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damages sustained, which they are hereby empowered to do in a convenient time.

Sec. 12. That when any house or other building shall be alienated, by sale or otherwise, the policy shall thereupon be void, and be surrendered to the directors of said company to be canceled; and upon such surrender the assured shall be entitled to receive his, her or their note or notes upon the payment of his, her or their proportion of all losses and expenses that have accrued prior to such surrender ; provided, however, that the grantee or alienee, having the policy assigned to him, may have the same ratified and confirmed to him, her or them, for his, her or their own proper use and benefit, upon application to the directors and with their consent, within thirty days next after such alienation, on giving proper security to the satisfaction of the said directors, for such portion of the deposit or premium note as shall remain unpaid, and by such ratification and confirmation, the party causing the same shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges, and subject to all the liabilities, to which the original parties insured were entitled and subject under this act.

Sec. 13. That if any alteration should be made in any house or building by the proprietor thereof, or by his consent, after insurance has been made thereon with said company, whereby it may be exposed to greater risk or hazard from fire than it was at the time it was insured, then and in every such case, the insurance made upon such house or building shall be void, unless an additional premium and deposit after such alteration, be settled with and paid to the directors; but no alteration or repairs in buildings not increasing such risk or hazard shall in any wise affect the insurance previously made thereon.

Sec. 14. That in case any building or buildings, situated upon leased lands, and insured by said company, be destroyed by fire, and the owner or owners thereof shall prefer to receive the amount of such loss in money, in such case the directors may retain the amount of the premium note given for the insurance thereof, until the time for which insurance was made shall have expired; and at the expiration thereof the assured shall have the right to demand and receive such part of such retained sum or sums as has not been expended in losses and assessments.

SEC. 15. That if insurance upon any house, houses or any other buildings shall be and exist in said company, and at or in any other office, or upon any other person or persons at the same time, or during any period of time when insurance subsists in the said Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Stratford, the said insurance made and effected in the last mentioned company shall be deemed and become void, unless such double insurance subsists with the consent of the directors, signified by indorsement on the policy.

SEC. 16. That the said Claudius B. Curtiss, Lewis H. Russell, Henry Dikeman and Alfred Burritt, or either two of them, may call the first meeting of the members of said company, at any suitable time and place in Stratford aforesaid, by posting notices on three of the most public places within the limits of said town, giving at least ten days' notice of the time, place and design of said meeting, for the purpose of choosing the first board of directors, of making and establishing by-laws, and of transacting any business necessary and proper to carry into effect the provisions and intentions of this act. Provided, however, that no policy shall be issued by said company until application shall be made for insurance on thirty thousand dollars at least.

SEC. 17. That no building shall be insured by said company nsed as a carpenter's and joiner's shop, or carriage maker's shop, or any other building of whatever name or nature, except dwelling-houses and barns, but on such terms as the board of directors may especially agree upon, and no policy shall be construed to extend to any building wherein extra-hazardous materials are allowed to be deposited, unless specially mentioned and set forth in the policy issued on such insurance.

SEC. 18. That it may be lawful for the board of directors, at their discretion, to cause a dividend of any surplus funds in the treasury of said company, to be paid to the members thereof, at the time of such dividend, according to the amount of each deposit note.

Seo. 19. That the corporators herein named shall cease to be members of said company, unless they insure therein within one year.

Sec. 20. That this act shall be subject to all the provisions and restrictions of the laws of this state in relation to corporations, and that any future legislature may at any time alter, amend or repeal this act, whenever, in their opinion, the public good may require it.

SEC. 21. This act shall take effect from and after its passage. .



PASSED 1837.

Upon the petition of the Tolland County Mutual Fire Insurance Company, showing to this assembly that the petitioners were incorporated by the legislature of this state, for the purpose of insuring houses and other buildings against loss by fire, that by the terms of their charter they were empowered to choose eleven directors of said company, and no more, that they have organized in pursuance of the provisions of said charter, and have done business to the present time, that in consequence of the extension of said company and the numerous applications for insurance on the liberal plan provided in their said charter, it was inconvenient and expensive to do the business of said company, without an additional number of directors, and praying this assembly so to alter and amend the charter of said company, that they may at any annual meeting of said company appoint any number of directors they may think proper, not less than eleven or more than twenty, as per petition on file, dated the 9th day of May, 1837:

Resolved by this Assembly, That the charter of the Tolland County Mutual Fire Insurance Company be so altered and amended, and the same is hereby so altered and amended, that said company may at their annual meetings, or at any special meeting called for that purpose, elect not less than eleven, nor exceeding twenty directors in the whole, who shall in all respects have the same powers and be subject to the same restrictions as the directors have who are now chosen by virtue of the present charter of said company



PASSED 1852.

Upon the petition of the Tolland County Mutual Fire Insurance Company, praying for certain alterations in the charter of said company, as per memorial on file:

Resolved by this Assembly, Sec. 1. That the eleventh section of the charter of the “Tolland County Mutual Fire Insurance Company” be and the same is hereby repealed, and that the following provision be substituted therefor and made a part of said charter, to wit: That every person who may become a member of said company by effecting insurance therein, shall

, before he receives his policy, pay in cash a sum to be agreed upon by the parties, and established by the directors for the purpose of discharging the incidental expenses of the company and constituting a fund for the payment of losses, which fund may be loaned on interest or be otherwise safely invested at the discretion of the directors. And the insurer shall also deposit his promissory note, payable on demand, for such sum as shall be agreed upon by the parties, reference being had, in fixing the amount thereof, to the amount of the said cash payment and the length of time the insurance is to run. And the said note shall be paid in part or in whole, at any time when the board of directors shall deem the same requisite for the payment of losses or other expenses. And at the expiration of the term of insurance, the said note, or such part of the same as shall remain unpaid after settling all losses and expenses accruing during said term, shall be relinquished and given up to the drawer thereof.

