs. Mary L. Burgoyne, St. M, W. Associate--Thomas Hutchings, Halifax, N.S. Catherine's, Ont. M. W. Scribe-B. R. Jewell, South Hampton, N. H, M. W. Sentinel-Thomas H. Riley, Central Falls, M. W. Treasurer-J. H. Roberts, Boston, Mass.

R. I. M. W. Chaplain-Rev. George W. Andrews, Dal- M. W. Supt. Y. P. Work-F. M. Bradley, Washton, Mass.

ington, DC. che Order of the Sons of Temperance was organized in the City of New York September 29, 1842. It is composed of subordinate, Grand, and National Divisions. It has five National Divisions-one for North America, one for Great Britain and Ireland, two for Australia, and one for New Zealand. In the course of its existence it has had nearly four million members on its rolls. Its present membership in North America is 32,675, of whom 13, 211 are in the United States. Its fundamental principle is total abstinence from all' intoxicating liquors. Its next convention will be held at Providence, R. I., July 9-12, 1902.

The Royal Arcanum.

SUPREME COUNCIL. Supreme Regent-J. A. Langfitt, Pittsburgh, Pa. Supreme Treasurer-E. A. Skinner, New York. Supreme Vice- Regent-A.S. Robinson, St. Louis, Mo. Supreme Auditor-A. T. Turner, Jr., Mass. Supreme Orator-Howard C. Wiggins, Rome, N. Y. Supreme Chaplain-U.W. Tompkins, N. Y. City. Sitting Past Supreme Regent-W. Holt Apgar, Tren Supreme Warden--Isaac W. Caulfield, N. Y. City. ton, N. J.

Supreme Sentry-Carl Moller, Missouri. Supreme Secretary-W. O. Robson, Boston, Mass. Legal Adviser-John Haskell Butler, Boston, Mass.

The membership of the Order October 31, 1901, was 226,782; the number of grand councils, 24, and subordinate councils, 1,909. The Supreme Council was organized at Boston June 23, 1877, and incorporated under the laws of Massachusetts. Number of deaths to October 31, 1901, 23, 257. Benefits paid to "October 31, 1901, $67, 102, 755.33. Emergency fund, October 31, 1901, $1,503, 320.92.

Knights of Pythias.

SUPREME LODCE. Supreme Chancellor-Ogden H. Fethers, Wis. Supreme Inner Guard-Emery Beane, Me. Supreme Vice-Chancellor-T. R. Bangs, N. Dak. Supreme Master at Arms-Wm. Simmons, Del. Supreme Prelate-C.F. Easley, N. M.

President Board of Control-C. F. S. Neal, Chicago, Supreme Keeper of Records and Seal-R. L. C. Ill. White, Nashville, Tenn.

Major-General Uniform Rank-J. R. Carnahan, Supreme Master of Exchequer-T. D. Meares, N. C.

Ind. Supreme Outer Guard-J. W. Thompson, D. C.

MEMBERSHIP, JANUARY 1, 1901. Alabama..... 7,853 Illinois.. 44.103 Michigan 13,411 N. Dakota.. 2,156 Vermont..... 1,531 Arizona.... 1,055 Indiana.. 42,937 Minnesota. 8,561 Ohio..

60,115 Virginia.

4,949 Arkansas.. 4,568 Indian Ter.. 1,962 Mississippi.. 5,846 Oklahoma. 1,657 Washington. 4,437 Br. Columbia 1,605 Iowa....... 26,852 Missouri. 21,046 Ontario

1,233 W. Virginia.. 8,511 California.... 11,604 Kansas.... 11,961 Montana... 2,776 Oregon

4,318 Wisconsin ...

8,420 Colorado 6,686 Kentucky. 6,648 Nebraska 6,805 Pennsylv'nia 42,108 Wyoming.

835 Connecticut.. 6,334 Louisiana... 6,516 Nevada... 846 Rhode Island 2,763 Subordinate Delaware

983 Maine...... 13,101 New Hamp.. 5,555 S. Carolina... 5,562 lodges .... 910 Dis. of Col... 1,332 Manitoba. 529 New Jersey.. 13,239 S. Dakota.. 2,305 Florida....... 3,468 Mar. Prov's.. 1,515 New Mexico. 980 Tennessee


516,944 Georgia ...... 6,894 Maryland 7,359 New York... 20.276 Texas.

