Ohio Rules and Regulations for Inflammable Liquids: Including Gasoline and Other Inflammable and Volatile Oils

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F.J. Heer Prtg. Company, 1923 - 46 halaman
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Halaman 37 - Where oil burners are installed in appliances originally designed for solid fuel, the ash door of the appliance shall be removed or bottom ventilation otherwise provided to prevent the accumulation of vapors in the ash pit, unless the ash pit is used as part of the combustion chamber.
Halaman 34 - ... having jurisdiction. In all piping systems proper allowance shall be made for expansion and contraction, jarring and vibration.
Halaman 18 - Inside the fire limits, barrels and drums containing Class I, II or III liquids stored outside any building must not be piled upon each other nor stored in a passageway or beneath any window and no open lights shall be permitted in any such storage yard.
Halaman 28 - Deliveries of inflammable liquids of Class I and II, where practical, shall be made directly to the storage tank through the filling pipe by means of a hose or pipe between the filling pipe and barrel, tank wagon or tank car from which such liquid is being drawn.
Halaman 28 - Department shall permit the storage and gravity flow of inflammable liquid in refineries and in manufacturing and jobbing plants where the nature of the manufacturing process requires such storage and flow, and also the storage and gravity flow of commodities of Classes II and III in stores, plants and establishments, where the nature of the liquid will not permit pumping. Provided that the contents of tanks holding Class I liquid shall be sufficient only for one day's operation and such storage...
Halaman 18 - Where inflammable liquids are kept, used or handled dry sand, ashes, chemical extinguishers or other fire retardants shall be provided in such quantities and with such pails, scoops, and other fire appliances as may be directed by the Chief of the Boiler Inspection Department.
Halaman 19 - Inflammable liquids shall not be drawn nor handled in the presence of open flame or fire, but may be drawn and handled when lighting is by incandescent electric lamps installed in compliance with the rules and regulations of the
Halaman 22 - Tank may have a test well, provided test well extends to near bottom of tank, and top end shall be hermetically sealed and locked except when necessarily open. When tank is located underneath a building, the test well shall extend at least twelve feet above source of supply.
Halaman 7 - Tag closed cup testers, but the Tag closed cup tester (standardized by the United States Bureau of Standards) shall be authoritative in case of dispute. All tests shall be made in accordance with the methods adopted by the American Society for Testing Materials and approved by the American Standards Association.
Halaman 18 - Walls, floors and ceiling to be of eight inches of brick or concrete, or four inches of reinforced concrete; door openings to other rooms or buildings to be provided with sills raised six inches and with automatically closing fire doors; windows to be wired glass in metallic sash and frames; no combustible material used in construction, except that floor surfacing may be of wood ; proper ventilation provided ; no opening to rooms below except as made necessary by trade or manufacturing process, and...

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