Selectmen's Minutes from 1764 Through 1768

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Heritage Books, 2000 - 352 halaman
Diverse records concerning Boston residents, landowners, entrepreneurs, colonial officials, ship's captains, and others. R1617HB - $28.00

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Halaman 63 - Election shall not have an estate of Freehold in Land within Our said Province or Territory to the value of Forty Shillings per Annum at the least or other estate to the value of Forty pounds Sterl...
Halaman 129 - Esq Samuel Hews Esq John Scollay Esq. Benjamin Austin Esq. [81.] Samuel Sewall Esq. Mr. Samuel P. Savage Ezekiel Lewis Esq There having been a General Walk or Visitation of the Town this Day the Gentlemen that attended Met and Reported the following Strangers they found in Town Viz'. John Mansfield his Wife and Children has been three Weeks in a Garret of a House formerly Luke Stones, near to Elder Parkmans. Also one James Martin in said House. Sarah Oakes her Daughter and a Child of about Seven...
Halaman 35 - Present Thomas Gushing Esq. John Scollay Esq. Benjamin Austin Esq. Samuel Sewall Esq. Ezekiel Lewis Esq. Nathaniel Thwing Esq. It having been possitively asserted, to the great uneasiness of many Persons, that M".
Halaman 131 - Occupied by yourself we issued our Warrant for a Survey, a Copy of the Return on said Warrant you have above. Agreable to the direction of the Law in that case made and provided...
Halaman 42 - Esq. John Scollay Esq. Benjamin Austin Esq. Samuel Sewall Esq. Ezekiel Lewis Esq. MT. Samuel Procter was directed by two of the Selectmen viz'.
Halaman 99 - His Excellency Francis Bernard Esq. At a Meeting of the Selectmen, April 20, 1763. Present Thomas Gushing Esq. John Scollay Esq. Benjamin Austin Esq. Samuel Sewall Esq. Nathaniel Thwing Mr. William Moore apply'd on the 13'. Instant for liberty to open a Drain or Common Shore near Mr. Jackson's Distilling House, in order to clear or repair the same ; and having notified all Persons who are interested therein as the Law directs, and no Objection being as yet made to said Moores proceeding...
Halaman 92 - Name Requiring them forthwith to Warn all the Free holders and other Inhabitants of the...
Halaman 175 - Pursuant to agreement, We the Subseribers met at the time and place appointed and run the line and renewed the Ancient Bound marks between the Town of Boston and the Town of Roxbury — Beginning at the Mouth of the Creek which opens into the Bay leading to Cambridge, and so goes as the Creek runs, until it comes in a range with the Fence and Trees which parts between John Richardson Esqrt Land, formerly mr.
Halaman 57 - May next at nine o'Clock in the forenoon, then and there to Elect and Depute One or more Persons (being Freeholders and resident in the Town) according to the Number Set and limited by an Act of the General Assembly, to Serve for and Represent them in a Great and General Court or Assembly, appointed to be Convened held and kept for His...
Halaman 132 - Poor & defreying other necessary Charges ; To receive the Reports of the Towns Committees on several Affairs ; To act upon the List of Jurors ; To Appoint a Committee to visit the Schools To...

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