16,554 Idaho.... 1,374 Massach’tts. 17,188 N. Carolina... 4,826 Utah

1,066 The phrase "subordinate lodges" above designates lodges

in Alaska, Cuba, the Hawaiian Islands, Mexico, and the Province of Quebec, where there are no grand lodges. Membership of the Uniform Rank (military branch), 47,810. Membership of the Endowment Rank (life insurance branch), 66,561, representing an endowment of $116, 363,500. Total paid beneficiaries to January 1, 1901, $15,560,181. The office of the Supreme Keeper of Records and Seal is at Nashville, Tein. Next convention of the Supreme Lodge will be held at San Francisco, Cal., August 12, 1902.

Membership of Fraternal Organizations. ACCORDING to the last reports of the supreme bodies of these organizations to THE WORLD ALMANAC, the membership of the principal fraternal organizations in the United States and Canada is as follows: Odd Fellows... .1,027,628 Improved Order of Heptasophs....

52,462 Freemasons..

902,601 Order of United American Mechanics. 47,011 Modern Woodmen of America. 6-12.957 Catholic Benevolent Legion...

41,984 Knights of Pythias. 516,944 Ancient Order of Foresters.......

38,220 Ancient Order of United Workmen. 420,000 Sons of Temperance.

32,675 Improved Order of Red Men.. 260,459 Independent Order of B'nai B'rith

30.000 Woodmen of the World.... 252,130 New England Order of Protection.

29,125 Knights of the Maccabees.. 227,936 Knights of Malta...

26,000 Royal Arcanum... 226,782 Catholic Knights of America..

24,000 Foresters of America.... 195,206 Royal Templars of Temperance.

23,641 Independent Order of Foresters.. 187,000 United Order of Pilgrim Fathers.

22,747 Ancient Order of Hibernians of America.. 152,864 Brith Abraham Order......

19,457 Junior Order of United Amer. Mechanics.. 103,786 Star of Bethlehem Order...

17,500 Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.. 100,000 United Ancient Order of Druids...... 17,354 Ladies' Catholic Benevolent Association... 71,668 Mystic Circle.

16,500 Knights of the Golden Eagle.

70,000 Irish Catholic Benevolent Union.......... 14,000 Tribe of Ben Hur....... 67,428 American Legion of Honor.....

7,630 National Union.... 60,328 Smaller organizations not reported...

42,972 Knights of Honor..

59,932 Knights and Ladies of Honor........ 53,736 Total....


Total .......

Statistics of Principal Fraternal Organizations. American Legion of Honor.--Founded 1878; grand councils, 5; sub-councils, 405; mem bers, 7,6.30; benetits disbursed since organization, $41,776,898. 31; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $885,786; Supreme Commander, Wm. N. Davenport, Boston; Supreme Secretary, Adam Warnock, Boston; Supreme Treasurer, George W. Kendrick, Jr. , Philadelphia.

Ben Hur, Tribe of.-Founded 1894; Supreme Temple, Crawfordsville, Ind. ; subordinate courts, 825; members, 67,428; benefits disbursed since organization, $9 785; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $236, 750; Supreme Chief, D. W. Gerard, Crawfordsville, Ind., Supreme Scribe, F. L. Snyder, Crawfordsville, Ind. ; Supreme Keeper of Tribute, S. E. Voris, Crawfordsville, Ind.

B'nai B'rith, Independent Order of.-Founded 1843; grand lodges, 10; subordinate lodges, 470; members, 30,000; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $191,837; President, Leo N. Levi, 27 Pine Street, New York City, Vice-President and Treasurer, Jacob Fürth, Cleveland, O. ; Secretary, Solomon Sulzberger, 7 Beekman Street, New York.

Brith Abraham Order:-Founded 1859; grand lodge, 1; sub-lodges, 260; members, 19, 457 benefits disbursed since organization, $1,477,687; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $128, 400; Grand Master, Samuel Dorf, Manhattan' Borough, New York; First Deputy Grand Master, Robert Strahl, Brooklyn Borough, New York; Second Deputy Grand Master, Auson Stern, Boston; Grand Secretary, Leonard Leisersolin, Manhattan Boroughi, New York; Grand Treasurer, Samuel Wolf, Brooklyn Borough, New York. (Report of 1900.)

