Sights and Scenes in Europe: A Series of Letters from England, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, in 1850

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Chambers & Knapp, 1852 - 255 halaman
This is a series of letters from England, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy written in 1850 and reprinted from the Missouri Republican.

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Halaman 50 - They are deposited in a rich shrine of silver gilt, the work of artists of the ninth century, and consist of — 1.
Halaman 228 - In the middle of his discourse he observed a great commotion in the gallery. For a time he took no notice of it ; but finding it increasing, he paused in his sermon, and looking in the direction in which the confusion prevailed, he exclaimed, " What's the matter there? The devil seems to have got among you !" "A plain country-looking man immediately started his feet, and addressing Mr.
Halaman 215 - Duke stretched on a bed, his head supported by the physicians ; his father is seated opposite, eyeing him with the stupor of grief. The Queen and Princess Clementine, the Dukes of Aumale and Montpensier, Marshals Soult and Gerard, and the Cure of Neuilly form an affecting group on the left.
Halaman 130 - was raised to a considerable elevation on foundations of white marble, and covered to the summit with evergreen plantations. A bronze statue of Augustus surmounted the whole. Round the inner circumference were sepulchral chambers containing his remains and those of his family and friends. The ground around the mausoleum was laid out in groves and public walks.
Halaman 244 - Witty above her sexe, but that's not all, Wise to salvation was good Mistris Hall. Something of Shakespeare was in that, but this Wholy of him with whom she's now in blisse.
Halaman 90 - tis said, And over hearts held such dominion, That when her father, sick in bed, Or busy, sent her, in his stead, To lecture on the Code Justinian, She had a curtain drawn before her, Lest, if her charms were seen, the students Should let their young eyes wander o'er her, And quite forget their jurisprudence...
Halaman 242 - A parliament member, a justice of peace, At home a poor scarecrow, at London an asse, If lowsie is Lucy, as some volke miscalle it, Then -Lucy is lowsie, whatever befall it. He thinks himself great; Yet an asse in his state, "We allow by his ears but with asses to mate, If Lucy is lowsie, as some volke miscalle it, Then sing lowsie Lucy whatever befall it.
Halaman 50 - Grandes Reliques are shown only once in 7 years, from the 15th to the 27th of July. So sacred was this ceremony held, and so high was the privilege esteemed of obtaining a glimpse of them, that in former times no fewer than 150,000 pilgrims resorted to the spot from all parts on this occasion...
Halaman 227 - I thy chosen' s good may see And in their joy rejoice ; And may with thine inheritance Triumph with cheerful voice. 6 We with our fathers sinned have, And of iniquity Too long we have the workers been ; We have done wickedly. 7 The wonders great, which thou, O Lord, Didst work in Egypt land, Our fathers, though they saw, yet them They did not understand : And they thy mercies' multitude Kept not in memory ; But at the sea, ev'n the Red sea, Provoked him grievously.
Halaman 244 - To weep with her that wept with all ? That wept, yet set herself to cheer Them up with comforts cordial. Her love shall live, her mercy spread, When thou hast ne'er a tear to shed.

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