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. (1796. George Garth and Richard Gren- 28. Samuel baron Hood, of Ire. ville-to be lieutenant-generals in land-viscount Hood of Great Brithe army.

tain. Colonels, George Bernard, of the 31. Francis earl of Moray, of Ire84th foot, George Nugent, of the land-baron Stuart of Castie Stuart, 85th foot, John Bowater, of the in Invernessshire. marines, Thomas Averne, of the - John earl of Galloway-bamarines, Thomas Duval, half-payron Stewart of Garlies, in the stew- . of the marines, James Barker, half- artry of Kirkcudbright. pay of the 56th foot, John Camp- James earl of Courtown of beil, of the marines, Charles Tar- Ireland - baron Saltersford, in Cherant of the engineers in Ireland, fhire. William Lewis, of the marines, George earl of Macartney, John Barclay, of the marines, Wil. in Ireland--baron Macartney of liam Macarmick, half-pay, Wil- Parkhurst, in Surry. liam Maddox Richardson, of the - John Chriftian Burton, vis64th foot, John Freke, half-pay of count Downe of Ireland—baron the 39th foot, Richard England, of Dawnay of Cowick, Yorkshire. the 24th foot, William Keppel, of - George viscount Middleton, a West India regiment, John H. of Ireland—baron Brodrick, of Hutchinson, of the 94th foot, John Peppes Harrow, Surry. Hamilton, of the late 8ift foot, Alexander baron Bridport of Alexander Hay, of the 10gth foot, Ireland -baron Bridport of Great Thomas Goldie, of the late 82d Britain. foot, Robert Douglas of the 49th Sir John Rous, bart.-baron foot, Simon Fraser, of the 1330 Rous. foot, Thomas Davies, of the artil- - Sir Henry Gough Calthorpe, lery, Robert Manners, of the 3d bart.-baron Calthorpe. foot guards, William Loftus, of Sir Peter Burrell, bart.-bathe 24th dragoons, William Myers, ron Gwydir. of a West India regiment, Frede- Sir Francis Ballet, bart.-barick George Mulcaster, of the en- ron De Dunstanville. gineers, Oliver Nicols, of a West Edward Lascelles, esq.-ba. India regiment, Alexander Mercer, ron Harewood. of the engineers, George Hewitt, John Rolle, efq.-baron of the 92d foot, and James Hart- Rolle. ley, of the 75th foot-to be major- John Campbell, efq.-lord generals in the army:

Cawdor. Colonels, Patrick Ross, John June 1. William Campbell, esq. Erskine, Robert Stuart, Thomas -governor of the Bermuda Illands. Geils, Joseph Bilcliffe, Edward 6. Edward Cooke, efq.-under Ellerker, Gabriel Johnston, George secretary in the military depart. Deare, William Sydenham, Ed. ment of the chief secretary's Office ward Rawstorne, James Nichol, in Ireland. Charles Ware, and George Co- William Elliot, efq.-under nyngham-to the major generals in secretary in the civil department. the East Indies only.

Barry earl of Farnham and 28. Charles lord Hawkesbury, Sackville Hamilton, esq.-privy, earl of Liverpool.

ounsellors of Ireland. 6



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July 12. Lady Willoughby de The prince of Wales--coEresby -- lady of the bedchamber lonel of the roth regiment of drato the princess of Wales.

goons. 13. Captain Thomas Williams Auguft 2. Generals John duke of the royal navy

of Argyll, Jeffery lord Amburit, 16. Sir Joshua Vanneck, bart.- Studholme Hodgson, George marbaron Huntingtield, of the kingdom quis Townfliend, lord Frederick of Ireland.

Cavendish, and Charles duke of Robert Smith, esq.-baron Richmond--field-ınarfhals. Carrington, of the kingdom of Ire- 20. Robert viscount Caftlereagh land.

-earl of Londonderry. Major-general Henry lord Sept. 1. Hon. Arthur Paget, seMulgrave -- governor of Scarbo- cretary of embaffy to the court of rough Castle.

Madrid. - Major-general Thomas Mul- - Benjarin Garlike, efq.-segrave-governor of Gravesend and creiary of legation to the court of Tilbury.

Berlin. - Colonel William Goodday 21. John earl of Chatham-preStrutt-deputy-governor of Stirling fident of the council. Castie.

30. Earl of Kinnoul, and lord 20. Sir John Morshead, bart.-sur- Dapplin, his fon--lord Lyon king veyor-general to the prince of Wales. at arins for Scotland.

Sir William Cuningham, 07 10. General Henry Lawes bart.--one of the state council to earl of Carhainpton-comman. the prince of Wales, for the prin- der in chief of the forces in Irecipality of Wales.

land. - Thoinas Tyrwhitt, esq. pri- Nos. 3. Major-general sir Ralph vate secretary to the prince of Wales Abercromby, K.B.--colonel of the --privy-seal and auditor of the 2d regiment of dragoons. duchy of Cornwall.

Major-general Welbore Ellis 23. Francis James Jackson, esq. Doyle-colonel of the 53d regi-ambassador to the Ottoman Port. ment of foot.

- Charles Medows Pierrepont - Major-general Gerard Lake -baron Pierrepont and viscount-colonel of the 771 regiment of Newark.

foot. Charles earl of Liverpool-10 General lord Adam Gordon bear the arms of Liverpool, togt- --govenor of Edinburgh Castle. ther with his favily arins, by the Lieutenant-general Charles express desire of the corporation of Rainsford governor of Tinmouth Liverpool.

Caitle. - Hon. John Rodney-com- 30. John duke of Roxburgh-a missioner of the victualling-office. privy-counsellor.

Marquis Townshend-go- 30. Lieutenant-colonel Charles vernor of Jersey.