Catholic Benevolent Legion.--Founded 1881; State councils, 6; subordinate councils, 708; members, 41,984; benefits disbursed since organization, $12,767,911.3 1; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $1,174, 165. 28; President, John C. McGuire,

Brooklyn Borough, New York City; Secretary, J. D. Carroll, Brooklyn Borough, New York City; Treasurer, James Rowe, Newark, N. J.

Catholic Knights of America.-Founded 1877; State councils, 40; subordinate councils, 615; members, 24,000; benefits disbursed since organization, $10,7 0,000; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $730, 266.69; Supreme President, P.J. O'Connor, Savannah, Ga.; Supreme Vice-President, Wm. Blakeslee, Hallettsville, Tex. ; Supreme Secretary, Joseph C. Carroll, St. Louis, Mo. ; Supreme Treasurer, Chas. E. Hannauer.

Druids, United Ancient Order of.-Founded 1781 (in England), 1839 (in America); number of grand groves, 16; sub-groves, 106; total number of members in America), 17,354; benefits disbursed in America'since 1847, $4,727,811 (to May 1, 1900); benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $191,110.02; Supreme Arch, M. A. Beckman, St. Paul, Minn. ; Supreme Secretary, H. Freudenthal, Albany, N. Y.; Supreme Treasurer, Louis Krauss, La Fayette, Ind.

Elks, Benevolent and Protective Order of.-Founded 1868; grand lodge, 1; sub-lodges, 750; members in the United States, 100,000; benefits disbursed since organization, $1,100,000; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $225.867.34; Grand Exalted Ruler, Chas. E. Pickett, Waterloo, Ia. ; Secretary, G. A. Reynolds, Saginaw, Mich. ; Treasurer, E. S. Orris, Meadville, Pa.

Foresters, Ancient Order of.-Founded 1745; established in America 1836. The American branch is composed of 3 high courts and 410 subordinate courts, and has 38, 220 members. Total membership throughout the world 914,583, as stated by the Foresters' Directory December 31, 1900. The surplus funds of the society amounted to S34,179,055, and its assets aggregated over $76,000,000. Benefits disbursed since 1836, $116,000,000; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $5,000, 000. Officers of the American branch are as follows: High Chief Ranger, E. A. Hayes, Buffalo, N. Y.; High Sub-Chief Ranger, Harry Prout, Troy, N. Y.; High Court Treasurer, William A. Hunter, Manhattan Borough, New York; High Court Secretary, Robert A. Sibbald, Park Ridge, N. J.

Foresters of America.-Is a distinct organization, not in affiliation with the above. Its present jurisdiction is limited to the United States. Founded 1864, reorganized 1889; grand courts, 20; sub-courts, 1,590; members, 195, 206; benefits disbursed since organization, $8,520,706.70; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $1,020,706.70; Supreme Chief Ranger, 'T. F. Donahue, Providence, R. I. ; Supreme Sub-Chief Ranger, C. P. Rendon, Stockton, Cal. ; Supreme Treasurer, H. W. Mace, Philadelphia, Pa., Supreme Secretary, E. M. MeMurtry, Brooklyn Borough, New York City; Supreme Recording Secretary, W. Duge, Brooklyn Borough, New York.

Foresters, Independent Order of.-Founded 1874; ħigh courts, 45; subordinate courts, 5,000; members, 187,000; benefits disbursed since organization, $10,600,000: benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $1,545,1 15; Supreme Chief Ranger, Oronhyatekha, M. D., Toronto, Ontario; ViceChief Ranger, Victor Morin, Montreal, Quebec; Secretary, John A. McGillivray, Toronto; Treasurer, Harry A. Collins, Toronto.

Free Sons of Israel, Independent Order of.--Founded 1819; grand lodges, 3; subordinate lodges, 102; members, 12,000; benefits disbursed since organization, $6,685,000; benefits disbursed last tiscal year, $207,000; Grand Master, Julius Harburger, Manhattan Borough, New York; Deputy Grand Master, s. Hottheimer, Manhattan Borough, New York; Secretary, I. H. Goldsmith, Manhattan Borough, New York; Treasurer, Louis Frankenthaler, Manhattan Borough, New York.

