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3 F.(2) Hon. WILLIAM W. MORROW, Circuit Judge 1

San Francisco, Cal. Hon. WILLIAM H. SAWTELLE, District Judge, Arizona

Tucson, Ariz. Hon. F. C. JACOBS, District Judge, Arizona

Globe, Ariz. Hon. BENJAMIN F. BLEDSOE, District Judge, S. D. California 28 . Los Angeles, Cal. Hon. WILLIAM P. JAMES, District Judge, S. D. California . Los Angeles, Cal. Hon. PAUL J. McCORMICK, District Judge, S. D. California . Los Angeles, Cal. Hon. MAURICE T. DOOLING, District Judge, N. D. California 29. San Francisco, Cal. Hon. ADOLPHUS F. ST. SURE, District Judge, N. D. California 30 San Francisco, Cal. Hon. JOHN S. PARTRIDGE, District Judge, N. D. California , San Francisco, Cal. Hon. FRANK H. KERRIGAN, District Judge, N. D. California San Francisco, Cal. Hon. FRANK S. DIETRICH, District Judge, Idaho

Boise, Idaho. Hon. GEORGE M. BOURQUIN, District Judge, Montana

Butte, Mont. Hon. CHARLES N. PRAY, District Judge, Montana

Great Falls, Mont. Hon. EDWARD S. FARRINGTON, District Judge, Nevada . Carson City, Nev. Hon. CHARLES E. WOLVERTON, District Judge, Oregon .

Portland, Or. Hon. ROBERT S. BEAN, District Judge, Oregon

Portland, Or. Hon. J. STANLEY WEBSTER, District Judge, E. D. Washington . Spokane, Wash. Hon. EDWARD E. CUSHMAN, District Judge, W. D. Washington. Tacoma, Wash. Hon. JEREMIAH NETERER, District Judge, W. D. Washington Seattle, Wash.




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1 Retired under Act Feb. 25, 1919.
2% Resigned March 24, 1925.
>> Died November 4, 1924.
30 Appointed to succeed Hon. Maurice T. Dooling.

81 Judges of the United States Court of Customs

Apr temporarily assigned service in this court under act of Congress approved September 14, 1922.

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Page Acacia Mut. Life Ass'n, State of Alabama Autoline Oil Co. v. Indian Refining Co. V. (D, C. Ala.). 697 (D. C. Md.).

457 A Certain Fund, Briesen v. (App. D. C.) 509 Axle Co., In re (C. C. A. Ohio).

581 Acktieselskabet Bolgen McWilliams Axle Co. y. Wells (C. C. A. Ohio)

581 Bros. (C. C. A. N. Y.)

541 Adams v. United States (C. C. A. La.) 724 Bailey v. Blackmon, two cases (C. C.. A. A. E. Richardson Co., In re (C. C. A. N.

S. C.).

252 Y.) 600 Baker, Emerson v. (D. C. Ga.)..

830 Agee, Continental Casualty Co. v. (c. c. Baltimore & O. R. Co. v. Darling (C. C. A. Utah).. 978 A. Ohio)

987 A. Guckenheimer & Bros. Co. v. United Baltzell v. Mitchell (C. C. A. Mass.) 428 States (C. C. A. Pa.).

786 Bank of Californja v. Brainard (C. C. A. Ahearn v. United States (C. C. A. Cal.).. 808 Cal.)

3 Air-Way Electric Appliance Corporation v. Bank of Commerce of Earle, Ark., MeriArcher (D. C. Ohio).

669 weather-Graham-Oliver Co. v. (C. C. A. Aiton v. United States (C. C. A. Ariz.).. 992 Tenn.)

513 Alabama v. Acacia Mut. Life Ass'n (D. Banque Russo-Asiatique v. Dolch (C. C. A. C. Ala.).. 697 Cal.)

266 Alaska S. S. Co., Petition of (D. C. Wash.) 330 Barber, Rousso v. (C. C. A. Pa.)

740 Alexander v. Belson (C. O. A. Ill.). 801 Barber, Tampico Banking Co., ś. A., v. All-American Oil & Gas Co. v. Connellee

(C. Ć. A. Tex.) ...