Green-governor of Grenada. General fir William Faw- Dec. 3. Major-general John cett, K. B.-governor of Chelsea Graves Simcoe-governor of such Hospital.

parts of St. Domingo as are in the Robert Cullen, ela-lord Britih poflethon. of the feffion in Scotland.

3. Major-general the honourable


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Charles Stuart-general in Portu- Gloucefterhire, Samuel Peach gal only.

Peach, oi Upper Torkington. 3. Major-general Simon Fraser Hertfordfhire, John Sowerby, of -lieutenant-general in Portugal Lilley. only.

Herefordshire, Abraham Whita3. Colonel fir James St. Clair ker, of Lifton. Erikine, bart.-- brigadier and adju- Kent, John Mumford, of Sutton tant-general in Portugal only. at Hone.

3. Colonel William Anne Vil. Leicestershire, James Richards, lettes---brigadier-general in Portu- of Athby de la Zouch. gal only.

Lincolnshire, William Earl Wel. 3. Brevet-major Robert Stuart- by, of Denton. deputy adjutant-general and lieute- Monmouthshire, Henry Barnes, nant-colonel in Portugal only. of Monmouth,

Lieutenant-colonel Hilde. Northumberland, Adam Mansa brand Oakes – quarter-general, field Lawson Decardonnell, of with the rank of colonel in Portu- Chirtoa. gal only.

Northamptonshire, Allen Ed15.

William Elliot-minister ward Young the younger, of Or. plenipotentiary to the elector pala- lingbury. tine, and minister to the diet of Norfolk, Thomas Brown Evans, Ratisbon.

of Kirby Bedon.

Nottingham fire, J. Wright, of

Nottingham. SHERIFFS appointed for the

Oxfordshire, William Lowndes Stone, of Brightwell.

Rutlandthire, R. Tomlin, of Berks, Michael Anthony, of Edith Weston. Shippon.

Shropshire, Ralph Leake, of Bedfordshire, George Brooks, of Longford. Flitwick.

Somersetshire, John Tyndale Bucks, Thomas Hibbert, of Chal. Warre, of Heftercombe. font-house.

Staffordshire, Henry Vernon, of Cumberland, James Graham, of Hilton. Barrock-lodge, eląrs.

Suffolk, John Clayton, of SibCheshire, the hon. Booth Grey, ton. of Wincham.

Southampton, H. Maxwell, of Cambridge and Huntingdon, J. Ew hot-house. Gardener, of Chatteris.

Surry, Thomas Sutton, of Moul. Cornwall, John Enys, of Enys, fey. efgrs.

Suflex, John Fuller, of Rosehill. Devonshire, fir Bourchier Wray, Warwickihire, Edward Croxall, of Tawstock, bart.

of Shustock. Dorsetshire, Thomas Bowyer Worcestershire, T. Hill the Bower, of Iwern-minster, esq.

younger, of Broom. Derbyshire, fir Robert Wilmot, Wilts, Gilbert Trowe Beckett of Cfnafton, bart.

Turner, of Penleigh. EfTex, Jackson Barwis, of Mar- Yorkshire, Godfrey Wentworth falls. 1

Wentworth, of Hickleton, esqrs.


Year 1796.


Carmarthen, J. William Hughes Merioneth, Thomas Lloyd, of of Tregyth

Cumhugon. Pembroke, Nathaniel Philips, of Anglesea, J. Morris Conway, of Slebetch.

Cellening. Cardigan, Edward Warren Jones, Carnarvon, J. William Lenthall, of Llanina.

of Mainan. Glamorgan, Herbert Hurst, of Montgomery, John Dickin, of Gabalva.

Welch Pool. Brecon, P. Champion Crespigny, Denbighshire, J. Hughes, of of Tallyllyr.

Horseley-hall, efgrs. Radnor, John Pritchard, of Doly- Flint, Sir E. Pryce Lloyd, of velin, esqrs.

Pengwern-place, bart.

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Refolutions respecting a Negotiation by parliament to the service for

with the French Republic, moved which they have been voted. in the House of Commons by Mr. II. That by an act passed in Grey, Feb. 15, 1796.

every fesfion of parliament, the

particular sums granted for each HAT an humble address be particular service are specified, and

presented to his majesty, ftat- the money that shall be paid into ing, that it is the with of this the exchequer is appropriated to house, that his majesty may graci. their discharge; and that it is strict. ously be pleased to take such steps ly directed that such aids and supas to his royal wisdom Thall appear plies Mall uot be applied to any most proper, for communicating use, intent, or purpose whatever, directly to the executive directory other than the uses and purposes of the French republic his majesty's mentioned in the faid act. readiness to meet any disposition to III. That it appears from an ac. negotiation on the part of that go. count presented to this house on vernment, with an earnest desire to the 211t of April, 1796, that the give it the fullest and speedieít ef- fum of 644,10ốl. 'was then fect.

due to the several colonels or comThe above motion was rejected manding officers of his majesty's by a majority of 189 to 50. forces, for net off-reckonings and

clothing for the years 1794 and Resolutions concerning the Public Ex. 1795, although bý aćts palled in penditure, moved in the House of ed to discharge the same; and al

1794 and 1795, money was grant. Commons, on the 7th of May, 1796, though the said acts direct that by Mr. Grey.

the money fo granted thall be Refolved - I. That at all times, applied in discharge of the fame, and under all circumstances, it is and not otherwise. the indispensable duty of the house IV. That it appears from an acof commons vigilantly to fuperin- connt presented to this House on tend the expenditure of the public the 21st of April, 1796, that the money, and strictly to inquire into sum of 146,9001 125.4d. is now due the application of the grants made to the general and staff-officers of

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