Good Fellows, Royal Society of.-Founded 1882; grand assemblies, 3; subordinate assemblies, 200; inembers, 9,000; benefits disbursed since organization, $4,458,000; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $355, 730.66; Premier, J. H. McGregor, Montague, ile ; Vice-Premier, W. H. Apgar, Trenton, N. J.; Secretary, A. J. Bates, Boston; Treasurer, James G. Whitehouse, Providence, R. I.

Heptasophs, Improved Order: -Four.ded 1878; conclaves, 720; members, 52,462; benefits disbursed since organization, $6,020,401.43; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $1,075, 269; Supreme Archon, M. G. Cohen, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Supreme Provost, C. G. Boland, Scranton,'Pa.: Supreme Secretary, Samuel H. Tattersall, Baltimore, Md.; Supreme Treasurer, C. H. Ramsay, Boston.

Hibernians of America, Ancient Order of.-Founded 1833; subordinate divisions, 2,350; members, 152,884; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $976, 573; National President, J. T. Keating, Chicago, Ill. ; National Vice-President, J. E. Dolan, Syracuse, N. Y.; National Secretary, James P. Bree, New Haven, Ct. ; National Treasurer, P. T. Moran, Washington, D. O.


Home Circle.-Founded 1879; grand councils, 2; sub-councils, 219; members, 3,800; benefits disbursed since organization, $2,306,000; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $150,000; Supreme Leader, J. Varnum Abbott, East Dedham, Mass. ; Secretary, Julius M. Swain, Boston, Mass.; Treasurer, John Haskell Butler, Boston, Mass.

Irish Catholic Benevolent Union.-Founded 1869; subordinate societies, 149; members, 14,000; benefits disbursed since organization, $2,124, 208; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $45,371.71; President, Daniel Duffy, St. Clair, Pa.; First Vice-President, Dennis E. McCallum, Providence, R. I.; Treasurer, Thomas J. Foley, Gloucester, N. J. ; Secretary, John E. Davis, Philadelphia.

Knights and Ladies of Honor.--Founded 1877; grand lodges, 15; sub-lodges, 965; members, 53,736; benefits disbursed since organization, $17, 648,688; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $1,169,500; Supreme Protector, L. B. Lockard, Toledo, O. ; Secretary, C. W. Harvey, Indianapolis, Ind. ; Treasurer, George A. Byrd, Indianapolis, Ind.

Knights of Honor.-Founded 1873; grand lodges, 36; subordinate lodges, 1,962; members, 59,932; benefits disbursed since organization, $74, 234,577.91 ; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $3,443,877.29; Supreme Dictator, D. S. Biggs, Boston, Mass. ; Supreme Vice-Dictator, J. C. Shep pard, Edgefield, s. C. ; Supreme Reporter, Noah M. Givan, Harrisonville, Mo.; Supreme Treasurer, Joseph W. Branch, St. Louis, Mo.

Knights of Malta, Ancient and Illustrious Order.---Founded in Jerusalem, 1048; in America, 1889; grand commanderies, 6; sub-commanderies, 235; members, 26,000; benefits 'disbursed last

fiscal year, $40,000; Supreme Commander, John H. Hoffman, Harrisburg, Pa. ; Supreme Recorder, Frank Gray, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Supreme Treasurer, W. J. Rugh, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Knights of St. John and Malta.--Founded 1883; grand encampment,l; subordinate encampments, 78; members, 4,017; benefits disbursed since organization, $419,516; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $62,078; Grand Commander, Charles Hayward, Wilmington, Del.; Lieutenant-Grand (nmander, Julius E. Klinge, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Grand Chancellor, Francis Houghtaling, Manhattan vrough, New York; Grand Almoner, Frank M. Rooney, Brooklyn, N. Y. Knights

of the Golden Eagle. -Founded 1873; grand castles, 16; sub-castles, 780; members, 70,000; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $217, 412; Supreme Chief, S. J. Southard, Bellefontaine, 0. Master of Records, A. C. Lyttle, Philadelphia, Pa.; Keeper of the Exchequer, William Culbert son, Philadelphia, Pa.