136 1C. C. A. Tex.) 107 Barker v. Stant (Ć. C. A. Va.).

918 Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Co. v. Citizens' Bank Barry-Pate Motor Co., Economon & Trust Co. (D. O. Idaho)..

(App. D. C.)....

84 Altshuler v. United States (C. C. A. Del.) 791 Barsky, Russ Mfg. Co. v. (C. C. A. Del.) 807 American Engineering Co. v. Metropolitan Battistella v. United States (C. O. A. La.) 724 By-Products Co. (D. C. N. Y.).

451 Bauer Cooperage Co., Stark' v. (O. C. A. American Grinder Mfg. Co., Walden Wor


214 cester, Inc., v. (C. C. A, Wis.)..... 993 Bauers, Marks v. (C. C. A. Or.).

516 American Mine Door Co. 7. Newberry (C. Beavers v. United States (C. C. A. Tenn.) 860 C. A. W. Va.)..

435 Beet Growers' Sugar Co. V. Columbia American R. Co. of Porto Rico v. Lopez Trust Co. (C. C. A. Idaho):

755 (C. C. A. Porto Rico)..

876 Belson, Alexander v. (C. C. A. Ill.). 801 American R. Co. of Porto Rico v. Ortega Bencleuch, The (D. C. N. Y.)..

824 (C. C. A. Porto Rico)

358 Benino v. United States (C. C. A. La.).. 724 American Smelting & Refining Co., Green

Benjamin A. Van Brunt, The (D. C. Pa.) 655 awalt v. (D. C. Mont.).. 658 Bennett, Casey v. (D. Č. Cal..

640 American Sugar Refining Co., Sherwood Berckheimer, Pennsylvania R. Co. v. (C. V. (D. C. N. Y.)... 332 C. A. Ohio).

269 American Tank Co. v. Continental & Com- Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation, Cur: mercial Trust & Savings Bank (C. C. A.

tis Bay Towing Co. v. (C. C. A. Md.) 782 Ark.)

122 Bierndt v. United States (C. C. A. Ill.).. 141 Amoth v. United States (D. C. Or.). 848 Binswanger & Co. of Tennessee, TexarAmsinck & Co. v. Pacific Mail S. S. Co. (D.

kana Casket Co. v. (D. C. Tex.).

611 C. Cal.). ..1017 Bird Transfer Co., In re (D. C. Del.).

506 Anderson, Chapman v. (App. D. C.). 336 Blackmon, Bailey v., two cases (C. C. A. Andree, In re (App. D. C.). 1018 S. C.)...

252 Andreu v. United States (C. C. A. Fla.)..1019 Blair, Dukich v. (D. C. Wasb.)

302 Archer, Air-Way Electric Appliance Cor- Blair, Ma-King Products Co. v. (C. C. A. poration v. (D. C. Ohio)... 669 Pa.)

936 A. Schrader's Son, Inc., v. Wein Sales Cor- Blanchard Lumber Co. v. Metcalf (C. C. poration (D. C. N. Y.) 999 A. Mass.).

768 Asher, Blei v. (C. C. A. Ky.).. 210 Blei v. Asher (C. C. A. Ky.).

210 Ashwaubemie, The (C. C. A. Md.). 782 Blumenthal & Co., Kochv. (C. C. A. Association of Survivors of Seventh Geor


395 gia Regiment v, Larner (App. D. C.) 201 Bockol, United States v. (D. C. Del.). Atchison, T. & S. F. R. Co. v. United Boera v. Buckleigh (D. C. N. Y.).. 829 States (C. C. A. Ill.)

197 Page

138 Boerman v. Marrero (C. C. A. Porto Rico) 241 Atianza v. United States Shipping Board Border Gas Co. v. Windrow (C. C. A. Emergency Fleet Corporation (Ď. C. N.


974 Y.)

845 Boston Acme Mines Corporation v. Salina Atlantic Coast Co. v. United States (D. C. Canyon Coal Co. (C. C. A. Utah)

729 N. J.).

808 Boston & Yarmouth S. S. Co., Petition of Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific S. S. Co., In re

(D. C. Mass.).

.1010 (D. C. Md.)..

