History of New South Wales from the Records: Phillip and Grose, 1789-1794

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Charles Potter, 1894

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Halaman 188 - And we do hereby give and grant unto you full power and authority where you shall see cause or shall judge any offender or offenders in criminal matters or for any fines or forfeitures due unto us, fit objects of our mercy, to pardon all such offenders and to remit all such offences fines and forfeitures (treason and...
Halaman 110 - As I would not wish convicts to lay the foundations of an empire, I think they should ever remain separated from the garrison, and other settlers that may come from Europe, and not be allowed to mix with them, even after the 7 or 14 years for which they are transported may be expired.
Halaman 333 - ... be situated, to remit, either absolutely or conditionally, the whole or any part of the time or term for which any such felons or...
Halaman 333 - ... as aforesaid shall be as valid and effectual, and shall be of the like force and effect to all intents and purposes as if such oath, affidavit, declaration or affirmation had been administered, taken, sworn, made or affirmed before a commissioner for taking affidavits within Saskatchewan or other competent authority of the like nature.
Halaman 130 - And it is our further will and pleasure that a particular spot in or as near each town as possible, be set apart for the building of a church, and four hundred acres adjacent thereto allotted for the maintenance of a minister, and two hundred for a schoolmaster.
Halaman 238 - ... in execution and to administer or cause to be administered unto them such oath or oaths as are usually given within our said province of Virginia for the due execution and performance of offices and places and for the clearing of truth in judicial causes.
Halaman 29 - To every child under eighteen months old, the same quantity of rice and flour, and one pound of pork." (When the age of this provision is recollected, its inadequacy will more strikingly appear. The pork and rice were brought with us from England: the pork had been salted between three and four years, and every grain of rice was a moving body, from the inhabitants lodged within it. We soon left off boiling the pork, as it had become so old and dry, that it shrunk one half in its dimensions when so...
Halaman 21 - ... and from their mixing with the soldiers. It may be found more to the advantage of the Crown, and the officers likewise, if officers on duty in this Settlement were allowed a certain quantity of grain to support their live stock until they have a market to go to, and I make no doubt but that in the third year from the time...

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