Knights of the Maccabees.--Founded 1883; grand tent, 1; subordinate tents and hives, 4,000; members, 227,936; benefits disbursed since organization, $11, 608,446.55; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $1,951,466.42; Supreme Commander, D., P. Markey; Supreme Lieutenant-Commander, S. W. Trusler, Camlachiê, Ont. ; Supreme Record Keeper, G. J. Siegle; Supreme Finance Keeper, C. D. Thompson. All officers are located at Port Huron, Mich., except Lieutenant-Commander.

Ladies' Catholic Benevolent Association.-Founded 1890; subordinate branches, 721; members, 71, 668; benefits disbursed since organization,

$1,833,327;, benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $404,000; Supreme President, Mrs. E. B. McGowan, Butfalo, N. Y.; Supreme Recorder, Mrs. 3. A: Royer, Erie, Pa. ; Supreme Treasurer, Mrs. Felice M. Girardot, Detroit, Mich.

Mystic Circle, The Fraternal.-Founded 1884; grand rulings, 8; subordinate rulings, 458; members, 16,500; benefits disbursed since organization, $1,942, 606. 49; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $193,559.36; Supreme Mystic Ruler, F. H. Duck witz, Philadelphia, Pa.; Recorder, J. D. Myers, Philadelphia, Pā. ; Treasurer, A. H. Swartz, Philadelphia, Pa.

National Provident Union.-Founded 1883; sub-councils, 59; members, 3, 109; benefits disbursed since organization, $1,871, 026.89; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $105,000; President, William Herries, Brooklyn Borough, New York City; Vice-President, Austin F. Knowles, Elizabeth, N.J., Secretary of the Union, Frank E. Currier, Arbuckle Building, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Secretary of the Treasury, A. C. Jacobson, Brooklyn Borough, New York City.

National Union.-Founded 1881; sub-councils, 850; members, 60,328; benefits disbursed since organization, 814,018, 218.57; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $1,502, 150; President, Wm. L. Wild, Akron, O.; Vice-President, M. G. Jeffris, Janesville, Wis.; Secretary, J. W. Myers, Toledo, 0.; Treasurer, Charles O. Evarts, Cleveland, O.

New England Order of Protection.-Founded 1887; grand lodges, 6; sub-lodges, 324; members, 29, 125; benefits disbursed since organization, $2,708,854; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $439,000; Supreme Warden, James H. Flint, Boston, Mass. ; Supreme Secretary, D. M. Frye, Somerville, Mass. ; Supreme Treasurer, John P. Sanborn, Newport, R I.

Pilgrim Fathers, United Order of.-Founded 1879;. supreme colony, 1: subordinate colonies, 217; members, 22,747; benefits disbursed since organization, $4, 123,930.63; benefits disbursed inst fiscal year, $471,500; Supreme Governor, H, S, Treadwell, South Boston, Mass. ; Supreme Secretary, Nathan Crary, Lawrence, Mass. ; Supreme Treasurer, A. V. Bugbee, Lawrence, Mass.

Rechabites, Independent Order of.-Founded 1835 (in England), 1842. (in America); number of tents in America, 3; sub-tents, 35; members in America, 2, 600; in world, 270,000; benefits disbursed last fiscal year in America, $3,000: in world, $793,682; High Chief Ruler, s. M. Ellis, Pittsburgh, Pa.; High Deputy Ruler, P. F. McCloskey, East Liverpool, 0.; High Secretary, James H. Dony, Washington, D. Ĉ. ; High Treasurer, William B. Kelly, Washington, D. C.

Red Men, Improved Order of,-Founded 1763 and 1834; great councils, 45; tribes, 3,135; members, 260, 459; benefits disbursed since organization, $17,360,714.95; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $710,697.95; Great Incohonee, E. D. Wiley, Des Moines, Ia. ; Great Senior Sagamore, Thos. G. Harrison, Indianapolis, Ind. ; Great Junior Sagamore, Thos. H. Watts, Montgomery, Ala; Great Chief of Records, Wilson Brooks, Chicago, Ill.; Great Keeper of Wampum, Wm. Provin, Westfield, Mass.