309 Boykin,
Fenner v. (D. C. Ga.).

674 Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific S. S. Co., In re Brady Foundry Co., In re (C. C. A. Ill.) 437 (D. C. Md.)...

311 Brainard, Bank of California v. (C. C. A. Atlantic Refining Co., General Chemical


3 Co. v. (D, C. Pa.)...

Brainerd, The Frank (D. C. Me.).

664 Augusta G. Hilton, The (D. C. N. J.).. 808 Braun, In re (C. C. A. III.)

247 Auto Hope Co. v. Hall Cylinder Hone Co. Brier, In re (D. C. N. Y.)

709 (D. C. Ohio)...

479 Briesen v. A Certain Fund (App. D. C.).. 509 3 F.(20)



Page Brimstone, The (D. C. Pa.).

1011 Columbia Malting Co. v. Clausen-Flanagan Brinson, In re (D. C. Fla.) 455 Corporation (C. C. A. N. Y.)..

547 Brittingham Mfg. Co., In re (C. C. A. Columbia Trust Co., Beet Growers' Sugar Del.)

Co. v. (C. C. A. Idaho).

755 Brocklehurst v. United States (D. C. Pa.) 476 Commack, The (D. C. Fla.)

704 Brown v. Home Life Ins. Co. of New York Commercial Credit Co. v. Miller (C. C. A. (D, C. Okl.)..... 661 Md.)

438 Brown, Smith v. (C. C. A. Tex.). 926 Commissioner of Immigration, United Brown Shoe Co. v. McKey (C. C. A. III.) 247 States v. (C. C. A. N. Y.).

234 Browning, v. Hooper (D. 0. Tex.)

160 Commissioner of Immigration, United B. T. Wise Furniture Corporation, In re States v. (C. C. A. N. Y.).

551 (C. C. A. Va.)..

271 Commissioner of Immigration, Ellis IsBuckleigh, The (D. C. N. Y.).

829 land, New York, N. Y., Chryssikos v. Buckleigh, Boera v. (D. C. N. Y.).. 829 (C. C. A. N. Y.)..

372 Buford v. North American Accident Ins. Commodores Point Terminal Co. v. HudCo. (C. C. A. Tex.) 263 nall (D. C. Fla.).

841 Bullard & Son, Swift & Co. v. (D, C. Ga.) 814 Common Sense Novelty Co., Steinau Co. Burton S. S. Co., In re (D. C. Mass.)....1015 v. (C. C. A. Ill.).

144 Byers V. Federal Land Co. (C. Ć. A. Connally, General Const. Co. v. (D. C. Wyo.) 9 Okl.)

666 Connellee, All-American Oil & Gas Co. v. (C. C. A. Tex.)...

107 Cagle v. United States (C. C. A. Tenn.).. 746 Conner, Fendler & Co., Appeal of (C. C. California Prune & Apricot Grower, Hig

A. N. Y.).

232 gins v. (C. C. A, N. Y.)...


Connolly v. Chicago, M. & St. P. R. Co. California Reclamation Dist. No. 307,

(D. C. Wash.).....

818 Hanlon Dry Dock & Shipbuilding Co. v. Continental Casualty Co. v. Agee (o. (C. C. A. Cal.)...

C. A. Utah).

978 Cananova, The (D. C. Pa.).


Continental & Commercial Trust & SavCapital Grain & Feed Co. v. Federal Re

ings Bank, American Tank Co. v. (C. C. serve Bank of Atlanta (D. C. Ga.). 614

A. Ark.)...

122 Carlsson, Phillips v. (App. D. C.). .1018 Cook v. United States (C. C. A. Wash.)..1019 Carr Biscuit Co., National Biscuit Co. v.

87 (App. D. C.)....

Cookingham v. Warren Bros. Co. (C. C. A.

899 Carrizzo, Petition of (C. C. A. N. Y.).... 600 Cooley Hardwood Mfg. Co., Wyatt LuraCasey v. Bennett (D. C. Cal.).

ber Co. v. (C. C. A. Cal.).

.1023 Cashin & Co., Nash Engineering Co. v.

Coombe v. United States ex rel. Selis (D). C. Mass.).

