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GENERAL O. O. HOWARD, United States Army.
Rev, ISAAC ERRETT, LL. D., Editor The Christian Standard (Disciple), Cin.

cinnati, O. HON. ALFRED H. COLQUITT, United States Senator, Atlanta, Ga. Rev. TIMOTHY DWIGÅT, D. D., LL. D., President Yale University, New

Haven, Conn. Rev. JOSEPH T. SMITH, D. D., Moderator Presbyterian General Assembly,

Baltimore, Md. Hon. LORRIN A, COOKE, Moderator National Congregational Council, Riv.

erton, Conn. Rev. EUGENE R. HENDRIX, D. D., Bishop Methodist Church South, Kansas

City, Mo. AUGUSTUS TABER, ESQ., of the Society of Friends, New York. Right Rev. GREGORY T. BEDELL, D. D., Bishop Protestant Episcopal

Church, Ohio, Cleveland, O. Rev.T. P. STEVENSON, D.D., Reformed Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pa. REV. JESSE B. THOMAS, D. D., Pastor First Baptist Church, Brooklyn, N. Y. GEORGE W. CABLE, Northampton, Mass. Rev. ATTICUS G, HAYGOOD, D. D., LL. D., Oxford, Ga. Rev. WILLIAM T. SABINE, D. D., Rector Reformed Episcopal Church, New

York. REV. A. A, REINKE, D. D., Bishop Moravian Church, New York. J. CAREY THOMAS, M, D., of the Society of Friends, Baltimore, Md. Rev. HOWARD CROSBY, S. T. D., LL, D., Pastor Fourth Avenue Presbyte- .

rian Church, New York. REV. A. C. WEDEKIND, D. D., Pastor Lutheran Church, New York. Rev. THOMAS BOWMAN, D, D., LL. D., Senior Bishop Methodist Episcopal

Church, St. Louis, Mo. Hon. FELIX R. BRUNOT, Pittsburgh, Pa. Rev. W. J. R. TAYLOR, D, D., Pastor Reformed Church, Newark, N. J. Rev. W. H. FRENCH, D. D., Pastor United Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati, O. PRESIDENT CYRUS NORTHROP, LL. D., University of Minnesota, Minne

apolis, Minn. Rev. JULIUS E. GRAMMER, D. D., Rector St. Peter's Protestant Episcopal

Church, Baltimore, Md. MORRIS K. JESUP, Esq., New York. Rev. DANIEL A. PAYNE, D. D., Bishop African Methodist Church, Wilber

force, O. Rev. J. L. JENKINS, Pastor First Congregational Church, Pittsfield, Mass. Rev. E. 1. DRINKHOUSE, D. D., Editor The Methodist Protestant, Balti

more, Md. H. THANE MILLER, Esq., Cincinnati, O. Rev. DAVID C, MARQUIS, D. D., McCormick Theological Seminary (Pres.

byterian), Chicago, Ill. PRESIDENT MERRILL E. GATES, LL. D., Rutgers College, New Bruns

wick, N. J. CHARLES DUDLEY WARNER, Hartford, Conn. Right Rev. FRANCIS M. WHITTLE, D. D., LL. D., Bishop Protestant Epis

copal Church, Virginia. Rev. CYRUS D. FOSS, D. D., LL. D., Bishop Methodist Episcopal Church,

Minneapolis, Minn. PRESIDENT JULÍUS H. SEELYE, D. D., LL. D., Amherst College, Mass. Rev. MOSES D. HOGE, D. D., Pastor Second Presbyterian Church, Rich.

mond, Va. Ex-GOVERNOR HORACE FAIRBANKS, St. Johnsbury, Vt. Rev. W. W. DUNCAN, D. D., Bishop Methodist Church South, Spartans.

burg, S. C. HON. FRANCIS WAYLAND, Yale University, New Haven, Conn. PRESIDENT JAMES B. ANGEL, LL. D., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,


Rev. EDWARD BRIGHT, D.D., New York.
Rev. WILLIAM A. BARTLETT, D. D., Pastor Presbyterian Church, Wash-

ington, D. C. Rev. JOHŃ H. VINCENT, S. T. D., LL. D., Chancellor Chautauqua Univer

sity, Plainfield, N. J. HON. FREDERICK BİLLINGS, Woodstock, Vt. GEORGE H. STUART, ESQ., Philadelphia, Pa. Rev. LYMAN ABBOTT, D. D., New York. PRESIDENT G. W. C. LEÉ, LL. D., Washington and Lee University, Lexing

ton, Va. REV. HENRY M. DEXTER, D. D., Boston, Mass. T. P. HANDY, Esq., Cleveland, O. Rev. RANDOLPH S. FOSTER, D. D., LL. D., Bishop Methodist Episcopal

Church, Boston, Mass. Hon. C. R. BRECKINRIDGE, Washington, D. C. PRESIDENT JAMES H. FAIRCHILD, D, D., Oberlin College, Oberlin, O. . Rev. SAMUEL J. NICCOLLS, D. D., Pastor Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, Mo. LEWIS MILLER, Esq., Akron, O. E. W. BLATCHFORD, Esq., Chicago, Ill. REV. JAMES M. BUCKLEY, D, D., LL. D., New York. HON.JOHN W. FOSTER, Washington, D. Ć. Rev. JOSEPH S. KEY, D. D., Bishop Methodist Church South, Macon, Ga. Rev. WILLIAM M. TAYLOR, D. D., LL. D., Pastor Broadway Tabernacle

Church (Congregational), New York,

In response to this call some twelve or fifteen hundred delegates assembled in conference at Washington, December 7. Many letters of regret were received from eminent men and from educational institutions, expressing the fullest sympathy with the objects of the meeting.

A large number of the delegates were the chosen representatives of ecclesiastical bodies, local churches, theological seminaries, and colleges. The highly representative character of the Conference, composed of men of wide influence in their respective denominations, lent great significance and weight to the approval given to many sentiments by hearty applause.

It will be observed that in many of the addresses no record of applause appears; not because the audience was any less appreciative in these cases, but because the printer was.furnished the manuscript of the speakers instead of a stenographic report.

The obvious necessity of adhering to the rule that no question should be put to vote, rendered it impossible to entertain any of the resolutions that were privately urged in behalf of various worthy reforms and of many benevolent and Christian enterprises.

The Alliance is much indebted to the trustees of the First Congregational Church, who generously offered their house of worship, the most commodious in the city, for the sessions of the Conference; also to the Presbyterian Church that kindly opened their house for the overflow meetings. Our thanks are due to the Young Men's Christian Association, and to the Chief of the Seed Division of the Agricultural Department, for courtesies extended to delegates.

The success of the Conference was due in no small measure to the committees of the Washington Branch, who, by their thoughtful anticipation of every want and their untiring energy, laid under obligations to them not only the Alliance but all in attendance upon the meeting.

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