Royal Templars of Temperance.-Founded 1870;_grand councils, 9; select councils, 541; members, 23,641; benefits disbursed since organization, $7,932, 750; benefits disbursed last 'iscal year, $337, 750; 'Supreme Councilor, Frank D. Muse, Buffalo, 'N. Y.; Supreme Vice-Councilor,


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Chas. A. Stedman, Cleveland, O.; Supreme Treasurer, Merchants’ Bank, Buffalo, N. Y.; Supreme
Secretary, E. B. Rew, Buffalo, N.' Y.

Scottish Clans, Order of.-Founded 1878; grand clans, 2; subordinate clans, 107; members,
6,446; benefits disbursed since organization, $725,000; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $52,750;
Royal Chief, Walter Scott, Jr. 495 Broadway, New York City; Royal Secretary, Peter Kerr, Boston,
Mass. ; Royal Treasurer, John Hill, St. Louis, Mo.

Star of Bethlehem, Order of the.-Permanently established in America 1869; Eminent Grand Commandery of N. A. reorganized and incorporated in 1884; subordinate lodges, 253; members, 17,500; insurance auxiliary, The Eastern Star Benevolent Fund, 2,700 members; E. G. Commander, H. Slater, Windsor, Ont. ; E. G. Scribe, T. C. Crowe, Detroit, Mich.

United Ainerican Mechanics, Order of: -Founded 1845; State councils, 19; sub-councils, 713; members, 47,011; National Councilor, George H. Poulson, Trenton, N. J.; National ViceCouncilor, G. M. White, 840 East 137th Street, New York City; National Secretary, John Server, Philadelphia, Pa. ; National Treasurer, Joseph H. Shinn, Camden, N. J.

United American Mechanics, Junior Order of.--Founded 1853; State councils, 33; subcouncils, 1,272; members, 103, 786; benefits disbursed since organization, $3,895,528; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $275, 790; National Councilor, Amos Cray, Jonesboro, Ind.'; Vice-Councilor, George B. Bowers, Altoona, Pa.; Secretary, E. S. Deemner, Philadelphia, Pa.; Treasurer, J. A. Sohe, Baltimore, Md.

United Workmen, Ancient Order of.-Founded 1868; grand lodges, 40; sub-lodges, 5,500; members, 420.000; benefits disbursed since organization, $112,044,000; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $8,895, 922.82; Master Workman, A. C. Harwick, Buffalo, N. Y.; Récorder, M. W. Sackett, Meadville, Pa. ; Receiver, John J. Acker, Albany, N. Y.

Woodmen of America, Fraternity of Modern.--Founded 1883; head camp, 1; local camps, 10,096; members, 642.957; benefits disbursed since organization, $23, 250,449.30; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $3,453,550; Head Consul, W. A. Northcott, Greenville, Ill. ; Head Clerk, C. W. Hawes, Rock Ísland, Ill. ; Head Banker, R. R. Smith, Brookfield, Mo.

Woodmen of the World.-Founded 1891; head camps, 4; local camps, 4,934; members, 252.130: benefits disbursed since organization, $11,359,220; benefits disbursed last fiscal year, $2.792,530; Sovereign Commander, Joseph Cullen Root, Omaha, Neh ; Sovereign Adviser, F. A. Falkenburg, Denver, Col. ; Clerk, John T. Yates, Omaha, Neb.; Banker, Morris Sheppard, Texarkana, Tex.

National Council of vuonen. President-Fannie Humphreys Gaffney, 41 River. First Recording Secretary-Anna G. Spencer, Provside Drive, New York City.

idence, R. I. Vice-President-al- Large-Maria P. Peck, Daven- Second Recording Secretary - Emeline B. Wells, port, Ia.

Salt Lake City, Utah.
Corresponding Secretary-Kate W. Barrett, Wash Honorary Presidents - May Wright Sewall and
ington, D. C.

Mary Lowe Dickinson,
Treasurer-Hannah G. Solomon, Chicago, Ill.