(App. D. C.).......

714 Cazenave v. United States (C. C. A. La.) 724

Coty, Inc., v. Prestonettes, Inc. (C. C. A. Central Wharf Towboat Co., United


N. Y.). States v. (C. C. A. Me.).

250 C. F. Harms Co. v. Turner Const. Co. (C.

Cramp & Sons Ship & Engine Bldg. Co.,

Wellman-Seaver-Morgan Co. v. (C. C. C. A. N. Y.)..

A. Ohio)..

531 Champion Spark Plug Co. v. S. S. Kresge

Cudahy Packing Co. v. Narzisenfeld (C. Co. (C. C. A. Ohio)

C. A. N. Y.)

567 Chapman v. Anderson (App. D. C.). 336

Curtin, Gildea v. (C. C. A. Md.).

800 Charleston, S. C., Min. & Mfg. Co. v. Unit

Curtis Bay Towing Co. v. Bethlehem Shiped States (C. C. A. Fla.)...


building Corporation (C. C. A. Md.)... 782 Charles Warner Co. v. Nazareth Cement


Cushman, In re (D. C. N. Y.).... Co. (D. C. Pa.)

152 Chase Nat. Bank of City of New York y. Downey Shipbuilding Corporation (D. C. Dailey, Mack v. (C. C, A, N. Y.)..

534 N. Y.) 154 Dandy, The (C. C. A. Md.)

782 Chesapeake & Potomac Tel. Co. of Balti- Darling, Baltimore & 0. R. Co. v. (C. C. more City v. Whitman (D. C. Md.).... 938 A. Ohio).

987 Chevrolet Motor Co., S. B. McMaster, Dauntless, The (C. C. A. N. Y.).

529 Inc., v._(D. C. s. C.)..

469 Dauntless Towing Line, Mears Towing Chicago, B. & Q. Ř. Co., Kraus v. (D. C. Co. v. (C. C. A. N. Y.)..

529 Wyo.) 277 Davis, Kush v. (C. C. A. IIl.).

273 Chicago, M. & St. P. R. Co., Connolly v. Davis, Phillips v., two cases (C. C. A. Pa.) 798 (D. C. Wash.)...

818 Davis, Scotia Corporation v. (C. C. A. N. Chryssikos v. Commissioner of Immigra


761 tion, Ellis Island, New York, N. Y. (C. Defiance, The (D. C. N. C.).

48 C. A. N. Y.)...

372 De Forest Radio Telephone & Telegraph Citizens' Bank & Trust Co., Allis-Chal

Co. v. Radio Corporation of America (D. mers Mfg. Co. v. (D. C. Idaho). 316 C. Del.).

847 City and County of Denver, Stenger v. Denapolis v. United States (C. C. A. La.) 722 (D. C. Colo.).

285 Denver Tramway Co., Westinghouse ElecCity of Loveland, Colo., Franklin Trust tric & Mfg. Co. v. (D. C. Colo.).

285 Co. v. (C. C. A. Colo.)..

114 Derby, Petition of (C. C. A. N. Y.). 793 Clark, Fisher v. (D. C. N. Y.).

621 Devoe & Raynolds Co., Mirrolike Mfg. Co. Clark, Kaplan v. (C. C. A. N. Y.). 375 v. (C. C. A. N. Y.)...

847 Clausen-Flanagan Corporation, Columbia Devoe & Raynolds Co., Mirrolike Mfg. Co. Malting Co. v. (C. C. A. N. Y.).... 547 v. (D. C. N. Y.).

846 Clinton Mills Co. v. Saco-Lowell Shops De Vries, Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey (C. C. A. Mass.)

410 v. (C. C. A. N. J.).. Clulee, Stevens v. (App. D. C.). ...1018 Dick, Seror v. (App. D. C.).

92 Clyde S. S. Co., Gioia v. (D. C. N. Y.)... 822 Dickey, United States v. (D. C. Mo.). 190 Coal & Iron Nat. Bank of City of New Dingess Rum Coal Co., Steel & Tube Co. York v. Suzuki (C. C. A. N. Y.).

