Air University Quarterly Review, Volume 12

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U.S. Army Air Forces, 1960

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Halaman 60 - ... susceptible of no limitation not imposed by itself. Any restriction upon it, deriving validity from an external source, would imply a diminution of its sovereignty to the extent of the restriction, and an investment of that sovereignty to the same extent in that power which could impose such restriction. All exceptions, therefore, to the full and complete power of a nation within its own territories, must be traced up to the consent of the nation itself. They can flow from no other legitimate...
Halaman 148 - It is certain that Europe would have been Communized, like Czechoslovakia, and London under bombardment some time ago but for the deterrent of the atomic bomb in the hands of the United States.
Halaman 54 - The United States of America is hereby declared to possess and exercise complete and exclusive national sovereignty in the air space above the United States, including the air space above all inland waters and the air space above those portions of the adjacent marginal high seas, bays, and lakes, over which by international law or treaty or convention the United States exercises national jurisdiction.
Halaman 249 - ... scientist at that time, Mr. Flood. Mr. FLOOD. At the time he was given the assignment to do this for the Air Force, he was already chief scientist for the Air Force? General ESTES. That is correct. Mr. FLOOD. Splendid. General ESTES. Thirdly, early last fall, the Chief of Staff directed the commanders of the Air Research and Development Command, the Air Materiel Command, and the Air Defense Command to review all actions which they were taking in the field to insure that those actions were consistent...
Halaman 61 - Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, constitute the immediate military staff of the Secretary of Defense. The Joint Chiefs of Staff are the principal military advisers to the President, the National Security Council, and the Secretary of Defense.
Halaman 51 - Government expense medical care or hospitalization and his pay and allowances (including expense money authorized by law and credit for longevity) until he shall have recovered to such extent as would enable him to meet the physical requirements for reenlistment, or until it shall have been ascertained by competent authority of the...
Halaman 55 - For the purposes of this Convention the territory of a State shall be deemed to be the land areas and territorial waters adjacent thereto under the sovereignty, suzerainty, protection or mandate of such State.
Halaman 263 - ... even the most elaborate provisions for his sustenance, welfare and safety are amply Justified simply in terms of engineering efficiency. A national program in space science which does not recognize the essentiality of the human observer and does not plan to utilize him most effectively may wait indefinitely for the automatic devices to replace him or be limited to incomplete and opportunistic observations. Putting a man into space, especially if he is to stay for long periods, is a task which...
Halaman 55 - DASA, is responsible to the Secretary of Defense through the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Halaman 63 - In this respect a recent staff report of the House Select Committee on Astronautics and Space Exploration proposed the formation of an international body to promote the peaceful conquest of outer space.

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