This organization is a central council of women, to which all National societies organized for any purpose whatsoever come to hear what other National societies are doing on other lines. They counsel together as to any reform, or movement, in which all might coöperate. It is the purpose to send a commission to Cuba and Hawaii, to inquire into the conditions of women. The Council has a Cabinet, and is fashioned on a plan similar to the Senate of the United States. It is self-supporting, with the aid of patrons. Twenty National societies are represented in the Council; they aggregate a membership of 1,200,000 women, the largest representative organization in the world. It is a filiated with the International Council of Women The next meeting of the Council will take place in February, 1902.

General Federation of Women's Clubs.
President-Mrs. Rebecca D. Lowe, Atlanta, Ga. Recording Secretary-Mrs. E. A. Fox, Detroit, Mich.
First Vice-President-Mrs. D. T. S. Denison, New Cor. Sec'y-Mrs. Geo. W. Kendrick, Jr.,Phila., Pa.
York City.

Treasurer-Mrs. Emma M. Van Vechten, Cedar
Second Vice-President-Miss Margaret J. Evans, Rapids, Ta.
Detroit, Mich.

Auditor--Mrs. George H. Noyes, Milwaukee, Wis.
The Board of Directors are: Mrs. Edward L. Buchwalter, Springfield, Ohio; Mrs. Wm.J. Christie,
South Butte, Mont. ; Mrs. Wm. T. Coad, Rapid City, S. Dak.; Mrs. Cornelia C. Fairbanks, Indian-
apolis, Ind. ; Mrs. Mary Smith Lockwood, Washington, D. C.; Mrs. Lora Rockwell Priddy, Wichita,
Kan.; Mrs. Lillian C. Streetor, Concord, N. H.; Mrs. Anna Di West, Somerville, Mass.

This organization, incorporated in 1892, is composed of over 2, 675 women's clubs, having a mem. hership of 155,000 women in the United States and foreign countries. The purpose of the Federation is declared in its articles of incorporation to be "to bring into communication with one another the various women's clubs throughout the world, that they may compare methods of work and become mutually helpful. Constitutions of clubs applying for membership should show that no sectarianism er political test is required, and, while the distinctively humanitarian movemonts may be recognized, their chief purpose is not philanthropic or technical, but social, literary, artistic, or scientific culture. Meetings of the Federation are held biennially. There are 37 State federations anxiliary to the General Federation, and 683 single clubs in forty-one States. Several foreign clubs are members of the Federation-the Pioneer Club of London, Woman's Club of Bombay, and Educational Club of Ceylon, clubs in Australia, South America, etc.

SOROSIS. SOROSIS, the first women's club in the United States, was founded at New York in 1868. The following were the officers elected at the meeting held in New York City, March, 1900:

President-Mrs. D. T. S. Denison. First Vice-President-Mrs. Emily Warren Roebling. Second Vice-President-Mrs. Alice B. Stimson. Third Vice-Presitlent-Rev. Phoebe A. Hanaford. Recording Secretary-Mrs. Miriam Mason Greeley. Corresponding Secretary-Mrs. Alice Gilbert Demorest. 68 East Sixty-sixth Street. Treasurer Mrs. Antoinette B. Taylor.

Christian Science. Mrs. LAURA LATHROP, C. S. D., New York, has prepared the following statement for THE WORLD ALMANAC of the claims made on behalf of Christian Science:

The revelation of Christian Science came to Rev. Mary Baker G. Eddy in the year 1866, and its truth and power were immediately demonstrated hy signs following. For thirty-five years sinners have been reclaimed, depraved appetites for opium and intoxicating drinks have been destroyed, the sick have been healed of every disease, including insanity; the blind have received their sight, the deaf their hearing, shortened limbs have been elongated, crooked spines have been straightened, and law after law of the human mind has been broken. The one great text book of this science is "Science and Health,'' with key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker G. Eddy, supplemented by another book by the same author called "Miscellaneous Writings.!! “Science and Health" is now in its two hundred and first edition and the demand for it is increasing daily. The Christian Science Publishing House is at 95 Falmouth Street, Boston, Mass., and here are published, besides the two books above men. tioned, other works by the same author, also “The Christian Science Monthly Journal," "The Christian Science Sentinel,'' and the “Christian Science Bible Lessons." In the November Journal for 1900 there were mentioned 3,002 practitioners, 445 regularly organized churches, 134 services where no church has as yet been organized, and 75 institutes. One hundred and twenty-four of these practitioners are in Greater New York, and eighty in Manhattan Borough. There are eight regularly organized churches of this denomination in New York City, three of which own church buildings.