SEC. 2. Said company shall have power to effect insurance on either buildings or personal property for any period of time not exceeding the term of five years, instead of the term of

five years only. Sec. 3. That the fourteenth section of said charter be and the same is hereby amended, as follows, to wit: by striking out the words "three per cent." whenever the same occur in said section, and inserting in lieu there. of the words “cash payment.”


PASSED 1858.

Upon petition of Birdsey B. Plumb, Andrew Tait, Jonathan Gould, and

others, inhabitants of the town of Trumbull:

Resolved by this Assembly, SEC. 1. That the above named petitioners and all who are subscribers of said petition, and all others who may become members as hereafter is provided, and their successors forever, are hereby created, ordained, constituted and declared to be a body corporate and politic, for the purpose of insuring houses and other buildings against losses. by fire, whether the same shall happen by accident, lightning, or by any other means, excepting that of design in the insured, or by the invasion of the public enemy, or insurrection, by the name and style of “The Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Trumbull,” and by that name are, and forever hereafter shall be capable in law to have, hold, purchase, receive, possess, enjoy and retain to themselves and their successors, lands, rents, tenements and hereditaments, not exceeding of land ten acres, and goods, chattels and effects of what kind and nature soever, and the same to grant, sell, demise or alien and dispose of, and by that name to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto, defend and be defended in all courts of record or in any other place or places whatsoever; also to make, have and use a common seal, and the same to break, alter and renew at pleasure; also to ordain, establish, and put in execution such by-laws, ordinances and regulations as shall be necessary and convenient for the government of the corporation, not being contrary to the laws of this state or of the United States, and generally to do and execute all and singular, acts, matters and things which to them shall or may appertain.

Sec. 2. That the three persons above named, or either two of them, shall, by posting notices in at least four of the most public places within the limits of said town, notify and call a meeting of the aforesaid persons, and all of said petitioners, to be convened at the basement room of the congregational church in said Trumbull, on the first Wednesday of October, 1853, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, when and where ten members shall be elected, by ballot, directors of said corporation, to hold their offices until the next annual meeting. And the said directors, when elected, shall thereupon designate one of the said directors to be president of said corporation, who shall likewise continue to hold his office until the next annual meeting, and the aforesaid president and directors shall, as soon as may be convenient thereafter, choose some person to be secretary of said corporation, who shall, in like manner, hold said office until the next annual meeting, and shall also elect some person to be treasurer of said corporation, whose term of service shall continue as last aforesaid, each of whom shall give bonds, with surety, to the Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Trumbull, in the sum of one thousand dollars, for the faithful performance of the trust reposed in him, which bonds shall be kept by the president of said corporation, for the benefit and security thereof.

Sko. 3. That all and every person and persons who shall, at any time hereafter, become insured in or with said company, and also their respective heirs or their devisees of the property insured, being allowed to continue as persons insuring in said company, as herein after mentioned and provided, shall be deemed and taken as members thereof, for and during the terms specified in his or her or their respective policies, and no longer, and shall at all times be concluded and bound by the provisions of this act, and that each and every of the persons named, described and pointed out in the first section of this act, and of those who are subscribers to said petition, who may neglect or omit to become insured in and with said company, on or before the first Monday of January next, shall thereafter cease to be members of said corporation, and so continue until insurance may be effected by them.

Sec. 4. That said corporation shall meet at such place as may be designated by their by-laws, annually, on the first Wednesday of April in each year, after the present year, at two o'clock in the afternoon, for the choice of ten directors for the year then ensuing, of which meeting notice shall be given by the secretary of said corporation, by posting up notices in three of the most public places in said town of Trumbull, at least ten days before such meeting, and that special meetings may at any time be called and notified in the same manner, and that said corporation when convened, either at the annual or special meeting, shall have power to make by-laws as aforesaid, and to transact all necessary affairs relative to the good order and prosperity of said corporation, to adjourn from time to time as occasion may require, and at all meetings thus warned and held, a majority present shall determine all questions put to said corporation by any member thereof.

Sec. 5. That the directors on the day of the annual meeting of said corporation, in each year next after A. D. 1853, shall elect, by ballot, from among themselves, one person to be president, and also choose a secretary, treasurer and such other subordinate officers as the by-laws of said corporation shall require, and at pleasure may remove such secretary, treasurer or other subordinate officer, and at any time fill such vacancy or any vacancies that may in any way happen; and said directors shall at all times superintend and manage the funds and affairs of the corporation, three of whom shall constitute a quorum to do business, and when any vacancy shall happen in the board of directors by death, resignation or removal, such vacancy shall be filled by the remaining directors, and the director so chosen shall hold his office until the annual meeting next thereafter to be holden.

SEC. 6. That the board of directors shall meet at an office in the town of Trumbull, by them established, on the first Wednesday of January, April, July and October in each year, to discharge the duties devolving upon them, and it shall be their duty to prescribe the form of all applications and proposals for insurance, and determine the sum to be insured upon any building, provided such insurance shall not exceed three-fourths of the value thereof, and to direct and order the making and delivery of all policies of insurance which shall be signed by the president and countersigned by the secretary of said corporation, and have thereto affixed the seal thereof. The directors shall also order the purchase of books and other things needful for the office of said company and for carrying on the affairs thereof, and fix and establish the premium or sum to be deposited and

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