764 of America v. (C. C. A. W. Va.). 805 Coen v. Boscawen (C. C. A. N. H.). 421 Dolch, Banque Russo-Asiatique v. (C. C. Cognet, Porto Rico Ry., Light & Power

A. Cal.)...

266 Co. v. (C. C. A. Porto Rico). 21 Dolphin, The (C. C. A. Mass.)

1 Coleman v. United States (C. C. A. Cal.) 243 Doscher v. Garyin (C. C. A. N. Y.). 572

852 3 F.(20) Page

Page Downey Shipbuilding Corporation, Chase First Nat. Bank of Columbus, Ohio, v.

Nat. Bank of City of New York v. (D. Obion County, Tenn. (D. C. Tenn.). 623 C. N. Y.).

154 First Nat. Bank of Vale, Nyssa-Arcadia Downey Shipbuilding Corporation, Provi- Drainage Dist. v. (D. C. Or.).

648 dence Engineering Corporation v. (D. C. Fisher v. Clark (D. O, N. Y.).

621 N. Y.)..

154 Fisk Teachers' Agency, Everett 0. Fisk & Downs v. United States (C. C. A. N. J.) 855 Co. v. (C. C. A. Colo.)..

7 Drascovich v. Equitable Trust Co. of New Fisk & Co. v. Fisk Teachers' Agency (C. York (C. C. A. Cal.) 724 C. A. Colo.)

7 Drascovich, Equitable Trust Co. of New Florida Grain & Elevator Co. v. United York v. (C. C. A. Cal.).

728 States Shipping Board, Emergency Fleet Dudley's Estate, In re (D. C. Md.) 832 Corporation (D. C. Fla.)

314 Duffy, Mutual Ben. Life Ins. Co. v. (C. C. Ford v. United States (C. O. A. Ala.).... 104 A. N. J.)....

.1020 Ford, United States v. (D. C. Cal.).... 643 Dukich v. Blair (D. C. Wash.)

302 Forni v. United States (C. C. A. Cal.)... 354 Duncan v. Johnston & Co. (C. C. A. Ky.) 422 Forsyth v. O'Brien (C. C. A. Mass.)... 806

Fosgate v. Nocatee Fruit Co. (D. C. Fla.) 606 E. A. Laboratories, Sparks-Withington

France Milling Co. v. Washburn-Crosby Co. v. (C. C. A. N. Y.). 539 Co. (D. C. N. Y.)..

321 Eberhardt, In re (C. C. A. Pa.). 990 Frank Brainerd, The (D. C. Me.)

664 Ebey, Tzarkis v. (C. C. A. Ill.).


Franklin Trust Co. v. Loveland, Colo. (c. Economon v. Barry-Pate Motor Co. (App.

C. A. Colo.)

114 D. C.)


Frederick v. 'Motors Mortg. Corporation Edwards, New York Life Ins. Co. v. (D.

(C. C. A. Pa.).

.1019 C. N. Y.)..

280 Fredericks, Inc., v. Eugene, two cases (C. E. Fredericks, Inc., v. Eugene, two cases

C. A. N. Y.)

543 (C. C. A. N. Y.).

543 Fredericks, Inc., V. Vickery (C. C. A. E. Fredericks, Inc., v. Vickery (C. C. A.

N. Y.)....

543 N. Y.).

543 Freed-Eisemann Radio Corporation, HazelEhrlich, In re (D. C. Pa.).

62 tine Research Corporation v. (D. C. N. Ellerdale, The (D. C. N. Y.)


172 Elliott, Rosenberg Bros. & Co. v. (D. C.

Freeman-Sweet Co., Luminous Unit Co. v. Pa.) 682


(C. C. A. Ill.).... Elliott, United States v. (D. C. Wash.)... 496

Fryar v. United States (C. C. A. Tenn.).. 598

312 Emerson v. Baker (D. C. Ga.).

830 Fullerton, Jamison v. (D. C. Ark.). Emerson v. Little Six Oil Co. (c. C. A. Funk & Wagnalls Co. v. Timely Films Tex.) 265


(App. D. C.)...... Emerzian v. S. J. Kornblum & William Kornblum (C. C. A. Cal.).