Flourishing churches have been organized in London, England; Paris, France; Dresden, Berlin, and Hanover, Germany, and in Canada, Brazil, and Scotland. Many handsome church edifices have been built in different cities, and many others are in process of erection. The mother church is located in Boston, Mass., and those all over the country are its branches. Their services are uniform, consisting of two meetings on Sunday and one on Wednesday evening: Nosermons are preached by a personal pastor, but a sermon made up of selections from the Bible and Science and Llealth,” with key to the Scrip. tures, is read by two readers, called the first and second readers. This church is emphatieally a healing church, and many cases of restoration health have been testified to during the past few years, brought about by attendance on one of these meetings.

Christian Science is demonstrable Christianity Through the spiritual understanding of the teachings of Christ Jesus, its followers are enabled to obey His command to heal the sick" and do the works He and His disciples did. The omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience of God are proved to be true. Christian Science is not mind-cure, as that is populariy understood, because it recognizes but one mind, God. It is not faith-cure, because it does not perform its wonderful works through blind faith in a personal god, but through the understanding of man's relation to God. It is not mes. merism or hypnotism, because it denies absolutely the power of the human mind and human will, and claims no will but God's. Through recognizing the one mind and man as the reflection of that mind, it forever establishes the brotherhood of man. It is the perfect salvation from sin, disease, and death Christ Jesus came to bring. In "Rudimental Divine Science,'' Mrs. Eddy defines Christian Science as the law of God, the law of good, interpreting and demonstrating the principle and rule of eternal harmony.


THE UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD. THE Universal Brotherhood for the benefit of the people of the earth and all creatures was founded by Katherine A. Tingley, January 13, 1898, at New York City. This organization is the outgrowth and expansion of the Theosophical Society founded by H. P. Blavatsky, W.Q. Judge, and others at New York in 1875 and reorganized under William Q. Judge at its annual conventionat Boston, Mass., in 1895. The constitution of the Universal Brotherhood was adopted by the Theosopbical Society in America at its annual convention held in Chicago February 18, 1898, by which act the Theosophical Society in America became the Literary Department of the Universal Brotherhood.

The Universal Brotherhood, or the Brotherhood of Humanity, declares that brotherhood is a fact in nature. The principal purpose of the organization is to teach brotherhood, riemonstrate that it is a fact in nature and make it a living power in the life of humanity. Its subsidiary purpose is to study ancient and modern religion, science, philosophy, and art, to investigate the laws of nature and the divine powers in man. It declares in its constitution that every member has a right to believe or disbelieve in any religious system or philosophy, each being required to show that tolerance for the opinions of others which he expects for his own.

There are over 150 lodges of the Universal Brotherhood in the United States and Canada, also lodges in England, Ireland, Sweden. Holland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Australia, and New Zealand. The central office of the organization is at Point Loma. San Diego, Cal.

The officers are: Katherine A. Tingley, Leader and Official Head; Frank M. Pierce, Secretary General ; E. Aug. Neresheimer, Treasurer.

THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY IN AMERICA, The Theosophical Society in America is the Literary Department of the Universal Brotherhood. Its principal purpose is to publish and disseminate literature relating to Theosophy, brotherhood, ancient and modern religions, philosophies, sciences, and arts. Its subsidiary purpose is to establish and build up a great library in which shall be gathered ancient and modern literature of value to the great cause of universal brotherhood.

The headquarters of the Theosophical Society in America are at Point Loma, San Diego, Cal. President, E. Aug. Neresheimer.

THE ECLECTIC THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, An independent international body,, with headquarters in New York City. Its objects are: "First, the formation of a nucleus of Universal Brotherhood; second, the comparative study of the philosophical, religious, and scientific systems of the world; third, the manifestation of the divine powers in man."

It is free from control by any "Esoteric Section.'' Its constitution, under the form of the initiative and referendum, places final decisions with the votes of the membership.

John M. Pryse, President, 17 West Ninety-eighth Street, New York City.

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