Gaderson v. Texas Contracting Co. (C. C. Emmons, United States v. D. C. Cal.). 503

A. Tex.)

140 Emmons Coal Mining Co. v. Norfolk & W.

G. Amsinck & Co. v. Pacific Mail S. S. Co. R, Co. (C. C. A. Pa.).

(D. C. Cal.).

.1017 Equitable Trust Co. of New York, Dras

572 Garvin, Doscher v. (C. C. A. N. Y.).

724 covich v. (C. C. A. Cal.).

Garvin, Metz v. (D. C. N. Y.)..

182 Equitable Trust Co. of New York v. Dras

Gdansk, The (C. C. A. N. Y.).

565 covich (C. C. A. Cal.).

Gebartus v. Paul (C. C. A. Wis.)

145 Eugene, E. Fredericks, Inc., V., two cases General Baking Co. v. Gorman (c. C. A. (C. C. A. N. Y.)..

R. I.)

891 Everett 0. Fisk Co. v. Fisk Teachers'

General Chemical Co. v. Atlantic Refining Agency (C. C. A. Colo.)

Co. (D. C. Pa.)...


General Const. Co. v. Connally (D. C. Famous Players-Lasky Corporation,


666 Thompson v. (D. C. Ga.)..

707 George Washington, The (D. C. N. J.). 808 Farmers' Co-op. Ass'n of Marion County, German-American Imp. Co., In re (c. c. Fla., In re (D. C. Fla.). 708 A. N. Y.).

572 Farmers' State Bank of Belmont, Wis., v. Gerseta Corporation v. Wessex-Campbell Prussing (C. C. A. Wis.) 127 Silk Co. (C. C. A. N. Y.).

236 Farmers' & Mechanics' Nat. Bank of Fort

Gibney, Wolkin v. (D. C. N. Y.)..

960 Worth, Tex., v. Wilkinson (C. C. A. Gildea v. Curtin (C. C. A. Md.)

800 Tex.)

876 Gioia v. Clyde S. s. Co. (D. C. N. Y.).. 822 Federal Land Co., Byers v. (C. C. A. Wyo.) 9

Girard Trust Co. v. McCaughn (D. Ó. Pa.) 618 Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Capital Glaudel v. Hiatt (C. C. A. Cal.).

996 Grain & Feed Co. v. (D. C. Ga.)... 614 Glenn, Fidelity & Casualty Co. of New Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Pasca

York v. (C. C. A. W. Va.).

913 goula Nat. Bank y. (D. C. Ga.).. 465 Globe & Rutgers Fire Ins. Co., JacksonFederal Trade Commission, John C. Win

ville Oil Mills v. (D. C. Tenn.). .1006 ston Co. v. (C. C. A.).

961 Goldstein v. Johnson (C. C. A. Ky.) 228 Federal Trade Commission v. Pure Silk

Gonzales v. United States Shipping Board, Hosiery Mills (C. C. A.).


Emergency Fleet Corporation (D. C. Feigin v. United States (C. C. A. Cal.).. 866

N. Y.)

168 Fender v. Boykin (D. O. Ga.)...

674 Gordon & Hutchins, Petition of (D. C. Fidelity-Phenix Fire Ins. Co. of New York


664 v. Queen City Bus & Transfer Co. (C. Gorman, General Baking Co. v. (C. C. A. C. A. Md.). 784 R. I.)..

891 Fidelity Sav. Co. v. Security Savings & Goyaz, The (C. C. A. N. Y.).

553 Commercial Bank (App. D. C.).

351 Grantello v. United States (C. C. A. Mo.) 117 Fidelity Trust Co. v. Tennessee Charcoal Greenawalt v. American Smelting & RefinIron Co. (C. C. A. Tenn.).

ing Co. (D. C. Mont.).

658 Fidelity & Casualty Co. of New York v. Greenberg v. United States (C. C. A. III.) 226 Glenn (C. C. A. W. Va.).


Green Star S. S. Co. y. Nanyang Bros. ToFidelity & Deposit Co. of Maryland v.

bacco Co. (C. C. A. China)..

369 Moore (D. C. Or.)..

652 Grigsby V. Southern R. Co. (C. C. A. Finkelstein, In re(D, C. Pa.).




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